Sunday, December 26, 2010

L.A. is so much better without people!

The best week of the year in Los Angeles is always this one, the final seven days of the year. More property taxes and obligations are on tap for me in January, but here in the waning days of December I can bask in the glory of the city that Zorro once called home.

First of all, the town is practically empty. Most people from the industry are gone, terrorizing the help in Hawaii and Aspen. There’s very little traffic. You can actually make the fifteen minute drive between Brentwood and LAX on the 405 Freeway in only forty minutes. It’s like you’re flying! Hard to get into restaurants? Not this week. Spago will even make reservations for people they don’t know. And at 7:00 not 10:30. (Unfortunately, their chefs are probably in Aspen and Hawaii.)

Los Angeles is so deserted I heard of a friend who found a parking place at the Grove shopping mall. But that’s still just a rumor.

For industry guild folks there are free movies. In the hopes of snaring nominations from any organization that gives out awards (even the WGA), studios let eligible voters and guests attend contending movies gratis. It’s also their way of giving back to the community. However, the nanosecond the nominations are announced this lovely gesture ends instantly. And they go back to the business at hand – busting the unions.

Most of the city’s attention this week is on the upcoming Rose Parade and Bowl. If you have six friends over to your apartment to play poker, the Rose Queen and her court will come and speak to your group.

The Rose Bowl is the "Granddaddy of Bowl Games" and this week.  It's the 97th edition and second being sponsored.  So this year we must refer to it as the "Rose Bowl Game Presented by VIZIO". How fucked is that? This year's teams are the Wisconsin Badgers and TCU Horned Frogs thus reprising one of the longest and greatest rivalries in sports.

Highlight of the Rose Bowl festivities is the Lawry’s Beef Bowl. Lawry’s is the greatest prime rib restaurant in the world (a more popular attraction to Japanese tourists than Disneyland). Every year they invite each team and feed them as much prime rib as they can eat. Usually the winning team tops out at around 630 pounds of beef. During the Rose Bowl, you’ll notice half the players sleeping the bench. That’s why.

The New Year's Eve tradition is to watch Dick Clark and experience the year change in tape delay. Unless you have satellite. Then you can watch the East Coast feed in which case you're in 2011 for three hours while the rest of us are still in 2010. Not sure if Dick will be there this year. On the one hand I hope so. But on the other, it's really starting to get creepy.

The Rose Parade is Sunday morning. Today some idiots will start staking out spots along the parade route. Every local channel will broadcast the parade. KTLA gets a 50 share, everyone else gets a 2. Why these other stations still bother is beyond me. KTLA coverage begins at like 3:00 a.m. Five hours of watching people paste flowers on floats and the idiots from today freezing. KTLA will begin replaying the parade immediately upon its conclusion. Then they replay it again. And again. Sometime around January 15th they return to regular programming.

Bob Eubanks has been hosting the parade since the floats were powered by horses. For many of those years his co-host was Stephanie Edwards, a popular local personality who was mostly known for being the carnie for Lucky Markets. She was replaced in the booth a couple of years ago by local KTLA morning news anchor, Michaela Pereira. This caused quite a stir. Most people felt that Michaela was horrible and resented her in that Deborah Norville/TODAY SHOW way for squeezing out our beloved Stephanie. (Fans would show their support for Steph by shopping at Lucky but Lucky no longer exists.) Now Stephanie is back. Although she will have to go by "Stephanie Edwards Presented by VIZIO".

Then on New Year’s evening all the locals will go out to dinner, have to wait 45 minutes for a table since the Wisconsin rooters got there first, and things will return to normal.

So for my fellow Angelinos – enjoy it while you can!


Brian said...

I'm getting this strange feeling of Deja Vu... if I've read this post before...

...and yet, the combatants in the upcoming Rose Bowl are correctly listed...

...almost as if the author took a previous post and cut and pasted the--

No matter. Still entertaining.

Happy Week-Before-New-Year, Ken!

VP81955 said...

Los Angeles is adjusting to a sea of purple with a Texas accent, courtesy of all those folks from Fort Worth here to cheer on their Texas Christian Horned Frogs -- people not used to spending Jan. 1 in Pasadena. (That could be said for the Wisconsin people too, as it's been slightly more than a decade since the Badgers took part in the game, but compared to TCU, which hardly dreamed it would ever be there, Wisconsin is Southern Cal or Ohio State.)

First the Rangers reach the World Series, then TCU heads to the Rose Bowl. Strange days indeed in the Metroplex.

Unknown said...

Hey it's sunday the 26th and Ken blesses us with another episode of "The Walking Dead"


Tom Quigley said...

As a change of pace this year, I thought I'd just stay home and watch "The Larry King Prune Juice and Lipitor New Year's Eve Party", during which Larry asks each female guest who appears: "Was I ever married to you?"... Program note: The show ends at 10:30 pm when Larry goes to bed...

te said...

"Most folks" may know Stephanie Edwards for her Lucky commercials -- and look what happened to them once she was let loose.

But some of us old-timers (not you, Ken?) fondly remember her as second-banana to Ralph Story, who was sort of Steve Edwards (no relation)while Steve Edwards was still in Texas.

Dan said...

The only people who have to refer to the sponsor of the Rose Bowl are those that received money to do so. To the rest of us, it's just the Rose Bowl.