Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hey, there IS a book

I have mentioned Ron Jacobs before. Part creative genius/part mad scientist/part visionary with all the parts constantly at war with each other. This is the guy who created AMERICAN TOP 40, and the San Diego Chicken among many other brainchildren. He predicted that digital technology would revolutionize the music industry – 38 years ago. He was the first person to recognize that gawky teenager Cameron Crowe was a major talent.

That said, he also has a dark side. The formerly-Los Angeles now-St. Louis Rams have driven him to madness. It’s understandable, certainly this year.

He was also born, raised, and now has returned to Hawaii. From witnessing first hand the attack of Pearl Harbor to statehood, Elvis, Jack Lord, volcanoes, Bette Midler, and hula hoops he has seen it all. Pineapple juice runs through his veins.

You may not be familiar with him but someone who is is Barack Obama. When “Barry” woke up every morning and got ready for high school he listened to “Whodaguy” Ron Jacobs spin the hits on KKUA. He may even have called once and requested “The Night Chicago Died”, we don’t know.

Other than four years living in Indonesia, Obama grew up on Oahu. The person he was to become was forged on the mean streets of paradise. Not exactly the ideal presidential breeding ground. But Obama was unique and so is his story.

Ron Jacobs has written a book about Obama’s time in Hawaii – OBAMALAND. And since it was written by someone who KNOWS Hawaii, and knows everyone who knows Obama, it’s a far more complete profile than the seven gazillion other books that are out there. Plus, Ron writes in a clear colorful voice.

Did you know Obama was one of only two blacks in a student body of 3500?

Did you know his goal in life was to become Dr. J.? (I hope he’s not too disappointed having to settle for Commander in Chief of the free world.)

Want to see all the places Obama used to hang out? (Much more fun than driving around LA with a map looking for Diana Ross’ old house.)

Want to learn the effect Zippy’s had on his life?

These and a thousand other fascinating facts and stories are included in OBAMALAND along with great never-before-seen photos.

So if you’re interested in walking a mile in President Obama’s flip flops, you can get more info and order here.

If he begins his inauguration speech with “Hey, howzit?” you’ll now know why.


Unknown said...

Of course there is a book. I was waiting for a book club update. I was totally won over when I saw LOST on the map. This sounds pretty interesting. Learning about Hawaii through the context of where Obama's grew up is a cool idea.

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Deitic: The god of tic-tacs

Barefoot Billy Aloha said...

Now that's Boss!

Anonymous said...

Didn't RonJacobs also predict that digital technology would be responsible for losing more material than it created?

With a reel-to-reel, you had to try really hard to lose something. If the hardware broke down, you replaced it or fixed it and you were back in business.

If your PC crashes, even if you have backup, you'll still probably lose something and waste a lot of time.

Don't get me started on digital video..

Cap'n Bob said...

Uh, Ken, it's not polite to say Obama and flip-flops in the same paragraph anymore.

Anonymous said...

Zippy! LOL

Anonymous said...

I think - fortunately - that RJ hadn't yet returned to KKUA when "The Night Chicago Died" was released. And I also suspect Barack was too young that year to be calling in a radio request.

This does not mean, however, that some equally scary '70s hit might have been requested by "Barry" a few years later. We shall never know. For as complete as Ron's book will be, some things are lost in the mists of history. And sometimes it's better that way.

Anonymous said...

I think that the book is a great idea. I personally cannot wait to see some of the pictures and hear from people that knew him.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the book partly because my friend is the girl that Obama mentioned in his book "Coretta" from Dreams of my Father." And she is very proud of her mother.