Saturday, March 18, 2006

Reality Bytes

Now that we’re in March, networks start carting out their reality shows. People locked in a room, AMERICAN IDOL with inventions, etc. So as a public service, here are a few of my suggestions for reality shows:

DONNER PARTY SURVIVOR: every week the losing tribe votes someone off the island then eats them.

THE BOSS – interning for George Steinbrenner thus combining the Apprentice with Fear Factor.

CELEBRITY POSSE SWAP – Bette Midler’s fag hag entourage switches with Alan Iverson’s.


JOE WELFARE – Women with bad judgment compete for Mr. Wrong.

THE UNBELIEVEABLE RACE where people from Iowa have to take the subway from Woodlawn to Bay Ridge.

CELEBRITY MAKEOVER where every week Diana Ross gets something else done, and finally:

THE BACHELOR IN PRISON. Be careful where you put the rose.


Anonymous said...

Oh Joe Welfare would be a smash!

Anonymous said...


AMERICAN IDIOT, where the person who proves to have the lowest IQ gets to be president!

Matt Warren said...

Oooh I'll be back for this one sometime (if I remember) Nice post. I likes it. I have random nonsense on my blog too. You might enjoy a look cause it's pretty funny (just hope you aren't offended easily) I'll read some more of this stuff some other time. Ye-haw!(!!)

Anonymous said...

While watching the Olympics, I started thinking about FREESTYLE AERIAL SKI-JUMPING WITH CELEBRITIES, but then I realized that (1) by the second commercial break, all the celebrities would probably be dead, and (2) Fox has already picked it up...