Thursday, October 29, 2015

Who are you?

I try to do this at least once a year -- throw it back to you.  I'm always curious as to who is out there.  So today I'm asking you to file a comment.

I'd like to know where in the world you are?  How old you are?  How long have you been following the blog?  How did you find out about it the first time?    How often do you read it?  What do you hope to get out of it?  What's your blood type?

And I know I'm leading with my chin but I'd also like feedback.  What topics and posts do you like and (besides baseball) what areas don't you like?

I especially want to hear from the lurkers and new followers.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.  This blog is coming up on ten years next month.  But it's still very much a work-in-progress.

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for participating.  Thanks for buying my books (those of you who had). 


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Rob said...

I work in a library in Ontario, Canada, 50 years old, O-neg. Came across a link to your blog a couple of years ago on someone's list of "blogs I read" - it may have been Wil Wheaton's blog, but the memory isn't what it was. I find your blog an interesting window into shows I grew up with. And being a lifelong baseball fan, the baseball entries are an added bonus. Cheers, and thanks.

slgc said...

I'm a 50-something year old New Yorker living in exile in Central New Jersey. A friend (now former friend) introduced me to your blog because he knows I love your shows and baseball. I read the blog every day for the simple reason that most days I find it very entertaining, and often it causes me to literally laugh out loud. You and Dave Barry are my most dependable sources of laughter on the intertubes.

Brule Eagan said...

62, male, checking in from Brownsville, Texas. Been a daily reader for years. Co-host of the morning show on the local Rock station. Enjoy your lessons, musings, and opinions.

Jonathan said...

Canton, MA, USA. Male, age 46. Been reading the blog for many years since Earl first mentioned it in his. I read it everyday via feedly. What do I hope to get from it?? I already get entertainment almost every day. And sometimes learn something. I don't need anything more. AB- and I donate every two months.

Thank you, Ken!!

MHSweb79 said...

I am also 50-something and I live in Rhode Island. I have done a bit of writing but motherhood sidetracked my career. I enjoy all things MASH and was a big fan of the Diane years on Cheers. i read this blog every day and have been for over a year.

Carol said...

Every time you ask this question, I try to remember how I found this blog, but I have absolutely no recollection. I'm sure it was some kind of click-hole situation, where I clicked on a link in another article, and found this. It's been years and years, though, that I've been reading this blog.

I'm a woman in my 40s, so I'm not gonna say exactly how old I am (okay, I'm 48) I live in PA. Married, one 18 year old son. I work part time, and as of this year am a published author (yay). (Book is called Strange Business, published by Wild Rose Press, paranormal romance type thing. it's on Amazon. /shameless plug.)

I also have done community theatre and I am very excited that I am actually going to meet Ken in Real Life this Spring when he comes to see The Village Players of Hatboro perform A or B? I'm the 'producer'. :) (If you life near Montgomery County in PA come see the show. /second shameless plug.)

Oh yeah - I love the writing talk on the blog. I love the stories of your life as a writer on television shows. (Makes me feel so insider-y) I enjoyed all your books and I still want a sequel to the Me Generation book, please.

There really isn't anything I don't like to read. Sometimes I even find the baseball stuff interesting. Sometimes.

The Bumble Bee Pendant said...

I think Ken is brilliant and I enjoy reading all the comments made by all of the readers.
I wish there was a way for the blog to inform our emails when additional comments are made. Sometimes comments are added days later on, and we'd like to be notified when this happens, perhaps?

Male from NY. In between Ken's age and his daughter's age. Reading you for at least 8 years. My blogname comes from a scene in the "Sixth Sense". Loved Natalie Wood too. Politically confused about Hollywood's vast hypocritical liberalism.

The Bumble Bee Pendant said...

@carol... you are one of the people I enjoy reading your comments.

one more thing about me... I'm not a robot. But which I were.

Chris said...

I've been reading the blog daily since about 2008 probably - was made aware of it via Mark Evanier's blog. Was a kid in the '70s, so the radio posts are great fun to read. Also the TV insider info and Baseball posts never fail to entertain me. I'm 51, A+, originally from Rochester, was living in Syracuse when you called Chief's games (the hottest summer ever up there by the way - so you lucked out there) and now live in North Carolina.


Jeremiah Avery said...

Hello, Ken. I'm 35 and living in the D.C. Metro area. Can't quite remember when I started reading the blog, maybe 2007 or 2008. Mark Evanier had recommended people check out a post on this blog and I've been here since. I tend to read it during the work week and sometimes check Saturday and Sundays.

I've enjoyed the lessons when it comes to breaking a story, developing characters, etc. Likewise, some of the behind-the-scenes stories have been a fun read. The snarky awards show reviews make me laugh. Some of your gripes about how some tv shows (especially comedies) are written, cast and produced have me say "I'm glad I'm not the only one who is thinking this." Looking forward to more humor and insight to get my morning off to a good start.

Richard said...

Richard from Amish Country, Lancaster PA. I am 35 years old and I found my way to this blog because of Cheers -- my favorite show of all time.

I usually check in once a week, or more if something you post on twitter catches my eye. My *favorite* part of the blog are the stories about your history with radio. I am fascinated by that era -- where people got a lot of information and entertainment from the radio.

Loved the 60s book as well!

Covarr said...

My name is Andrew. 26 years old, Moses Lake, WA (middle of nowhere, pretty much). Work as a web tech guy for the local newspaper, currently moonlighting (volunteering) as an actor for a nearby local theater.

I first discovered your blog a couple years ago during my several week Frasier kick. I was watching it on my lunch break and after work at the time, got through the whole show in a few months. I don't remember exactly what I searched for that brought me here, but I was definitely looking into who wrote for the show and found your name came up a lot, generally associated with some of my favorite episodes.

Once I found this blog, I added it to my RSS reader, and haven't missed a single post. :)

Paul B said...

