Sunday, December 19, 2010

Finally! Something important to vote for!

My two favorite internet radio stations are both up for “station of the year” from a prestigious site. I invite you to listen to and vote for them both.

GREAT BIG RADIO features constant kick-ass rock & roll, production that’s better than any terrestrial or satellite station, and has a sense of humor. It’s what the Jack format wishes it could be.

RICHBRORADIO.COM is flat out the best oldies station on the planet. Mostly 60s but choice 50s and 70s tunes too. And a very deep playlist. You’ll hear stuff you haven’t heard in years. Also, Rich has some great music features, and vintage jingles.

To vote, just go here.



Great Big Radio Guy said...

Richbro and I accidentally voted for the All Keyboard Cat channel, so Ken's readers will have to come to our aid on this one.

Neil D said...

I recommended GBR to a friend a couple of months ago. She tuned in, got about three disco songs in a row and promptly turned it off, wondering what the heck I was trying to pull.

Just the way it goes sometimes.

Great Big Radio Guy said...

Yeeps. That's a RARity. The playlist sometimes gets hijacked by the software and I battle with it over musical tastes constantly. Thanks for recommending. Hope she'll try it again.

And of course, also recommend RichBro Radio.

DwWashburn said...

I found RichBro through Ken's recommendation in the past. Listen to it at least once a week. Divide my work listening time between it, Live365, and npr. Rich has a great station. Even plays D W Washburn every now and then.

Pat Reeder said...

I'm sure they're both great stations, but I prefer my oldies really old. I strongly recommend Radio Dismuke, home of great pop and jazz music of the 1920s-mid-'30s:

Dan said...

That poor girl pictured on the Great Big Radio banner seems to be having trouble keeping her too-small clothes from slipping off. Is she really in the demographic that listens to oldies?

Neil D said...

Oh, I have been trying to get her to give it another chance. I was quite surprised because I know that's not normal (and I certainly hope I didn't give that impression here). I keep showing her when I have it up on my computer: "Look, Springsteen! You like him!"

But you know how it is: every time you recommend a TV show to someone, they will inevitably tune in for the single worst episode of the season.

Ah well... you got my vote!

Bob Oscar Johnson said...

Obviously, you've never sampled, Ken, or you'd have THREE favorite Internet stations...KXOA has ALSO been nominated as Oldies Internet station of the year..

benson said...

I'm a big fan of GBR. Lot's of "oh, wow" songs. But the best thing about it is the imaging. The Best!

Great Big Radio Guy said...

Bob Oscar Johnson definitely gets my vote for best publicity caricature EVER.

normadesmond said...

thanks for the richbro tip!

Brian Phillips said...

Thanks to DW Washburn (sounds like a song, no?) for mentioning Live365, which where my show is, on Rockin' Radio (The Electro-Phonic Sound of Brian Phillips). We play the best oldies you've never heard or ones that you haven't heard for a while.

Link is in my .sig.

I'll listen to RBR and GBR and vote.

Anonymous said...

Or we could all just move to Britain -- seems like The Trashmen's Surfin' Bird is #3 in their charts. They send The Beatles, we send them this.

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