Sunday, January 11, 2009

No Golden Globes review


1. I'm doing my radio show on KABC up against it.

2. I can only watch it with the sound off (which I highly recommend, by the way).

3. I'm Tivo'ing 24 and if I watch anything when I get home around midnight it's that.

4. I hated HAPPY-GO-LUCKY and it might win.

5. I'm not nominated.

6. The so-called "Foreign Press" are waiters on visas.

7. Someone other than Rebecca Hall might win for best actress.

8. I've already written my rant on Woody Allen for tomorrow.

9. I don't know if my cable 500 channel cable package includes NBC.

10. I just don't care.

11. They can never top last year's.

Update: For those who do want a hilarious recap, I recommend our own Tallulah Morehead's review. See it tomorrow in the HuffingtonPost.


Rob said...

Number 11 is great. I was going to watch it until you told me it was up against 24. I play a drinking game where I count the times Jack says "Damn it!" or says there isn't enough time.

Kirk said...

Oh, man, why did you have to mention that rant against Woody Allen for? I'm not going to get any sleep tonight wondering what you're going to say about him!

Anonymous said...

That image of the award is a, no?

Tallulah Morehead said...
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Tallulah Morehead said...

Tallulah Morehead said...
How can one ignore the night when all of Hollywood is showered with Golden Globs? Particularly since, as it is the one awards show where the nominees can drink at their tables all night long, it's the only one that's any fun to attend?

But frankly, since Hugh Jackman wasn't even nominated, my Golden globs are drooping so sad and low, they're getting bruised on the underside from my kicking them as I walk.


WV: ferch. An obscure, kinky sex act performed by your dog. Who's a bad doggie?

Question Mark said...

Rebecca Hall? Seriously? Why should someone doing a third-rate Woody Allen impression deserve an award?

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the HGL. My friend and I were both like, huh? after that one. Sally did win tonight, though - good thing you didn't watch.

Anonymous said...

"4. I hated HAPPY-GO-LUCKY and it might win."

Thank YOU! I hated that movie too and I so wanted to like it but half way through I was shaking my head wondering what the hell was going on.

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, did any of you Happy-Go-Lucky haters like any other Mike Leigh films, if you've seen any? I haven't seen this one yet, but I've generally found him to be brilliant. He tends not to work the mainstream side of the street though.

Anonymous said...

I generally like Mike Leigh films, though I understand why others might find his work tiresome. I didn't see Happy-Go-Lucky, but I hardly go to the theatre anymore. Since I'm not in any of the guilds, I prefer to wait for dvd and save myself some bucks.

TCinLA said...

So, you're still getting off as a one-handed torture viewer? Thank God the completely execrable "24" continued to go in the tank. Now that we're back to living in a country with rules, laws, and morals, hopefully those failed fascists who came up with torture porn for the psychopaths who can't get in the Army no matter how behind they get in recruiting will finally get their "just desserts" - unemployment forever after.

I have never been able to figure out how someone as obviously intelligent and humane as you are, Ken, goes diving in the bucket of slimy shit that is "24."