Saturday, June 10, 2006

Tony night on Broadway

I’m winging to Gotham Sunday for a Monday table reading of the musical I co-wrote (with Janet Brenner), THE 60’s PROJECT. We go into rehearsal in another month so this will give us a jump on fixing whatever still doesn’t work. I’m afraid that whole Battle of Gettysburg scene might have to go. Wrong 60’s. But who knows? That Beach Boy song could just pull it all together.

Thankfully, I’m on JetBlue so hopefully I can watch either the WORLD CUP or the Hitler Channel (that’s what I call the History Channel since every time I tune in, there he is again plotting against Poland.)

The good news is it’s Tony Awards night, which of course, is ALWAYS the biggest night of the year in New York. The whole town goes nuts! The streets will be EMPTY on my drive in from the airport.

By the way, my predictions for this year’s Tony winners:

Best Musical: JERSEY BOYS.

It will be “boys night” at the Tonys…but then again, isn’t it always?


JustForComment said...
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Anonymous said...

have a safe trip, Ken - I don't know how long you'll be in town for, but if you want I'll buy you the best cup of coffee in New York City -

I'm in town until Friday morning, when I fly to Miami for my plays there -

If we miss each other this time, keep me in mind next time you hit the apple!

Anonymous said...

Two for two! Might be an omen for your project, pal...

"Jersey Boys" looks like the best play I've never seen due to stubborn publicists. Now I'll never be able to even buy a ticket.

Anonymous said...

Something is terribly wrong with the world, if Howard Hoffman is deemed unworthy of being comped.