Sunday, September 26, 2010

How do you upload photos in Blogger without wanting to kill someone?

Seems I’m not the only one on Blogger up in arms over their new posting operating system. Pictures in particular are now a nightmare to load. There are bugs galore in this new system. (Who do they hire to diligently test these things? Guys being chased by bounty hunters? )

And then I have the added tiny problem that I’m a computer retard.

To be clear:  If I'm on Firefox I can't upload pictures.  It just keeps saying server error.  I can on Safari but it's very unwieldy. 

First thing I did was try to find Blogger tech help. Good luck. If such a thing even does exist I suspect it’s easier to find Osama Bin Laden than their phone number. Or an email address. Or someone who has a cousin who has a friend who once was in the lobby of Google.

I clicked on Blogger Help. This takes me to FAQs and instructions on how to add ads.

Next I sought out forums. This meant sifting through thousands of people with problems. Everything from why did my blog disappear to how come the comments I get are really stupid?

I was heartened to see though that many other poor schmucks were having my problem.  But since there’s no tech help per se who reads these other than other frustrated bloggers? It has the same feel as “letters to Santa”.

The theory of course is that people ask questions and others answer. But this is what I found: Someone reports a problem and there are seven replies all saying “Yeah, me too.” And below each one a little icon that asks if this answer was helpful or not. Uh.. NO.

But every so often a helpful person will try to offer a solution. And here’s where that retard issue I have holds me back a little – I have no fucking clue what they are saying! An example: Someone was complaining that with this new ersatz system they were having trouble displaying photos side by side. And a good Samaritan offered this answer:

Okay, by the second < >  I raced down to the liquor store and became Nicholas Cage in LEAVING LAS VEGAS, just going through the aisles filling a shopping cart.

Hopefully this photo loading problem will be resolved. Hopefully, Blogger even knows it exists. They could monitor the help forum but I’m taking no chances. There’s this blog post and I’ll probably mention it six or seven times today on Dodger Talk.

This is very serious.   I'd like to think readers come to this blog for the content.  But I'm not an idiot.  They come for the photos.


Unknown said...

My first attempt in trying to comment resulted in

"Service Unavailable
Error 503"

Being a nerd I know that Errors in the 500s are Server errors but never mind. It's just funny :-)

Anyway, HTML isn't THAT complicated. Pick up a "HTML for dummies". In Germany, we have the great guide "Selfhtml", but the translation was abandoned.

HTML works like this: everything between < and > is called a "tag". It has an opening part ( e.g. < table >) and a closing part, e.g. < / table > (all tags without the spaces, I guess you noticed that they won't show up if you leave the spaces out because then the Browsers try to interpret them. HTML is, in itself, a language, and therefor "logic". It's not hard to understand, so if you get asked what language you would like to learn next (after "legalese" and "agentese" I guess), maybe HTML would be something you should take an interest in. It's the basis of the web and since you'll be around for another couple of years and I guess you'll keep blogging, you might want to take a look at it.

By the way, that code snipped you posted basically is a Table with a single row and two colums. It has nothing to do with the acutal posting of images to blogger, it's a way to put two images side by side ;-)

15-Seconds said...

Haven't had trouble uploading photos to my blog -- but you guys in California are always ahead on maybe the trouble will work its way to the east coast.

Are you using the "new post editor"?
There are instructions on how to add photos on it at this link.

Jeff said...

If you're on Windows, I'd suggest using Windows Live Writer

You can connect it very easily and you can even preview your blog entries using the same layout as on your blog. It's what I use. Good luck

angel said...

I copied your html code into my blog and it did indeed make a side by side set of photos.
Great news for me, because I need that occasionally. You learn something new every day here at By Ken Levine.

Otherwise, what is your problem with the photos? It is working a bit different now days, but not THAT different.

Emily Blake said...

I've never had that problem, but I always put just one photo at the top of the page and leave it at that. You gotta stop making life so complicated.

Max Clarke said...
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The Milner Coupe said...

I've had the same problem with side by side photos. Two are hard enough, but I sometimes line up four. Now it's impossible.

It all boils down to the picture placement choices. Blogger has removed the 'None' choice. Meaning the picture was not told to hit left, right, or center. That way it was not trying to place itself when you are trying to do it. Now avoid each other like polar opposites.

I finally overcame this by screaming at my computer and backspacing repeatedly until the photos submitted. I was able to repeat my success a second time but cannot verbally explain it.

Try a hammer.


YEKIMI said...

Maybe someone can post a photo of a Blogger standing outside Google HQ giving them the finger.

jb said...

I'd suggest a switch to Wordpress. It's infintely less buggy than Blogger, and it has a function by which you can migrate all of your old posts to the new site. The templates look better, too. If you use to host, you can't edit templates like you can with Blogger, but many templates come with enough widgets to dress up the page with stuff, if you choose.

I've never known anyone who used both platforms who didn't like Wordpress better.

kim said...

I don't like wordpress because I don't know how to insert a sitemeter in it - but I'm not very tech savvy so maybe it's easy.

I love this line, "It has the same feel as “letters to Santa”." hahahahah Good one. :)

I had this same problem yesterday with McAfee - a new update now means I can't use the homegroup setting so my netbooks can use my laptop's documents/printer etc. I logged onto McAfee and all I found was forums where lots of other people said they had the same problem - a tech from McAfee posted (which is likely in itself a miracle) but he said they'd never had anyone say they had that problem before - and he offered no solution. Wow. THANKS

As far as your blogger picture posting problem - I got nothin.


