Saturday, November 01, 2008

The day Kirstie Alley slipped my son "the big one"

Is there anything more touching than a father-son bonding moment? Here’s my son Matt and his “Big Papi”.My kid is now 26. How the hell did that happen?

He’s also become the world’s biggest Red Sox fan. His blog, is a must read for everyone in the Red Sox Nation and anyone in general who despises the Yankees.

Here’s one story that can best describe the kind of person Matt is and always has been.

He was probably seven or eight. His elementary school was having a carnival and all the kinder were asked to go out and sell raffle tickets. So I took him onto the set of CHEERS, knowing the cast and crew would be easy marks.

He had his little spiel down cold. For only one dollar you could win a brand new TV set. Everyone was giving him a buck or two.

He approached Kirstie Alley, did his pitch, and she gave him a twenty dollar bill. He reminded her that it was only a dollar. She said, that’s okay, you can have the whole twenty.

And he said, “Yeah, but you might not win.”

Happy birthday, Matt. I love you, buddy. Sorry about the Sox.


Unknown said...

Oh wow. I remember the time when she was even hot without hair (you know, Star Trek).

Now I don't want to be reminded I guess. Funny thing is the hottest girl in my highschool (or the equivalent here) went down the same path *shudder*

I cherish the 80s I guess. Maybe I should write a book ;-)

Anonymous said...

She had hair in Star Trek II. You're thinking of Persis Khambatta in the first one. (I'm such a dork...)

Anonymous said...


Hey Sebastian~

*shudder not*, sweet prince.
for you know not why you shudder

it's only an illusssssion

Unknown said...

Ah yes. Wrath of Khan.

Silly me mixing it up with ST: TMP. Guess it shows that I am not THAT old to remember it all correctly when the first privately owned TV network in germany started airing Star Trek and Star Wars in the 80s :-)

olucy said...

See, here in Chicago, if Matt were an Alderman, Kirstie would have herself a brand new TV set.

Happy Birthday, Matt!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MATT! (from a total stranger on the internet but fellow Red Sox fan)

Ken: How did your So Cal son end up being a Red Sox fan??

Anonymous said...

PS. Hope everyone who's going to Ken's Sitcom Writers' Room thingy in a scant two weeks (!) is going to report back here and tell us how it is! [/jealous]

JUST ME said...

Whenever I hear about someone else liking the Red Sox, I always feel like we have an instant bond.

Kirk said...

Kirstie Alley should use THAT picture in those Jenny Craig weight-loss ads!

Oh, wait, that picture's from, what, 20 years ago? I guess it'd be false advertising, huh? Never mind.

Anonymous said...

Well birthdays are a tender subject at my house this week. Tomorrow my baby brother turns 50. That is depressing.

I once saw a nude picture of Parker Stevenson (Actually,it's still on my hard drive, which was a floppy disc until I downloaded that photo), and Kirstie wasn't joking about "The Big one."

But who won the TV?

Cap'n Bob said...

Happy Birthday, Matt.

As for Kirstie, she's an idiot. Not for slipping the kid a 20, but for slipping her cult tens of thousands of dollars and pimping for it publicly.

Skytalon said...

Yeah, I want to know how your son became a red sox fan considering you raised him on the other side of coast.

Sort of like someone I know who was born and raised in South Jersey right next to Philly and is a Cowboys fan. *shakes head*

By Ken Levine said...

Matt went to college at Tufts in Boston. He became attached to them in 2003 however, not the year they won but the year they crushingly lost.

Anonymous said...

As far as “Matt and his Big Papi” in that photo. If he took one today with Kirstie, you could label it "Matt and his Big Momi" (I know, I know -- it was just too easy a set-up, and I couldn't resist).

Tom Ehrenfeld said...

Your son's blog is terrific, you should be very proud! Bless his Sox loyalty, I'm a lifetime diehard, and enjoy his writing enormously. And, all things considered,I'd have to say that this was a great season for the Sox. We DO live in a post-2004 world.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Cristie Allie is fat, LOL!

Tom Quigley said...

I worked on a couple of episodes of VERONICA'S CLOSET, and saw her up close early in the evening at the craft services table.... And later on I saw her -- at the craft services table.... And as we were letting out the audience I saw her again -- at the craft services table.... (Hey, don't draw any conclusions -- I didn't say she was eating....)

Dr. Leo Marvin said...

I realize that Kirstie Alley's problem with her weight is so public a part of her persona that she exploited it commercially. Still, for some reason the "fat" comments strike me as a nasty departure from the ordinarily decent attitudes on this board.

Maybe I'm being unreasonable. I do have a very little patience for pointless cruelty. (Which obviously excludes most great comedy, which can be pretty damn cruel, but is never pointless.)