Monday, July 13, 2009

My free teleseminar is now open for registration

Thanks to all of you who sent in questions. On Saturday, July 25th starting at 2 PM Eastern Time (11 on the West Coast, who knows in Iceland?) I'll be answering these questions in a totally free teleseminar. Here's where you go to sign up and see the questions I'll attempt to tackle. Space is limited so sign up today. Jesus, I sound like an informercial. Sorry, if you register by midnight I won't also throw in a free Pocket Fisherman.

Once again, if you're interested, here is where you go.

No salesman will call. Void where prohibited by law. No animals were harmed during the writing of this announcement.


MIITB said...

Just reserved my spot. Very excited to see my question listed too!

Dave Olden said...

Hey Ken,

I'd be on my cell-phone... and granted, it *does* have unlimited calls on weekends...


...90 minutes of cell-phone long distance charges, it's waterboarding, I tell you.


Any chance of Amnesty International? (ie: toll-free number that works in Canada...?)

- DaveO

Anonymous said...

a phone call? what the hell is this, 1876? Just make a podcast, post a link, I'll download it and put it on my mp3 player (which is also my phone, funny, huh?). why would you need to fill a form for that?

Anonymous (no relation) said...

Yeah, Ken. What the hell's with you, expecting "Anonymous" to do anything at all to get the information you're offering at no charge?

Taking 90 minutes out of your life to answer all those questions for those of us who'd like a shot at writing TV comedy - how dare you insult us like that!

You'd think the money we pay you to write entertaining blog posts every damn day would be enough, but noooo....

Dave Olden said...

Um... the "waterboarding" thing was aimed at my cell-provider, not at Ken.

So, take 2:

Hey, Ken.

Any chance the there's a toll-free option for this?

Poverty is the only reason I ask. Honest.