Male, sixties, semi-retired aerospace engineer, long time follower.
Found Ken through Mark Evanier's blog. I found Mark from his Mel Torme Christmas at Farmers Market story (well worth reading). I even bookmarked Mark as Mel Torme Guy, and Ken as Mel Torme Guy's friend, until they sent to me another and it became an undecipherable list of Mels and Tormes and guys and friends. Now it's bookmarked Ken and Mark, etc.
I think it's always great, and as good as Ken's writing is, I'm even more impressed by the fact that he does this every single day! He certainly practices what he preaches as he always says "the way to be a good writer is to write", of course, much more eloquently.

Unknown said...

Type 0+ here; yup, I was this close to being a universal donor. Story of my life right there.

I've been reading for well over 5 years now. I think I found the blog via the Sitcom Room that Ken also runs. Happy to say I am a Sitcom Room alum (Class of 2013, can't wait for the 5 year reunion!). It's a fun and rewarding experience whether you are aspiring to be a TV writer, or just wondered how the magic is made. Here's a secret, there's no eye of newt.

I particularly enjoy the posts that have a comedy history vein. This past Monday's post will keep me busy for weeks. The 1960's related posts are probably my least favorite, only because I was born int he 70's. They're still entertaining.

This blog also helped motivate me to finish my own book (An Idiot Looks Past 40, available on Amazon). I am working on the follow-up, Idiots and Tools: Fun with 4 Wheels.

Congrats on approaching 10 years! Here's to another 20!

~Brian in NJ.

norm said...

I am your age 66!!! and really liked your book on growing up in the 60's.
I really like your stories about DJing the radio dial, as I grew up listening to WLS, WCFL, and sometimes even WABC in New Yaak.....

I too had a "draft experience" but joined the US Navy instead, which worked out well as I eventually met my wife, from the training the Navy "gave" to me.
I have followed the blog about 3 years now and live in Indiana. Remember "Christmas Story", by Jean Shepherd, and of course "Hoosiers".

mmryan314 said...

I am a retired teacher from Wisconsin who now lives in Portland Oregon. I found this blog while looking up information on my new, at the time, obsession over CHEERS.Fortunately my latest obsession, M.A.S.H, fits in nicely too. Your blog is very interesting but the commenters make it enjoyable. Thanks Ken for this free daily entertainment.

L said...

Type A-, 28 year old Iraqi-Canadian librarian working in Qatar. Came across your blog in a list of 'most influential blogs of the century' or something like that, 3 years ago, and been following you religiously ever since. Enjoy your stories about writing and directing immensely, as well as your musings/rants/opinions. Although I'll admit I skip over the baseball posts (sorry!)

croquemore said...

My name is Chris from Alabama. Been reading the blog for 5 years or so. Really not sure how I found it. Most likely I was looking something up on the Googles about sitcom writing. Recognized Ken's name from MASH and Cheers and have stayed ever since. I am a proud graduate? (Participant) of Sitcom Room 2012. Really, if you can, you should try and do it. Love the posts about writing, network notes, etc. Love the baseball articles too. I generally learn something new every day. Oh and it's Ken's fault that I'm now a huge fan of The Good Wife. He raved about the show enough that I went and binged it. Now, it's a Sunday night ritual. Thanks Ken!

Bill Jones said...

Thirtysomething male working as a constitutional lawyer in Washington, DC. Some of my best childhood memories are (1) watching Cheers with my dad, and (2) watching/playing baseball with my dad. So I love the posts about the TV industry and about baseball--especially the inside workings of both (I am also a fan of Bill Carter's books). I am less enamored of the posts fondly recalling the 1960s--not because that was before my time, but I find them to be not too different from a lot of Boomer nostalgia. I am also less enamored of the occasional political cheap shots against conservatives--not because of the politics, but because they're usually pretty lame digs. Anyway, this is the first blog I check in the morning before I start my real work. I have asked, and you have answered, several Friday questions, which I very much appreciate. And I truly appreciate that you continue to keep this blog up on a daily basis. Congrats on (soon-to-be) ten years!

Bill said...

61, New Yorker. I started reading a few years ago when I was doing a Cheers/Frasier marathon on Netflicks and was searching for data on the show. I got hooked and became a regular reader for about a year and a half. I have to admit that I don't stop in as much any more and the blog holds less interest for me. Part of it is that I have no interest in sports or old radio, there has been quite a repetition of topics, and frankly I got tired of what I perceived as a West Coast bias with the Woody bashing or bashing any New York related (like Birdman). After you have told all your Frasier and Cheers back stage stories, there was less and less I was interested in. I'd say I check in now when I think of it, about once every few months.

David Russell said...

I'm from Vancouver, BC. I''m a writer with three books to date (two novels and one non-fiction) but the dream has always been sitcom writer, which is what drew me to this blog, though at the ripe old age of 47, I recognize I'm already long in the tooth for realistic hope of admission to most writers' rooms. It is, admittedly, the only blog I read daily. Of course stories from the writing rooms and productions you've been on are my favourites but as one of the four people in western Canada that follow and love baseball, I do enjoy the forays into your baseball world as well.

Congratulations as you draw near to the tenth anniversary.

And yes, I own a copy of Must Kill TV I hope to have you autograph one day (it's harder to get autographs on your other books that I bought on my Kindle) : )

Herschel said...

Hi, 48, aspiring film maker and I now live in Lakeland, Fl. I found your site from a reference from Script Magazine (I think), subscribed to your RSS feed and have been following for about a year or two.

I read almost everything you publish within the week and although I'm not a comedy writer, as an aspiring Cinematographer I realized that I need to understand the complete process of creating screen art so I have you, Doug Richardson, Script Magazine and John August in my RSS feed that gives me insight into the writing process.

I do have a small writer's voice in me and have written a few things that I may eventually produce so reading how you work, how writers work helps a lot in my own little scripts.

And it doesn't hurt to read stories from the inside of the creation of M.A.S.H and Cheers, two shows that I really grew up with and really connected with!

