Monday, January 02, 2012

The Hollywood Calendar

Churning out top quality entertainment is a tireless undertaking, one that requires sacrifice, dedication, and total commitment. If you’re looking for a 9-5 job then don’t even think about show business. We in the industry live and breathe entertainment.

So here now, as a way of scaring off those casually thinking about getting into TV & movies, is a look at the annual HOLLYWOOD CALENDAR

JANUARY – Sundance Film Festival. Golden Globes & Golden Globes parties.

FEBRUARY – Super Bowl weekend (Thursday to Tuesday). Presidents’ Day weekend (Thursday to Tuesday). The Academy Awards. Academy Award parties. The Grammys. The Grammys parties.

MARCH – Spring training.

APRIL – Opening Day.

MAY – Cannes Film Festival. Upfront parties. Memorial Day weekend (Thursday – Wednesday)

JUNE – Summer movie releases & parties.

JULY – Off



OCTOBER – World Series. Hamptons International Film Festival. Toronto Hispano-American Film Festival.

NOVEMBER – Thanksgiving (last two weeks)


Sometimes there’s just not enough weeks in the year.


Sean D. said...

You forgot the latest addition to the Hollywood Calender in July - "Comic-Con International - San Diego." It may not have the "oomph" of Cannes or Sundance and being a part of it hasn't equalled major box office, but you can bet the studios, networks and cable channels will be all over the city for the 2012 edition.

RCP said...

"...and yet they keep a'comin, to Hollywoodland..."

cshel said...

And yet, Ken, you manage to fit in a post on your blog everyday like clockwork. You are a lean, mean, entertainment machine. Try to rest on this last holiday before Sundance - the day after New Year's Day if it falls on a weekday holiday.

Unknown said...

Four months off?

I've been working for 16 years and I only get four WEEKS off a year.

emily said...

There's no business
like Show Business
Like no business I know...

Oh wait, I need a nap.

Call me in May

Paul Duca said...

I've felt there are those in Hollywood who do their best work from 9 to 5...9 PM to 5 AM.
(am I correct, Talllulah Morehead?)

Johnny Walker said...

It is amazing that Ken finds the time to write quality posts for each day.

Ken, if you ever want your blog sprucing up, it's the least I could do after so much free entertainment. Although I've never bothered to make mine look pretty, I am a professional.

Dan Tedson said...

LEAP DAY - Mainline Heroin and Pop Rocks. Hunt an Everly brother. Blood sacrifice Bieber to Baal. Remember you can't fly. Put clothes back on and exit the ball pit.

Paul Duca said...

Sounds like you're a fun date, Dan....

WV--"ducrist"...the closest it's ever gotten to my name

Dan Tedson said...

I'm pretty fun except for all the weeping. None of this dutch shit with me, I spring for Waffle House. You play your cards right, I might even invite you back to the castle I made using only Hazzard County signs and ly's I've accidental left off adverbs over the years.

Anonymous said...

As I have been slow in my readings and getting caught up on the blog (and as a Torontonian) I have to take this opportunity to point out that September is not off! It is TIFF! What we like to think of the beginning of the oscar choices!