Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sabrina Teen Witch love scenes

Thanks SO much to everyone for your lovely comments re yesterday’s post. I’m proud to know me. If you haven’t checked in, I’d still love to know where you are, how you got here, what you want to see, what’s your hat size, that sort of thing?

One way people find this blog is by Googling something that appears here. Some of those search items are…uh, interesting. Here are a few from just this week alone. And you sickos know who you are.

picture of sheep genitals
Nancy Travis naked
los angeles hair transplant 67 cents
Jim Brown Racquel Welch sex scene
cost of gamma globulin shot
dick jokes
jokes about planes
Sarah Palin naked
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black man that sings for windstar casino
white comedy frogs
tipping etiquette massage happy ending
Patricia Heaton sex scene
County coroners
Seth Rogen sexy
kidney stone pull out their penis
cow records ocean beach
Mariah Carey impersonator
MASH actors live or dead
"i fell in love with you three times"
Asian massage Napa
Bionic Man theme song
Middle aged porn stars
Second act in romantic comedies
Signed Aftermash TV scripts
The Body Shop strip club in San Diego
Pet dolphins
Bonnie Bernstein Maryland sex
Bonnie Bernstein gay
silent era actor who designed applied all of his own make up and stunts
Frasier hotel
Tawny Little
nancy reagan best blowjob in hollywood
The Office actors’ salaries
Jan Smithers nude
can i sit a seat away from my friends in a movie theater?
How to buy a mattress
Exotic women
Theater animal trainer
How to pitch to HBO
President of Jordan
Indiana strippers
80's sitcom eve freeze time
Tom Tuttle This will not look good on a resume."
jessica rabbit subliminal messages
I don’t have sex
I want to have sex
Why did Soupy Sales get kicked off the air?
tom hanks lucille movie body guard
I’m weird
jenna fischer +written off
schlock film one sheets
penis in full monty
Sabrina Teen Witch love scenes
pilgrim diorama
Kim Raver sex scene
Several Drunk Girls, as actors of some Christmas movies.
what should I do if I am 45 and single
Hey hey Paula
Missing airport luggage
Roger Ebert is a whore
Tom Tuttle from Tacoma
which airlines let you listen to cockpit communication
Heather Wallace
Attach her head
look at us we're walking telethon song
Paula Marshall
Steve Martin plastic surgery
Getting high at Disneyland
Frost McKee, World Record of memorizing playing cards
Student body officer slogans
Sharpay’s round purse
how to have sex in a movie theater
The Real Don Steele
Male massage
How to get skinny thighs
Asian nylon model
Freecell win percentage
Worst stage mother ever
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Albums by Frank Ifield
Two rats fucking in a wool sock
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Shirtless cops
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middle school graduation speech
dating for writers
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David Caruso’s salary
are the sex scenes real or fake cinemax
Bonanza theme
Tony Awards opening number
Cutthroat Bitch
I only beat you when I’m drunk
Nipples were bigger
Total Drama Island porn
I need a sign from God that I can make a living on line.
Used autopsy table
Pregnant lesbians


Tallulah Morehead said...

There are some odd folks out there. These are some of the folks who have found my blog via Googling. I did not make any of these up. What was the person Googling "betty hutton naked breasts" after?

vinnie d'angelo

betty hutton naked breasts

emily perry

pantyless drunk

huge jackman

pothead porn xxx

when bears attack arpad miklos

bill hudnut acting


cause of death porn star cole
ryder dead

hairy pot head

morehead nominee 2008 300

clancy lowered the boom and other irish songs

mary martha dabbs

scatolo movie

gay porn death remembrances 2007

hells resident movie

ghoulita kcop los angeles

oscar the grinch

steve cruz porn hussein

picture of a sluth crucifix

vincent hag

what a lesson for him! i trust he will profit by it

roscoe lee browne homo


women flogged on the rack

morehead cheerleader naked

pier angeli kerwin matthews

stretched to her limit on the torture rack

dabbs greer obituary

dwarfs sex

flogging in movies book

Brett said...

"Dating for writers" seems to be the linking search to all of those others.

And I still can't get a date.

BreadCity said...

90% of people who come to my blog have either searched for oj simpson or gang signs. i'm not quite sure why.

stålar said...

I'd say there are a lot of great topics to elaborate on here. Anything but "Seth Rogen sexy".

Rays profile said...