So here's my question: I've written a 15 page short with three characters. When I write I find it difficult to hear three different voices in my head. Is that bad? Is there a method or way, as a writer, to write with a different voice as you write? I guess that's the genius of a great writer... like I said, I'm mostly an aspiring Cinematographer ;-)

Stephanie said...

62, Dallas, accountant, been reading daily for 4 or 5 years. Your blog was recommended but can't remember by who. Love your random rants. You always start my day off with a smile.:) And yes, I've read all your books.

marka said...

I live in Tucson (listen to Bobby Rich if I'm out driving in the morning) and am a book conservator who works at home, actually outside of town a bit. I've been reading for a year or so and love the blog because I've always been a bit fascinated by the business side of the entertainment industry.

There are so many talented people in LA and I'm always a bit confused as to why so much crap is produced because (I assume) that the money people won't let the talent people use or show their talent. Makes me a bit sad, but it's probably the case in virtually every industry where folks run the businesses with their focus solely on the bottom line, rather than producing the best product they can and know the bottom line will take care of itself.

Thanks for answering a few of my questions, I've enjoyed your answers very much! Be warned, I'm going to be asking more and more.

dgwphotography said...

I am a 50-something web developer/photographer/Mets Fan/Dad from the CT coast who has been regularly reading your blog for at least 5 years. With your Frasier, Cheers and Baseball announcing pedigree, you are pretty much a must read for me.

As for your blog, just keep doing what you're doing, but more baseball, and more Natalie Wood would be nice ;-)

Katie G. said...

I'm a 26 year-old lawyer in Oklahoma City. I've probably been following your blog for 7 or 8 years now. When I was about 11 or 12, I became hooked on Cheers on Nick-at-Nite, and then subsequently all other quality television. When I was in high school, I thought I wanted to be a TV writer, and I would follow your blog as it gave such good insight into the industry. Unfortunately, I took the boring/safe route and sentenced myself to a life of lawyer-hood. Now, I continue to read it at the very least every other day because I genuinely enjoy reading what you write. I have read Must Kill TV, and I own Generation Me but I haven't gotten around to it.

Peter said...

38, London, since 2013. I found it by doing a search about Al Rosen. I read it every day and the only thing I expect to get out of it is laughter!

My favourites are Snark Tank, movie reviews, snarky movie reviews, TV reviews, snarky TV reviews, Friday Questions, and your versions of shows/movies, like your version of Downton Abbey and Fifty Shades from the guy's perspective.

I'm not really into baseball stuff, I'm afraid. And generally not really into radio related stuff, though I know that's popular with a lot of readers, so I certainly understand you doing them.


I'd love it if you from time to time ask for suggestions of movies and TV shows that we'd like to see you do your brief version of here. Sometimes I'll see a thriller or a heavy drama and wonder what your comedic take on it would be like. For example, one of my favourite movies of the year was The Gift, a really clever and exciting thriller about a couple stalked by an old school friend of the husband. If you get round to Netflixing it at some point, I'd love to see what your version of it would be.

By the way, Ken, have you heard of a podcast called How Did This Get Made? Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas discuss terrible movies and guilty pleasures like Superman III, Anaconda and Sharknado. It's a really funny show and I love how they dissect the movies they discuss. They often have guests on, including people who worked on the movies. They've had Matt Mira on as a guest before too, who you obviously met doing the Kevin Smith podcast. One of my favourites was their show on the truly awful Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles and they had one of the writers, Matt Berry, on to talk about how he and his writing partner, Eric Abrams, were treated appallingly by Paul Hogan who tried to claim sole writing credit. The reason I mention it is that it would be awesome if you and David went on to talk about your experience on Mannequin 2. I once emailed them suggesting a couple of movies for them to discuss and got a reply saying the best way to let them know what movies they should talk about is through their Twitter. If you do decide to ask them, this is their Twitter: Hope it happens!

KayM said...

An Angels baseball pregame interview brought me here maybe 8 years ago. I am a 58 year-old teacher, so A+ works, too! My husband and I love MASH, Cheers and are currently rewatching Frasier. The writing for those two lovable idiots is excellent. Thanks for the blog!

Ficta said...

52, DC Metro Area.

Been reading 3 or 4 years (I think, whenever I guess on something like that where I can check, it turns out to be longer). Got linked here from Mark Evanier's blog.

I at least skim all the posts. It's frequently funny and I like the look "behind the curtain".

Justin Russo said...

Justin Russo, 29, NYC born and raised. Reading the blog for just under a year and discovered it doing a search for the type of beer used on "Cheers."

Classic Hollywood OBSESSED and sitcom enthusiast. Working illustrator in NYC and base much of my artwork on Old Hollywood, gay mens' issues, and at the moment doing a series of drawings on sitcoms (Cheers and Frasier are next in line): JUSTINTRUSSO.COM (a little promotion!).

Look forward to Friday questions, sadly not a sports enthusiast in the least (except for DiMaggio) but by far my favorite post of late was this week's recommendations of comedians and entertainers. Honestly, anything to do with that era. Admittedly I dislike the 60s and Natalie Wood (sorry) as my devotion is mostly given to Garbo and Bacall.

mbk said...

I live in the SF Bay Area. I am not young. I’ve followed the blog for 3 years at least. I found out about it from Done Deal Pro. I read it every day. I hope to get a few laughs out of it (and you haven’t failed me yet). Sometimes I learn a thing or two. I’m A+. I like all the topics related to film, TV, and writing of any kind. I do not like baseball, and am not very interested in radio either. But make me laugh and I don’t care.

I’m a writer and when I take breaks, I like to visit my favorite sites on the Internet. Your blog is one of these. I do like hearing about the shows you worked on. Mash was an outstanding series and Frasier might be the funniest and most enjoyable sitcom ever written. It boggles my mind that you and your writing partner are not currently being sought after to write a sitcom by every network in town.

In short, thank you! I hope you continue your blog forever.

B McMolo said...

I'm just some guy. Daily reader for years, just checking in.

Found this blog while looking up stuff about Cheers back in 2011 and keep coming back for the broad range of topics, humor, thoughtful comments, info, advice, anecdotes, and reviews.

