Friday, November 14, 2008

Let's see Warner Brothers get out of this one!

Sitcom Room 3 is in full swing. Two full days of hell-arity. Reports next week from me and the attendees who survived it. In the meantime, here's something of grave international importance:
There is a city in Southeastern Turkey named Batman. The mayor of that little town is suing Warner Brothers and director Christopher Nolan for royalties on THE DARK KNIGHT.

Mayor Huseyin Kalkan claims the producers of DARK KNIGHT used the name of his city “without informing us”.

Those bastards!!!

Don’t anybody tell Mr. Mayor that there’s been a comic book since 1939, a popular mid 60s TV series, and several other Batman movies. He’ll be dragging Adam West’s ass right into court.

Now some may say this is a nuisance suit but listen to these compelling charges:

Hizzoner claims the movie’s success has so damaged the town’s psyche that it has resulted in a number of unsolved murders and a high female suicide rate.


We will follow this case closely.

It comes at just the right time for me. I’m developing a superhero and was going to call him Persepolis. Now I’ll just change it to Jump Real High Man.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm..I wonder if I have a case for all those sleepless nights I had as a kid.

36 Elm Street
Suburbia, USA

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Sitcommers! There is a fair amount of fun, a good deal of learning, and an unbelievable amount of evil in your very near future.

Frankly, I'm jealous.

Even my delightful verification word "herimpus" doesn't fully assuage my envy.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor of Batman is claiming that Bob Kane and Bill Finger ripped off his town's name when they created Batman back in 1939. No joke.

I don't know what is sillier, that this guy thinks every obscure little town in Turkey is known to everyone in America, or the fact that some Turkish idiots actually named their town Batman. Does "Batman" mean something else in Turkish? Like "Abode of the stupid"?

To be fair, the movie TROY is based on a town in Turkey. But what about that Turkish superhero movie SCRANTON?

But I am ditching my superhero treatment ISTANBUL, about Stan Lee acquiring the ability to turn ito a bull.

Anonymous said...

Stan Lee turn into a bull, Doug....PLEASE! He couldn't even turn into Bill Bixby,,,:)

Nat G said...

Does "Batman" mean something else in Turkish?

Yes. It's a measure of weight. Although that's not why the town has that name -- it's a shortening of the name of the local mountains ("Bati Raman")

Anonymous said...

Then they should be suing the makers of "Top Ramen" noodles, which are probably not made on a mountain peak.

Cap'n Bob said...

The Turkish publishing industry is infamous for publishing books by American authors without a cent of royalty money being paid. Screw them.

Word Verification: Chili. Close enough for a lawsuit from South America.

Eric Curtis said...

Someone needs to tell them to get stuffed.

*so sorry*

Anonymous said...

Considering the current Global Economic climate, these cities are eagerly awaiting the resolution of this lawsuit:

20/ Gofuku, Japan

19/ Onacock, USA

18/ Titless, Switzerland

17/ Weener, Germany

16/ Iron Knob, Australia

15/ Little Dix Village, West Indies.

14/ Bat Cave, US

13/ Fukuoka, Japan

12/ Wank, Germany

11/ Fertile, US

10/ Bangkok, Thailand

9/ Blowhard, Australia

8/ The Village of Intercourse, Pennsylvania

7/ Tittybong, Australia

6/ Pennis Wood, UK

5/ Climax Springs, UK

4/ BlowHole - Kiama, Australia

3/ Phuket, Thailand

2/ Bigadic, Turkey

1/ Fucking, Austria

VP81955 said...

When I lived in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia some 30 years ago, there were some families with the last name of "Batman." As far as I know, none were related to Bob Kane or Bill Finger (or wore capes, for that matter). Nor do I think any supervillains caused havoc in that neck of the woods.

My verification word is "copit," which I assume to be some sort of erotic command.

Anonymous said...

Crap! Someone beat me to it. I WAS going to say, "Boy! What a lawsuit Intercourse PA has lined up!"

Anonymous said...

A 'batman' is also the word for British Army officer's valet.

It seems to have survived as a British last name.

See for details..


Anonymous said...

Ken: I am the mayor of Jumprealhighman, Turks and Caicos. Consider this an official cease-and-desist warning to abort your forthcoming superhero project.

Kirk said...

Are any of Nietzsche's descendants suing the makers of the Superman movie?

Anonymous said...

I'm the mayor of France. You'll be hearing from my lawyers.

Anonymous said...

I plan on suing the country of Turkey itself on behalf of those birds that can't act in their own defence.