Dave Creek said...

To Sebastian and everyone else trying to tell us that "HTML isn't THAT complicated": if you don't understand it, it IS that complicated.

And some of us are just trying to cope with circumstances our skills aren't suited for. I've been a TV news producer for over thirty years, but I don't know how to fix a TV. I've had science fiction short stories published for over a decade, but I don't know how to typeset a magazine.

But when it comes to the web, suddenly writers are supposed to have these technical skills that just aren't natural to some of us. As hard as I try to understand them, I just don't.

As someone who can manage to understand most things I tackle, it's frustrating to have such a gap. But if something doesn't work for me, I have no background to cope. And don't even talk about going to forums -- Ken had it exactly right, they're filled with people just as confused as I am.

Sorry for the rant, but it's become an increasing frustration for me. I'd like to see some of these tech geniuses (whose talents I genuinely admire and wish I could emulate) try to produce a live newscast or write a publishable story without training or a previous interest in it.

Unknown said...

I'm with Jeff on this one. Windows Live Writer is what I use. I never have to go to Blogger at all.

MattA said...

So...HTML doesn't have anything to do with hate mail?

Anonymous said...

There's no need to understand what the good Samaritan offered. That person gave you the code.

Copy/paste it, and insert the URL for the photos where he indicated.

Dave Creek said...

Anonymous, thanks for the tip -- sincerely.

But you underestimate the depth of my ignorance.

I wouldn't know where to paste the code, or what to do if I have a pic that doesn't have a URL.

Fortunately, on my own site I use a Mac program that is much more intuitive, and lets me get by. Yes, I'm one of those "Mac" people. Sorry. It lets me finish my web work quickly and get back to writing. And I keep my blog simple, without pictures.

Rebecca said...

Ken said: "Okay, by the second < > I raced down to the liquor store and became Nicholas Cage in LEAVING LAS VEGAS, just going through the aisles filling a shopping cart."

This totally cracked me up! Thanks for the laugh.

Style Maniac said...

Thanks for this post, Ken. It does make me feel better to know the photo glitches come from Blogger, not my lack of ability to arrange two images side by side. After trying many many times to accomplish that simple design task, I wanted to throw my PC out the window, then race to the liquor store. Finally gave up and, following a tip from a sister blogger, now use the "collage" option in Picasa. Very flexible, offers lots of options, you can post the image directly to Blogger and hopefully if I ever decide to change my template it will stay as is instead of scattering all over the place as my previous attempts at grouping did. Hopefully.

Having said that, Picasa collages do have limitations so I'll give that html code a try. Thanks for the tip.

Now about those Service 503 errors: been getting those for 3 days straight and it's driving me nuts. Is that a Blogger server error or my server?

My workarounds: constantly hit the "refresh" button (worked most of the time) and post photos using the Picasa option above.

Ah, it's always something ...

Montserrat said...

I'm having the same problem.. I've been trying to upload my pictures for a few days now but no luck especially lately. It keeps saying 'server rejected'.. for what I don't know! And you're right, I've given up trying to contact blogger.. if this keeps up, I think many will switch. Thanks for your post.. at least I know I'm not the only one having this problem.

Julia said...

I am also having problems loading my pics to my blog post. I tried using Mozilla/firefox, internet explorer and google chrome. All that happens for me is this swirling thing making it look like my pic will load any second but I wait an eternity and still nothing. I dont even get the error or service unavailable message! Right now I hate blogger!

sammie onbeschoft said...

well over here in rainy London town i am having the same problems - trying to upload photos takes an eternity and i am seriously thinking of jumping the blogger ship. but at least now i know i am not alone!

i am also a complete Luddite with pootahs/hatemail/etc...but for the moment i seem to be able to get it to work if i upload one sloooooow photo at a time, whilst holding my breath and praying.

come on Blogger SORT IT OUT!

Grazing Kate said...

I can't upload pics to blogger - it's only been a week or so, but it's driving me mad - any remedies, guys?

Ori said...

thanks @15-seconds :))
it solved my problem, I can upload photo again now.
But then, what if the old system is finally gone?
Why would Blogger runs new post editor when it still with a bug?
I didn't remember I switched to new post editor either.

oops..thanks @Ken Levine for posting the issue :) Google took me here

Marie said...

I've avoided the new editor for as long as possible because of these bugs but had to switch over ahead of the termination of the old editor. Tonight? Can't post pictures, nevermind upload a single image from my computer. Won't even give me the option to do so. Yesterday I could not upload multiple images.

planetpmc said...

i have the same problem uploading pics. the only way i overcome it is to switch in between browsers and eventually it will upload. also just closing the blog and opening it again sometimes works. but i'm intrigued by this Live Writer. i'll have a look at it.

Anonymous said...

After working on live writer for three days recording a trip journal with pictures, when I uploaded to Blogger, it moved the pictures around, duplicated some and deleted others. Hunted all day for a solution when I came upon this blog--it made my day!! And don't throw that HTML mess at me--I'm too old to learn--make it simple, please!!!

Louisa said...

Yep - I have the same problem and now I have had to temporarily close my blog down because you can't a blog on interior design without pictures. It is so frustrating so thanks for the funny post! I would like to switch to wordpress because I just had it with blogger but I am afraid it would mess the whole thing up. Does anyone know how to switch from blogger to wordpress?