Thanks for the lively and reliable addition to my Daily Round-Up (as I named the folder that contains the link in my Bookmarks) as well as all the great entertainment over the years.

p.s. More radio stories! Make them up if you have to.

Bettina said...

Okay, you asked for it. Sitting in California, but born and raised in Germany. Approaching mid forties. My husband introduced me to your site, I can't remember exactly when, but 1 or 2 years ago. I read every new post, as I am checking my RSS feed each morning. Your blog is entertaining and having nothing to do with this industry, it gives some insight.

David B. said...

20 years old, been reading off and on for probably 6-8 years, but in the last 2 years I've been reading daily.
I was introduced to this blog by my dad after getting into Frasier, MASH, and Cheers, and my dad telling my about things on this blog.

1955david said...

I live in Anaheim California. 60 years old. I've been following for 4-5 years. I heard you on KABC morning radio. I read this blog every morning, it's one of my mainstays. I enjoy your take on things (I love baseball and appreciate all the baseball stories). My wife and I are currently watching all the Cheers. We are in the Rebeca years now. I have no criticisms for your blog, it must be hard to do this every morning and I admire your tenacity. Keep up the good work. Thanks for being here.

Jeff :) said...

Hi Ken,

Been reading your blog for about 4 years now. I originally found it while scouring the internet for screenplay writing tips. Needless to say I've learn many a lesson from your blog along the way.

I enjoy your posts about the craft of writing, how to flesh out characters, write dialogue, etc. I also like your posts where you create fictional/fake screenplays such as recently when you did you Spy script for the USA Network.

One of your posts I really enjoyed was the audience participation post where you asked your readers to come up with the punchline to "Danny is so afraid of commitment he..." It was a fun and enjoyable exercise.

Now hold onto your hat 'cause here come the criticisms! No, only kidding, my only mild criticism is that I sometimes feel you review films that aren't necessarily marketed towards you. That's not me calling you old, or out of touch or any other similar notion. I just feel that there are certain films that are geared towards a different audience that get torched by your reviews. Your review of Furious 7 comes to mind. I can't necessarily say that you didn't make good points, but that franchise is popcorn fanfare at it's best. Expecting it to be realistic or logical is as silly as the action on screen. I think it was too low brow for your tastes, but I also think that the previews probably should have told you as much before seeing it.

Overall I love your blog. I talk about it to friends all the time. I'm always referencing "the blog I read", since yours is the only one I read with any regularity. I check out your blog 2-3 times per week. Keep up the good work Ken!

Bill Avena said...

I landed here by accident when googling "porn tips for amateur videographers" and you know how the search function messes up on word combos.

Mark--> said...

I've been reading every day for years, and like several others have said, it was probably a link on Mark Evanier's blog that got me over here. I particularly like the radio stories and the "history of comedy" material.

Blood type: O-, which means that the Red Cross is very faithful about calling me every time they're in town. Which, for me, is in southern Michigan.

Mike Barer said...

The beauty of the blog is that you write what you want when you want. A lot of people tell me what I should write on my blog, but in the end, I decide. It's your blog, do what you want, what you are doing works. Remember, no editors, no bosses, the blog is free form journalism at it's best.

Unknown said...

Hi, I am a 53 yo man from Maine. I learned about your blog from a Jane Espensen entry about 10 years ago and read your site daily. What i like most is getting a little insight into how hollywood works. I don't think i could write anything worth reading but I like learning about the process that other people go through. Shows are more enjoyable because i can appreciate the effort people put in to make one happen. Most every post is unique and that keeps me coming back. Your blog never fails to bring a smile to my face.

mybillcrider said...

I'm a lurker. I think I've commented once over the years I've been reading the blog. I'm an old guy (74), and I write mystery novels. I learned about your blog from another mystery writer, Ed Gorman. Or maybe it was Lee Goldberg, yet another mystery writer. I've read your book about the '60s and enjoyed it. I miss the old days.

CamrioKid said...

Hi Ken - I am 56 and live in Camarillo, California. I've been reading your blog for about 4 years, and can't remember what led me here. You are my first read every weekday morning. I look forward to the Friday questions. Favorite subjects are ones that include insights from M*A*S*H and CHEERS days...the inner workings, behind-the-scenes stuff. I also appreciate your appreciation of the fathers (and mothers) of TV comedy writing and how they have influenced your style and works. I enjoyed your intro - outro comments on the Neil Simon TBS tribute. And I like your obsession with all things Natalie Wood. Keep up the good work!

Becca said...

I'm 21, from Chicago. Frasier is my favorite TV show, so naturally I wanted to learn more about the amazing writers behind it. When I found out it was a spin-off, I started watching Cheers with my mom (we stopped after Diane left, lol).

I started reading your blog about 2 months ago. I found a link to your website on the Wikipedia article for Frasier.

I really like your posts about the TV shows you've worked on (my favorite ones are about Frasier), the one about the industry as a whole, and the ones about writing in general. I'm not into baseball, but still found the articles you wrote about announcing to be really interesting.

Nate said...

I'm 42 and grew up with MASH and Cheers, so I'm guessing that I found my way to your blog by following a link from some other blog or maybe a reddit post. That was probably at least 6 years ago, and I've always used the RSS feed to follow your updates. Friday questions are always interesting to me, and I'll scan the other posts too. I usually live in California, but I'm living temporarily in Boston and walk past the "Cheers" bar on Beacon Street pretty regularly.

Michael said...
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KAS said...

My name is Kyle and I live in Tampa, FL. I work in health care policy and communications, but I also teach U.S. Government part-time for a Central Florida community college. I grew up watching Must-See TV NBC in the 90s (I'm 31). I began following you when I fell in love with FRASIER and wanted to know more about the creative team behind it. I read pretty much daily, but Friday questions and any of your reviews of awards shows (I have been an awards junkie for as long as I can remember) are my favorites. Because I wasn't born when it was on, I think posts about MASH are least interesting, but I know what a big part of your career it was, so it's understandable.

