Thursday, March 29, 2012

Only 9 more hours to get my free book

I can't make it any cheaper.  But this promotion ends at midnight PDT.   According to the people who downloaded it for FREE, it's worth twice what they paid for it.    Even if you don't own a Kindle you can get a Kindle ap for your computer or tablet and use that.   And the aps are free.   So take advantage of this nifty offer while you can.   Just click here.   Thanks.


Carrie said...

Thank you! I'm new to your blog and have been reading the archives. Glad I checked to see what was new today! :) Looking forward to reading your book.

Max Clarke said...

Thanks for the book, Ken. I enjoyed the sample first chapter recently, nice to get the book for free.

Matt said...

I feel ripped off for buying the book a year ago.

You should send me free Mariner tickets.

Actually I don't really feel ripped off (it was only 2.99), but you should still sent me free Mariner tickets.

Liggie said...

Done. Thank you. Let's go M's!

Wendy M. Grossman said...

I would, but Amazon is being snarky about not allowing UK-situated people to download it.

(This kind of thing is a big reason why I *don't* own a Kindle...)

Thanks for the offer, though.


Anonymous said...

I like it. I enjoy the sort of stream of consciousness narration. It's like you're my friend and you're letting me in on stuff. Also it was free! :) Julie

Dale said...

Dear Ken.
Thank you for the book. I have read several chapters and am enjoying it very much.
Cheers. Dale

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the book Ken. Although I've been reading your blog for years and thus, somehow qualify for your gift, I've been feeling guilty for getting something for free that I should have thrown a few bucks to you for it at to begin with.

Since I didn't throw you the bucks, in the spirit of conscience-clearing (which I used to know as Lent and/or penance), I found a place where I could help make sure kids who need books could get them (for not much more per book than I saved by downloading yours for free).

I'm not sure that you'll see this, but someone looking at comments might, so, here's the site where I've bought a few books for kids in Thailand and a few books for kids in the District of Columbia:

Cyndi Lee said...

Thanks so much for the free book.

In one of your chapters on Maui you mention the paltry selection of videos available from your hotel, one of which was the Australian film 'Kenny'.

If you ever get the chance, give Kenny a go. It's a sweet and funny film about a waste management expert brilliantly realized (IMO) by Shane Jacobsen.