Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This year in this blog

Here are a few of my favorite posts from the past year.

The Academy Awards are always an easy target. This was my review.

In March I was all a-Twitter.
No wonder you're not following me.

Lots of good reaction when I take nostalgic look back at studios I've worked at. This was Paramount.

Readers either loved or hated my AMERICAN IDOL reviews. So you'll either love or hate this one.

And then Paula Abdul left the show but not before a tough negotiation. This is how I imagined it.

David Hyde Pierce was a guest blogger in July.

The Emmys are another blog perennial.

In September we lost the great Larry Gelbart.

And then two months later, the brilliant David Lloyd.

David Letterman was caught cheating and this is how I imagined he should apologize on his show.

And finally, my tips for saving the entertainment industry.

Thanks again to everyone for reading my insane ravings and snarky drivel. I look forward to providing more.


Max Clarke said...

Thanks for all the great posts, Ken. I visit your site each day, usually before the news websites. It's hard now to think there was a time when you did NOT have a blog. Can't wait to see your writing as the movie awards season approaches.

Debby G said...

Thanks for a great year of blog posts. Your twitter post, in particular, is one of the funniest things I've ever read. Ever think of writing for a living?

Happy New Year!

Jonathan said...

Always love reading your posts. I came across your blog during the strike and haven't missed many days since.

A. Buck Short said...

Because the holidays are for sharing, and also because you’re such a Ken of all trades, I thought you might enjoy these unedited quotes from the front page of yesterday’s Dallas Morning News metro section.

I just can’t quite put my finger on why, although it may explain why it's good to be the king, but not a corporate VP:

“Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is excited about the possibility of working with the city of Irving, Texas to be involved in the explosion of Texas Stadium,” said Joanne Freed, a vice president with Hunter Public Relations, Kraft’s marketing representative.

“We’re very proud to form a partnership of such a widely recognized and appreciated brand, “ Irving Mayor Herbert Gears said Tuesday. “We wanted to make sure that the world got to experience the demolition of such a historic facility.”

Apparently there’s going to be a nationwide contest, with the winner getting to push the button that detonates the stadium. I assume this will be some sort of Kraft Foods promotion, which will then replace the Big Mac – Avatar back end deal in challenging the public to determine what, if anything, either party has to do with the other. Or have they now started just phoning this stuff in?

In related news (in the unlikely event you haven’t seen it):

The perfect gift.

Mac said...

Thanks for the great posts, Ken. My first read of every day and always a joy. Don't ever stop posting or I'll send Katherine Heigl round with a viewing copy of her next romcom.
Happy New Year.

VP81955 said...

If George Allen were still with us, he'd pay to press the button to explode (or, more likely, implode) Texas Stadium.

Ken, I want to wish you and your readers a happy new year...or would that be a happy new decade? Anyway, you might enjoy reading this piece I wrote about Paramount and its studio tour. Turns out they've put plaques on all the soundstages, but almost completely ignored Paramount's pre-1948 output (the RKO section of the lot does include what happened at RKO). Of course, Universal now owns rights to virtually all ptr-1948 Paramount product. Hey, at least Sony's Web site about its Culver City lot doesn't ignore it was the home of MGM for several decades. The entry is at

wv: "cimbless" -- an unfortunate state to be in (insert the name of the state you like to pick on here). Now if I only knew what a cimb was...

Dudleys Mom said...

I really enjoy your blog, Ken. I appreciate how consistently you are able to entertain me. And I truly love when you let loose with biting sarcasm...don't ever hold back.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ken for another year of highly entertaining blog posts. All I ask is that you keep writing. Then I can be assured that there will be something worth reading on the internet.

-bee said...

Thanks for another great year, Ken - you are the Shakespeare of my bookmark page.

M said...

It's posts like the Paula Abdul negotiations that keep me coming back every day. Thank you, Ken!

Michele said...

Thanks for all the wonderful posts. You have given me hours of entertainment. Happy New Year!