If you want to follow me on Twitter, my handle is @KyleSimon.

My question to you: Where do you keep your Emmy? Can it be the featured photo in questions, please?!

Stoney said...

I'm just west of Syracuse, New York. Was a DJ at small market radio stations around the Finger Lakes area from 1977-2004. When jobs in that field started getting scarce I got into manufacturing, security and eldercare. I first heard about "Beaver Cleaver" from some TEN-Q tapes during the first radio job. Later found out you and he were one-in-the-same when I heard "The Birth Of TEN-Q" from Tom Konard's Aircheck Factory. As a faithful viewer of M*A*S*H I knew the name from the credits.

I come here every day for a good read. Love the radio stories especially but also take interest in all your "making it in the TV biz" postings.

I'm Facebook friends with the booker for a local theater; who, as a child, had some TV acting roles in the 80's. He knows about "A Or B".

Kirk said...
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VP81955 said...

Turned 60 in August (so for another three weeks I'll be in the same age decade as Goldie Hawn , whom I guess is my equivalent of your Natalie Wood). Syracuse native who moved to D.C. as a teen, attended the University of Maryland (go Terps) and was a reporter /editor for many years. Moved to LA in 2014 for film history research and to learn screenwriting (just completed the course). Have completed writing a romantic comedy feature and am working on a second. Been here since about '07 or so, about the time I began "Carole & Co. ", my classic Hollywood blog. As I've stated before, you've done all the things I dreamed of doing in my youth -- Top 40 jock, baseball play-by-play, writing for movies and TV. Still hoping to do at least one of those three (and since Top 40 essentially is gone and I don't have the voice of Harry Kalas, I'm left with writing). Have met you twice out here.

Steve C. said...

I'm 56 and found your blog via a friends posting from Facebook. Have read almost daily for 3 years. Only blog I read regularly. Love the behind the scenes info. The development of A or B. I work in community theatre. MASH, as I've said before, is the best show ever on TV. Especially the time from when Burns left until Radar left. My favorite parts of the blog are your reviews. Funny and willing to say what others won't. Least favorite is when you write a mini script for a show that's on and that's probably because other than Big Bang and sports I watch very little TV now. Bought your Must Kill TV. Mildly disappointed. Overall I find your blog to be a nice place to visit. A little history, a few laughs. Thanks for putting in the time to help those that wish enter a career in TV writing and giving the rest of us a better insight into the TV world.

Tom Berg said...

I'm a 52 year old morning show DJ in Knox, Indiana I've been following the blog for about 7 years. I found out about you and this blog through a mutual friend, Willie B. Willie and I worked together at a radio station in Indianapolis for a few years.

I read it every day for entertainment purposes only. I'm O positive.

I'm sorry but I didn't get the chance to ask Carl Reiner to read your spec script. :-(

Kirk said...

I've done this before, but like doing it again...

I'm 53 and live in Strongsville, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. Work in a warehouse, but like to think of myself as a writer, even if it's only on my blog. Prefer your thoughts on older TV shows (say, 10 years or so) than newer, not because of any recent decline in quality, it's just between working weird hours (12:noon to 8:30 PM) and spending most of my free time on a computer, really don't have time to watch. Or put it this way, my lifelong love affair with TV has been replaced by the internet. Love it when you write about MASH and CHEERS. Read (or sometimes skim) your blog once a day. My sister, knowing my love of pop culture, told me about it.

Jim Grey said...

Jim Grey, 48, software developer, Indianapolis. I probably came over here on a link from Mark Evanier's blog. I forget how long I've been reading! Years I'm sure.

David Schwartz said...

Hi Ken. I'm 57 and live in Los Angeles. I am a Marriage-Family-Therapist. Prior to this, I spent over 30 years in television production, doing everything from go-fer (we all have to start somewhere), to writing television cartoons, to producing commercials. Over the past number of years I became a therapist and have a practice in the Los Angeles area. I discovered your work while in college and always followed any shows I knew you and David were working on.

Scott Whitmore said...

Scott, 53, living north of Seattle but born/raised in MidWest. Retired from the US Navy about 12 years now, did a little of everything on active duty as an enlisted sailor & later an officer. Worked as a copy editor & reporter in sports section at local paper for a bit. Also, I've written a couple novels that are pretty bad. But I'm ok with that. Writing them was more the point. :)

Been reading the blog a few years now, can't remember how I found it but it's a start of the morning staple enjoyed with my first cup of coffee. I like your humor -- enjoyed Must Kill TV -- and behind the scenes insights on TV, radio & sports broadcasting. Altho we disagree on The Good Wife I also find our tastes are usually aligned. The comments section is one if the best on the Web, too. Lots of folks add good info & there's usually few trolls. I've added a few comments over the years.

I'll have more of the same, please. Thanks for taking the time & sharing your opinions & stories.

Lurky McLurkerson said...

Los Angeles area. 40-something. Animation writer. Been reading your blog nearly every day for 6 or 7 years. Can't remember how I initially stumbled upon it. A google search related to M*A*S*H or Dharma & Greg, I think it was.

Just to counter what KAS said above, your posts about M*A*S*H are actually my favorites!

Any time you have a special guest contributing is always a treat.

Friday questions is the strongest regular draw for me.

Unknown said...

I am from Edmonton, Alberta, but I have lived in many different Canadian cities. Originally born in Brazil, and I follow the blog since you criticize that guy from Scrubs to get money from crowdsourcing.

Thanks to keep writing this, I enjoy it immensely. It's one of the few blogs where I actually read all articles, learn something and actually laugh.

Brian Fies said...

I'm a writer/cartoonist, been reading for years and commenting only rarely. Probably found you from Mark Evanier. I love your "process" posts about writing--you're good at analyzing how you approach the job and solve problems. Behind-the-scenes stories and Hollywood gossip are always fun. The smartest thing you do (and you obviously know this) is post something every day, so we readers make you a habit and are never disappointed. You're my second or third click every morning. Hope you're up for at least another decade!

