Friday, December 18, 2009

The best music video of the year

This is the most satisfying music video of the year. A musician, Dave Carroll, watched as United Airlines baggage handlers destroyed his custom Taylor guitar. For a year he tried to get them to pay for the damages and they told him to go fuck himself. He told them he was going to make a music video exposing them. They said, "Good luck with that one, pal."

So he did. And he posted it on YouTube. And it went viral. CNN even picked it up. And it now has over 6,000,000 hits. United Airlines called Carroll and wanted to arrange a settlement if he would pull the video. You can guess what he told them. "Good luck with that one, pal."

Taylor guitars has since sent him two custom guitars.

In case you haven't seen it, here's the video. So far this is the most heartwarming Christmas story I've heard this season.


Anonymous said...

And after United settled, and he was called to a conference to speak about his experience, United lost his bags again.

vw: brear - what gay tops like about bears

Michael said...

We have a condo whose builder isn't too good about doing needed repairs. Since he is still trying to sell the remaining units, my wife told him that she certainly would hate to show up at every open house and tell each prospective buyer how lousy his service is. I think we'll get some action. We didn't know about Brother Taylor when she did this, but, we feel like he's kin now.

Anonymous said...

There was also a second video.

Hugo Fuchs said...

Yeah, that was a good video, but I have to still go with Do You Want To Date My Avatar. I think we'll see more customer service related videos in the future though.

blogward said...

What's he complaining about? At least they didn't do a Buddy Holly on him.

-Lostboy- said...

I don't really like country, but, he's awesome. (why the 3 amigos?)

Frid said...

Hehehehe. Brilliant!

Suzanne said...

Good for him! I love how he named the lady who had the final say..."No". I wonder if she still has a job at United?

amyp3 said...

On a painful "note," in college someone trashed a violin I'd left alone in a music room. So I empathize.

But in a more cheeful vein, I nominate these for video of the year - an extremely cute "Lip-Dub" challenge between two Washington high schools.

Tom Quigley said...

As the owner of two Taylor guitars (and as someone who will now NEVER take either of them on any airline -- especially United) Dave Carroll gets my "Man Of The Year" vote...

wv: whingle -- Wasn't that the name of one of the elves in the Rankin-Bass Christmas special "Santa Claus is Comin' To Town"? -- Whingle Kringle?

Unknown said...

First of all, I just discovered your blog (from your recent comment on Earl Pomerantz's blog), and I'm glad I did. It's a great read (I would expect nothing less from one of the creators of my favorite show, Mash).

I don't know the airline this happened with, but I had a friend who was a saxophone player on cruise ships. At the end of a flight to a ship gig, sitting at a window seat, he saw his baritone sax fly out of the baggage hold and hit the ground.

Of course, this sax wasn't in a case at the time, because that same airline had told him that the case was too big. He HAD to remove it from the case for it to get on the plane.

I guess unfortunately for him, this happened before there was YouTube. (He didn't get his repaired or replaced either.)

Anonymous said...

AH, the power of a catchy tune...AND having right on your side...

Ref said...

I'd love to know what they did to break his guitar, since the Taylor hard-shell cases are reputed to be damn near indestructible. On the other hand (possibly because of this incident) Taylor advises you to either buy your guitar a seat and keep it with you or leave it at home.

Roger Owen Green said...

I'm reminded of the Tom Paxton song. Thank You, Republic Airlines:

Flying through the Michigan skies with a song in my innocent heart,
I placed myself in professional hands, masters of the traveler's art.
When I opened my guitar case at the end of a beautiful flight,
I'm sure you can imagine my feelings, as I beheld this beautiful sight…

Thank you, Republic Airlines, for breaking the neck on my guitar.
I arrived to do a concert with the Kingston Trio,
Opened my guitar case with a smile ‘con brio’.
Thank you, Republic Airlines, What a joy to a musician you are!
What a zest you've added to pedestrian skies,
It was boring to be flying where the wild goose flies,
But the tedium was broken by your wonderful surprise,
When you broke the neck on my guitar.

Thank you, Republic Airlines, for treating my instrument with care.
There can be no greater happiness for the musician,
Than to find his instrument in this condition.
Uh-oh, Republic Airlines, in the firmament of travel, you're a star,
For you treat each piece of baggage like a child of your own,
When you come across an instrument, it's dropped like a stone,
May you waken every morning with a new broken bone,
Like you broke the neck on my guitar.

Now I've been traveling most of my life, and the thrill is a long time gone.
And the sight of another DC 10 just fails to turn me on.
But I feel my heart start pounding when I get to the baggage claim,
and when I see how you handled my instrument, the thrill is still the same.

Thank you, Republic Airlines, for splintering the neck on my guitar!
My guitar case was so strong that nothing could go through it,
Way to go Republic, only you could do it,
Crash bang, Republic Airlines, in the field of demolition, you'll go far!
For you took it as a challenge when I turned in my case.
and you saw the fragile stickers glued all over the place,
May a team of mad flamenco dancers do to your face
What you did to the neck on my guitar!

There could no satisfaction greater than if,
You should be the next to go the way of Braniff!

Mo said...

That was indeed a thing of beauty!