Saturday, August 16, 2008

The battle of the Joshes

How would you like to tag along with me and my partner Josh Suchon as we prepare for Dodger Talk at Dodger Stadium? WOW!!! There is an on-line auction as part of THINK CURE, the Dodgers' charity for cancer research. We have a friendly little rivalry with Josh Rawitch, the V.P. Communications of the Dodgers. One of the other items offered is a chance to follow him around for the day. And at the moment he has way more bids than our Josh. We can't have that.

Plus, Rawitch has a blog on the Dodger website to solicit bids. Ah, but two can play that game. It occurred to me that I have a blog. So here's where you can go to bid on Josh Suchon. It'll be much more fun. You'll get to hang out in the clubhouse, the dugout, meet Joe Torre, watch the game from the press box, and best of all, be in the booth when we host Dodger Talk. With Rawitch you get to proofread game notes.

Did I mention it's for cancer research? Did I also mention we don't want to lose?

Other great items you can bid on are:

"the House of 1000 Corpses" CD soundtrack.

Marilyn Manson's "Golden Age of the Grotesque" CD, signed by Marilyn. (In blood is extra)

A Dodger Stadium Timeline Collage with game used dirt!

Did I mention it's to find a cure for cancer?

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I think the auction description is a little vague, not that the Sunday Dodger Talk isn't synonymous with Ken Levine. So here's a direct link to Ken and Josh's auction.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to bid on the Vin Scully meet and greet.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Ken, I just got home from the game, I was listening to Dodger Talk on the way home, I tried to call in but couldn't get through. I'd e-mail you there but not sure what the address is, this seemed like it could work well. I think you have the answer to why guys hold their gloves on the basepaths, you just didn't realize it. You kept mentioning they don't want to jam their fingers, quite right. if you are carrying your gloves, your hand is in the shape of a fist, your fingers are curved and you can't jam them. At least thats what the coach always told me.

I still have no idea why the guy got two bases on Manny's throwing error after the basket catch.



Anonymous said...

As of this writing, Ken and his Josh are running well behind Vin Scully, Jim Ladd (legendary L.A.
album/classic rock DJ), Mark & Brian (wacky morning drive duo), and even one of Melissa Ethridge's guitars.

More disconcerting than the Marilyn Manson CD...a platinum record award from Great White.

You know...the group whose pyrotechnics started a fire in a Rhode Island nightclub that killed 100 people five years ago.

Anonymous said...

is a king your best joshes very nice

Hrithik Roshan