Lurky McLurkerson said...

PS. Reading some of the above comments, I am reminded that it's also highly likely I found you through Mark Evanier's blog.

Jean Valjean said...

Who am I?


/end musical theatre geek

Terence Towles Canote said...

Hi, Ken. I'm a freelance writer who has published articles in various small press publications and one book (self published). I grew up in a small town in mid-Missouri and I am currently living there. It is a lot like Mayberry on The Andy Griffith Show (we even nicknamed our old police chief "Barney Fife"). I'm 52 years old, so I grew up in the heyday of independent TV stations and was able to watch a lot of classic TV. I'm not sure how I found your blog. I think it turned up in a search last year and I recognised your name immediately. I've been reading it ever since.

cjdahl60 said...

Ken: I'm a 55 year old IT project manager living in Bainbridge Island WA (a short ferry ride across Elliott Bay from Seattle). I've been reading your blog daily for so long that I don't even remember how I discovered it. I am the rare reader that enjoys your baseball posts as I am a big fan. I really enjoyed your fill in appearances on the Mariners broadcasts a few years ago. I also enjoy your posts about your past experiences in the industry and how things really work behind the scenes. Keep up the good works and thanks!

PatGLex said...

I'm a production coordinator for a scholarly publisher living in Kentucky. Still hoping that you'll make it (again) to Cinci for some/any reason for a Reds game, so I can buy you a beer/drink. I love your movie/television reviews and (of course) the baseball! The only posts I usually don't read are the ones that comment about the old radio dj experiences, since I don't relate much to them (not having lived in SoCal or followed radio that much in my youth). You are one of the few people on my daily must-read blog list. I appreciate that you post daily! (even if it's a repeat)

FFS said...

From Toronto Canada. Sixty-nine years old. Retired. Reading daily since January of this year. Found the blog when Googling for a review of a TV program I disliked. Generally find that Ken is the preacher and I am the choir.

Astroboy said...

Ken, I'm also named Ken, I'm 62 semi-retired, in Solvang California, spent most of my life working or running restaurants and also managing a record store back in the day. Also a failed songwriter. I've been reading your blog for about a year or so, can't remember how I came across it, it was either in a Google search of something TV related or it showed up in the stream on Google+; and I have enjoyed it ever since. And I remember exactly where I was when I heard Natalie Wood had died, I was a waiter and was serving dinner to a young couple when the radio station playing in the background when to the news and the first story was about Natalie's death. I was just putting the woman's plate down in front of her when I blurted out: "Awww, not Natalie Wood!"

MacGilroy said...

54 years old, here. A suburban dad, in a smallish town south of Silicon Valley. Amateur actor, writer, filmmaker. I read your blog daily, for probably six or seven years now. First found you, oh, I don't know, after following one of those internet rabbit holes. I think it started with a James Wolcott mention of a Lance Mannion item (?), and while on his site saw a random mention of something you wrote and never looked back (nor do I ever read those guys). Watched MASH while in high school, Cheers in college, Fraiser with my wife, and now my kids have discovered them all through us and Netflix. Thanks!

Otto said...

Ken: I'm a 51 year old freelance writer born and bred in Rochester, NY. I grew up with two addictions: television (later added movies) and baseball. Therefore, I must be one of the few who actually LIKE your baseball posts, especially if it's about the incredible Vin Scully. I have a blog at which I don't keep up anywhere near as well you do your blog. I have also had a lifelong crush on Natalie Wood so I definitely appreciate when you have a post that has no natural photo to go along with it. I'm getting increasingly pissed off and frustrated that RJ Wagner is apparently going to live out his days without any punishment for his part in her demise. I love anything about classic TV or movies, old show biz stories, and your snarky reviews of award shows! I think Cheers, Wings, The Tony Randall Show and Frasier were incredibly funny and smart programs - I loved them all! I liked MASH through the first or second season with Harry Morgan. After that, they lost me. Too much drama, not enough comedy. Plus, because it was a timepiece it was just too ridiculous to have a 2 year war go on for 11 seasons - didn't work for me. I think I've been reading your blog for at least five years. I either found it through Evanier or through a online search. I truly love it and hope you'll want to keep doing it for a long time. Wishing you nothing but the best!

Marco said...

Marco from Germany, 41 years old. I am following this blog for some years now and originally I found it when researching information about my favourite Sitocoms (Cheers, Becker, Frasier) and found an find this blog besides these topics very entertaining. Also bought the books which reflect the same sense of humour I appreciate from the TV shows and this blog.

Steve Bailey said...

I am Steve Bailey from Jacksonville Beach, FL., 54 years old. I have been following your blog for over a year after reading several references to it in Mark Evanier's blog. You also happen to have written some of my favorite episodes of some of my favorite TV series. I subscribe to your blog because I find it as entertaining as anything you wrote for TV.

RF Burns said...

Raleigh NC, 54 years old, radio broadcast engineer...used to work with your old pal Bobby Rich in Tucson. A+

Found your blog via Mark Evanier, which in turn I found from reading the late great USA Today Pop Candy blog by Whitney Matheson.

Enjoy pretty much all the content, especially the radio and sportscasting stories since I've been involved in both...have to share my Bob Uecker story sometime.

Anonymous said...

56 male in rural Pacific Northwest. Read daily. Radio nut, originally found your blog probably through Google with your blog entry titled something like: Terrestrial radio sucks. Pursued the hyphenate life in LA in the 80-90's but didn't have the kind of success I had hoped for. Probably because of the habit of ending sentences with prepositions. I do hope to get to Pink's at least once more before I split physicality for places unknown. Keith

Dana King said...

