Friday, February 12, 2010

another weekend of me on the wireless

I'll be on 790 KABC radio (and streaming on the net at KABC.COM and itunes radio/KABC) tonight from 7-10 pacific. Since it's the Valentine's Day weekend I'll be discussing love and romance -- two subjects I know even less about than cars.

Sunday I'm hosting my regular sportstalk show from 5-8 (what better way to celebrate my birthday than discuss Dodger pitching concerns?). And Monday night I'm on again from 7-10. I have no clue what I'll be talking about.


tb said...

No clue what you'll be talking about? This from the guy who just won a best local sports talk show host award? (or something like that)Hey - I'm going to this Joe Torre-Sandy Koufax thing on the 27th. I'd love to read your review of it, if you're going. Are you? Sandy K at a public event! Stop the presses!

Paul Duca said...

It must be after sunset....'cause the 27th is a Sabbath, and as we all know--Sandy don't play that.

Sandy Koufax said...

Ken...I'm glad to see that Bob Moore likes you at KABC. He'll keep you busy as long as you stay on the "good" list.

SharoneRosen said...

So, Monday night, you can listen to me play traffic announcer on KFWB from 3-6pm (also on in the AM 5-9). I'm the holiday DB!

WV:joyal= either the company that makes halvah or Superman's gay uncle?