Saturday, February 06, 2010

Me on KABC

I'll be filling in tomorrow morning from 8-11 co-hosting the car talk show on the "flame thrower", the mighty 790 KABC and KABC.COM. I know nothing about cars so unless your question is "should I get a red one?" my co-host, Lance Kaplan, automotive expert, will be answering it. I'm there to give out the phone number.

No Sunday Sports Final this week. What sports fan in his right mind is going to listen to us when he can watch or listen to the Super Bowl instead?

But I will be filling in for John Phillips from 7-10 PM PST Monday and Friday night, talking entertainment, pop culture, and general interest stuff.

And this year Dodger Talk will be streamed live on the net (KABC.COM and iTunes radio/KABC). And as all real baseball fans know, much more fun than listening to the game is listening to callers bitch about the game.


Mike McCann said...


With the announcement regarding streaming, does this mean Dodger Talk will be going "viral?" Do we need a pre-season innoculation??

YEKIMI said...

Last time you hosted on KABC I tried to call in with an awful song selection but apparently someone at KABC doesn't want people from the Midwest to be able to reach people on the west coast. I got a recording saying you can't be reached from where I am calling. I guess I'll have to wait till Ohio gets 21st century technology [hell, I'd settle for 20th century technology] before we're allowed to contact anyone out west.

mcp said...

Yeah Ken, is there a way for people outside the LA area to ask questions or comment on KABC when you are on? Another phone number? Text address? Email? Twitter?

Sandy Koufax said...

Oops Ken...That's LEON Kaplan, not Lance. Better get to know your co-hosts name...yikes!