Friday, October 20, 2006

Another idiot blogger with World Series thoughts

Some playoff and World Series thoughts for my weekend post as I wing to Chicago to visit my daughter at Northwestern. Back to the usual TV talk and nonsense next week.

I imagine most of the country and certainly Cub fans will be rooting for Detroit.

Why is baseball so great? Because Yadier Molina, who had a .216 average this season gets the biggest hit of the year.

You have to love the NY POST. Their Friday headline: ALL METS ARE OFF.

The Mets scored 2 runs or less in four of the seven games. Losing was a team effort. Don’t blame Aaron Heilman for blowing the series.

Endy Chavez’s catch and starting that double play was every bit as spectacular as Mays’ 1954 World Series web gem. Had the Mets won we would be talking about it for generations.

One of the many problems with Tim McCarver is that he never listens to his partner. At least five times a game he will blurt out some observation that Joe Buck made two minutes prior (and articulated better).

For the best coverage, turn down the sound on your TV and listen to Jon Miller on ESPN radio. Except in Los Angeles where the idiotic station doesn't turn off the 7 second delay.

The Yankees have finally determined who was responsible for their collapse. PR man, Rick Cerrone was just fired after eleven years. But A-Rod remains.

I know Detroit is heavily favored but don’t count out the Cardinals. They still have So Taguchi.

I feel I’m living in a world turned upside down. George Bush is our President and Jeff Weaver is in the World Series.

The Tony LaRussa-Scott Rolen feud is no big deal. It’s been blown way out of proportion by the media coverage. Truth is, this kind of stuff happens all the time on every team.

Yadier Molina??????

Who is more upset that the Cardinals won – Mets fans or Fox? Even NBC’s dreaded “scripted fare” might beat them in the 8:00 hour.

Since I’m sure Jim Leyland reads this blog religiously: Start Kenny Rogers in game two. You can use him again at home later in the series. And what a contrast after Justin Verlander in game one.

Another reason why I hate interleague play: It takes a little luster off this match-up when you consider the two teams already met once this year, in June. The Tigers swept the Cardinals in a three game series in Detroit. So Taguchi didn’t play.

Please please PLEASE stop showing those Tommy Lasorda promos!!!

Tiger Stadium has not been torn down yet. I say, for fun, play one of the games there.

Did John Rooney pick the perfect year to move from the White Sox broadcast booth to the Cardinals broadcast booth? He's becoming the Lonnie Smith of radio (Smith played for four different World Series teams -- Philadelphia, St. Louis, Kansas City, and Atlanta).

How much does luck play in all of this? Detroit couldn’t sign Kyle Farnsworth to a multi-year deal and shipped him off. As if that wasn’t fortunate enough, they got Zach Minor from Atlanta for him. Minor made 16 starts this year and really bailed out the rotation.

Detroit has some flameflowers but ask Houston closer, Brad Lidge. Albert Pujols (or “Luis” Pujols, as Tim McCarver calls him) can hit a 100 mph fast ball… a long lonnnnng way.

Jeff Suppan is a free agent after the series. Ca-ching!! Especially since the only other blue chippers are Jason Schmidt and Barry Zito.

Based on the 2004 World Series, don't expect to see LaRussa use Jeff Suppan as a pinch runner anytime soon.

The DH will be a big help to the Cardinals. (Pujols DHing while Duncan plays first???) Maybe the National League throws the All-Star Game every year so they’ll have four DH chances instead of three in the World Series. Nah, they just suck,

Yadier Molina???????


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Diane said...

If you had been paying more attention to the Angels you'd realize how clutch the Molina brothers are . . . good for Yadier, and with Eckstein and Spiezio from the 2002 Champs on the team, my heart belongs, at least temporarily, to the Cards.

p.s. is Buck gonna keep calling Luis Gonzalez "Louie"?

Barking Up Trees said...

"other" blue-chippers... ?? here's a clue, ken, jeff suppan CANNOT pitch in the american league... ask yer boy...

Savage Tan said...

It is such a pleasure to know that you, too, despise the abomination that is inter-league play. It is a travisty. Almost as big a travisty as the the American League is in general.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Jeremy Bonderman lost 19. In his rookie year.

Although we won't know for 8 hours, I would assmue that Jim Edmonds would be the DH so LaRussa can get So Taguchi's glove at Comerica. This is probably the first series where having the DH will help the NL team, as the Tigers do not have to do their parade of 5th OFs and utility infielders at DH in St. Louis.

Anonymous said...

Go Ti-grrrrrrs !

Mike Barer said...

I'm so glad to see the Tigers in the Series. They are a real Cinderella story.

david golbitz said...

Game 1 just ended. 'bout them Cards? :)

Go, St. Louie!

VP81955 said...

The Fox intro to the Series, featuring comments from bar patrons, was ridiculous...the Mets had already tied the bottom of the 10th of game 6 in '86, so if Bill Buckner doesn't flub Mookie Wilson's ground ball, the Red Sox don't win the Series. Do they actually think we're that stupid? (That's a rhetorical question. Of course they do -- they're Fox!)

Anonymous said...

I really like the idea of a buddy sitcom called 'That's Soooo Taguchi'. What wackiness will prevail? Will it quietly be mocked for a season then clutch during sweeps? The possiblities....