I'd like to know where in the world you are? Laurel MD (Halfway between Baltimore and DC)
How old you are? 59
How long have you been following the blog? Since shortly after it started.
How did you find out about it the first time? The Beloved Spouse sent me a link.
How often do you read it? Every day, for all practical purposes.
What do you hope to get out of it? A few laughs, insights into writing, and some inside baseball announcing stuff.
What's your blood type? O+

And I know I'm leading with my chin but I'd also like feedback. What topics and posts do you like and (besides baseball) what areas don't you like? Pretty much what I get. It’s funny, I learn about writing and writers, and I enjoy the baseball stuff. (I’m a seam head from way back.)

Keep it up. I love it here.

JonCow said...

50's from Canandaigua NY (yeah, that's the reaction I get when I submit screenplays), followed a link from Jamie Weinman's now defunct Something Old, Something New blog probably about 2008. Daily during my lunch break. love the behind the scenes stories, whether it involves sitcoms, radio or baseball. B+ Thanks for the many hours of enjoyment, both on the CRT and the RSS.

Joseph Scarbrough said...

Dang... 70 comments? I hope Ken has enough freetime to actually skim through them all. I'm sure mine will be among those lost in the shuffle, but let's see:

1. Knoxville, TN, or as I like to call it, "New Toledo" (you know those colorful tales Klinger's told of Toledo? Yeah, pretty much the same here).
2. 26.
3. I don't remember exactly, but I'd say it's been within the past seven or eight years or so.
4. Definitely on a M*A*S*H forum that I frequent - I think somebody shared a link to your anecdotes about "Good-bye, Radar."
5. I try to read it daily.
6. Just more of the insight that your share with us from your perspective about the ins and outs of television production, and how it's continued to change (and not necessarily for the better) over the decades of your career.
7. I'm pretty sure A+, but I wouldn't swear to it. . . . I guess I should really find out for my own good.
8. As I mentioned before, I'm particularly fond of the insight you share with us about television production and just how it all really works (though admittedly, the stories you share of recent times with network inference, network influence, network control, and such are just plain sad). And of course, being a ten-year M*A*S*Her, any behind-the-scenes stories you share of that show are most excellent (and it's an honor to be able to occasionally mingle with Jeff Maxwell on the blog as well).

cynnamonshticks said...

34 from Los Angeles! Was a journalist before I decided to switch to sitcom writing. Your blog has been such a resource to me in my journey—been following the blog for about 4 years now, and I vaguely just Googling "tv writing" or something to that extent. I read it almost every day, even on weekends. Thank you for all that you do!

Eric J said...

Retired car/motorcycle writer living in So Cal for the winters and Maine for the summers. Red blooded, older than you. Your blog came up in a google search 4 or 5 years ago for something I wanted to know about MASH. I've been reading daily since then.

I write fiction now. It pays for my gas when it's less than $3/gallon. Not a big transition since writing about cars and motorcycles for magazines with advertisers to satisfy was largely fiction.

Most of my interest is in your writing insights, but there's always something of interest every day. If you only wrote baseball posts, I never would have found you and never would read them if I did. The Natalie Wood photos make my day when you include them.

alopecia said...

1) Southern California.

2) Mumble-mumble years old (let's just say I watched M*A*S*H on CBS).

3) Since 2007. Yikes.

4) I'm sure it was a mention on another writing blog, but I don't remember details (hey, gimme a break, I'm mumble-mumble years old).

5) Every day.

6) Some insight into the entertainment industry, some laughs and yes, some baseball anecdotes (even though I prefer cricket as a spectator sport). I'm just along for the ride.

7) B+, and that's a really creepy thing to ask.

David Das said...

I'm a Los Angeles-based composer and music producer. I discovered your blog years ago and always enjoyed reading it, because your creative struggles parallel my own, even though our fields are different. Plus I love comedy.

Feedback? I skip over most of the baseball stuff. Also, I was never a huge MASH fan, so I enjoy the stuff that deals with the industry and technique, but not so much the stuff that deals with plot. If there's anything I'd wish for, it's that you'd spend some time discussing other major shows/approaches/techniques you're not involved in (Seinfeld, etc., which seems to only get a passing reference here and there) and give your insights on other people's work. (I've now read hundreds of blogs on YOUR work. :))

Andy Ross said...

Andy Ross from Johnson City, TN. I'm 31, been reading for about five years. I first learned of the blog from the now defunct USA Today blog Pop Candy. I really enjoy all the insight into TV. I'm a bit of a TV nut so I like seeing the ins and outs. I also enjoy the background as a comedy writer. I work for a local alt weekly magazine as a humorist. I try to think of myself as a modern-esq Robert Benchley--dare I be so bold. Please keep up the good work, I enjoy checking the blog daily.

Craig Gustafson said...

57 years old, Lombard, IL. I've been following every day for about three or four months.
FEEDBACK: My favorite posts concern the process of writing comedy and the backstage stories. I was completely fascinated by your "Dick Van Dyke Show" script & feedback, and am working on a similar script for "The Phil Silvers Show," with the conceit that (A) early 1970s rather than mid 1950s censorship is in force and (B) Julie Newmar returns as Stacked Susie (from the episode "The Big Scandal.") I am NOT intending to send you an unsolicited script to analyze, but with your permission I'll post a link here when it's finished; then you could click or ignore it.
I'm here to pick up arcane, minute or heretical tips about comedy writing before submitting my script to the Nicholls contest and wish I had the money to have attended your seminar. Thanks!

Lorenzo F. Díaz said...

I am a comic-book writer (and of TV and film, but nothing yet on Imdb) and work as a translator of french and english books, living in Madrid (Spain).
I've been reading your blog since four years ago. I found it illuminating, informative and funny. Surprised how similar is the USA TV Industry to the Spanish one.
My only gripe is not to be able to be in your sitcom courses.
Got some abandonned blog (in spanish) and an entry on wikipedia (I still don't understand how).

P.S.: My writing in spanish is much better than in english (sorry for the grammar).

MW said...

AP journalist currently in Choibalsan, Mongolia. Find that sucker on a map! I've been reading your blog for a few years. No idea how I found you. To me, your blog is like some "home-cooking" while I'm out and about while covering a story. Call me crazy (you're crazy...) but I love, love, love baseball stories. Go Royals! Gotta go. Time to catch a camel

Lorenzo F. Díaz said...