I know the feeling. Hits on my football blog went way up when I did a post on fantasy football leagues in high school and the searches for "high school fantasy" started kicking in from the American Beauty crowd....

estiv said...

I'm known among my friends for having a kind of gross sense of humor, but the fact that people are doing a search for the phrase "Attach her head" worries even me. Unless they were interested in Barbie dolls.

My verification word is "carcar." Is today Woody Guthrie's birthday?

Mary Stella said...

I'm at a loss. How do you find out who found your blog via Googling?

I only know of people finding me in 2005 when they searched for people in the Keys blogging during the approach of Hurricane Dennis. I'm only aware of that because they wrote and told me.

Potential Friday Question, Ken: Which current show would you like most to write for and/or direct?

Anonymous said...

I found this site via links from other blogs about writing for TV. I tried it on my RSS feed aggregator and found I was enjoying your posts, so you made the cut (yay!). I'm trying my hand at writing (I have a relatively successful career in a different area of the arts). Keep entertaining me, please.

Gridlock said...


The Curmudgeon said...

I got busy yesterday and didn't check in to acknowledge your anniversary, though I've checked in on similar occasions in the past.

Please accept my apology. You are a must-read daily for me.

impwork said...

I posted something like this and all it did was attracted more of "those" kind of people ;-)

Then again I've found a use for spam e-mail as I now get all the names for minor characters from spam e-mails

Anonymous said...

This is a little late, but Congratulations!

I've been with you for two years - I think I linked to you from Huffington Post - either that or I googled "Bad Motel In Palm Springs"

As always you remain my first blog in the morning, and my last blog at night. Thank you for two great years!

Anonymous said...

"Frost McKee, World Record of memorizing playing cards" This is instructive. Always be specific when Googling. Otherwise, you get countless unwanted hits. In this case, for the thousands of other Frost McKees in the world.

I noticed recently that as you type something into the Google search bar, it pulls down a list of common searches. When I typed Ken Levine, the second listing was "Ken Levine enemy of comedy," which has 54,400 results. Don't panic, Ken -- it appears to refer to a comment you made about Heather Graham.

Great blog, never miss it (oh, except for the occasional baseball post). Congrats!

Anonymous said...

All right, Ken, since you're still asking...I'm on the other side of the TV biz. I do master control, and I've run some of the shows you've written. I think "radio jingles" was the search that brought me here, and your site, in turn, brought me to your friend Earl Pomerantz's blog (I've run some of his shows, too). You're both daily reading. Good to see how the other half lives.

Nice to know I can still be a hit if my blog only has one reader. I feel validated now. Maybe by the time I've hit 3 years I'll be up to...I don't know, maybe two!

Eric Curtis said...

Hmmm....trying to draw some hits to my blog. Maybe if I wrote something about "tipping etiquette massage happy" my counter might get a happy ending. Then again, maybe not.

Forgot to say in your anniversary post that I'm from South Carolina.

Mr. Peel aka Peter Avellino said...

Recently I've had "Mindy Cohn Nude" turn up. Several times. There's not much I can add to that.

Anonymous said...

Gosh. . .found your blog via a friend who suggested it. As a (former) comedy writer I was immediately interested and have found laughs and fun suggestions while reading the blog.
From LA area and love the obtuse intelligent and witty types of humor. Meaning, I can't stand adam sandler.

Tim W. said...

"silent era actor who designed applied all of his own make up and stunts"

How exactly does one apply his own stunt?

Rohan Venkat said...

Congrats on the three years.

Remember the one reader from Qatar? That was me. Yeah.

I believe I found your blog when I was looking up writers of my favorite show.

I'm a journalism student at USC, also taking a Cinema minor, and thoroughly enjoy your posts.

VP81955 said...

"Sabrina Teen Witch love scenes"? Make those love scenes with Zelda, played by the luscious Beth Broderick, and you might have something.

Verification word: "coroc." One-half of a fictional bird. Find its egg and restore Kathryn Grant to her full size.

Stella Louise said...

I get a lot of "shirtless"--as in "Eddie Steeples shirtless," "Tom Bergeron shirtless," "Mark Cuban shirtless."

You're right--there are a lot of sick people out there!

Anonymous said...

"Verification word: "coroc." One-half of a fictional bird. Find its egg and restore Kathryn Grant to her full size."

Ah 7TH VOYAGE OF SINBAD, the movie that presents Baghdad as a SEAPORT. Rather like presenting Las Vegas as a seaport. Apparently Ray Harryhausen didn't own an Atlas.