I am 56 years old, a comic-book writer (and of TV and film, but nothing yet on Imdb) and work as a translator of French and English books, living in Madrid (Spain).

I've been reading your blog since four years ago. I don't remember exactly how I found this blog, but I think it was via John Rogers or Mark Evanier blogs. I found yours illuminating, informative and funny. Surprised how similar is the USA TV Industry to the Spanish one.
My only gripe is not to be able to be in your sitcom courses.

Got some abandoned blog (in Spanish) and an entry on Wikipedia (I still don't understand how).

P.S.: My writing in Spanish is much better than in English (sorry for the grammar).

Anonymous said...

I am a software engineer who has always been interested in writing something other than code. I live in Wisconsin and my favorite sports team is of course the Green Bay Packers.

I'd like to know where in the world you are? Waukesha Wisconsin
How old you are? 47
How long have you been following the blog? Several Years
How did you find out about it the first time? I don't recall.
How often do you read it? Pretty much everyday..
What do you hope to get out of it? An insight into the world of television and movies from the perspective of a writer/director.

Feedback: I especially like the blogs where you discuss how a story is constructed, the mechanics of the writers room, responsibilities of a showrunner. Basically the inner workings of the TV show and how it gets to air. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy the other stuff it's just that's what drew me to the blog in the first place.

Jerry Smith said...

51 years old. Sales rep, freelance writer and Shiite-conservative/libertarian. Discovered your blog from Mark Evanier's News From ME. Check both every day. Love the anecdotes on show biz and Friday Questions. Ken, you have done some fine writing both online and in television.

Ryan E said...

I'm a 42 year old software developer and part time musician in Phoenix, AZ. I can't remember how I discovered the blog because it's been years. My favorite entries are about your TV work, including the Friday Questions on that topic. I've always been fascinated by behind-the-scenes stories and how things work in creative fields. I loved your appearance on the Talk Salad podcast; I hope that'll happen again. They really need to have you back when they watch Room Service!

SeattleDan said...

I'm a retired Bookseller, now living in Hoquiam, Washington with my wife, also a bookseller, of nearly 30 years. I am a contemporary of Ken's, having grown up in the Valley for the most part (attending Taft's fierce rival, Birmingham HS), UCLA, before I moved to the Pacific Northwest. I'm a huge baseball fan, and have followed the Seattle Mariners from their inaugural season. Obviously, I enjoy reading. And I love nearly every genre of music. My wife and I are active in both local and national politics. I've been reading the blog for a long while now, and look forward to it every day.

Unknown said...

Hello, I'm Bryan, 45, and I'm in Los Angeles.

I work as an editor at an Ad Agency cutting TV commercials & promos. I first became aware of you from listening to "The Howard Stern Wrap up show" on the way home from work. You were interesting so I googled you and found your blog. I check it out (as well as your twitter page) Mon thru Fri in the morning hours. I then went to youtube and saw some of your LA Dodger stuff and random interviews on your writing career. It amazes me how young you were when you first got the MASH job…very interesting.

Oh, and while watching a Seinfeld episode JUST LAST NIGHT I googled "Ken Levine and Seinfeld" and read your thoughts on the show from a 2006 blog. Another very interesting article.

Keep up the good work, sir.

Jawaman said...

I'm a 40-year old from Chennai, India who has been reading your blog everyday for more than 6 years at least. I landed up on your blog by chance, while I was using Blogspot's feature of "Next blog".

The reason why I read it is because (a) I like to ready humorous articles and your writing style suits my taste perfectly, and (b) You provide excellent insight into how a writer should approach his "job" and as an aspiring writer, I want to pick up as many tip&tricks as possible.

Feedback: I simply admire your style and more importantly, your dedication in writing daily. I was a little upset a couple of months back, when you started to recycle a lot of your older posts, but good to see you back in form. But I don't read much of the Baseball related articles because I've never been a fan of that game.

Sharon said...

I'd like to know where in the world you are? LOS ANGELES How old you are? I TURN 57 IN A COUPLE OF WEEKS. How long have you been following the blog? NOT SURE, BUT AT LEAST FIVE YEARS. How did you find out about it the first time? A FRIEND TOLD ME ABOUT IT. How often do you read it? EVERY DAY. What do you hope to get out of it? YOUR BLOG IS BOTH ENTERTAINING AND INFORMATIVE. What's your blood type? A+

Feedback: I'm not a baseball fan, so I'm not as interested in those posts as I am in your Hollywood adventures. I thought you were great on the TALK SALAD AND SCRAMBLED EGGS podcsst (and thanks for the heads up about that!), so I hope you'll do more. I really enjoy the blog and appreciate your willingness to candidly share your experiences, insights and advice.

John E. Williams said...

51 years old, grew up in Jersey, just outside NYC, which was probably the greatest influence on my life and worldview. Been reading your blog since you started it, probably via Mark Evanier. I read it every day. I'm especially fond of your "behind the scenes" stories, as I love to know how the sausage is made. Cartoonist, graphic designer, singer/songwriter, general layabout.

Rod said...

I am a 54 year old Insurance agent in a suburb north of Seattle. I found your blog when David Grosby from 710ESPN mentioned your obituary of Dave Niehaus in 2010. I remembered you from when you were doing the M's broadcasts in the early 90's with Dave and Kevin Cremin. I enjoy your baseball posts and the radio stories the best.

I graduated from college in 1983 and worked as a radio disc jockey and music programmer for a couple of radio stations in the Seattle Market, including the Rick Carroll programmed "Rock of the 80's" Seattle station. So I can identify with the funny Radio posts.

I look forward to the Friday Questions, and was downright giddy when you actually answered one of mine a couple of years ago...

Keep it comin....

Janice said...

I'm 49 and I live in the mountains of North Carolina. I found your blog about 7 years ago (I don't know how, maybe I was doing a Natalie Wood search). My favorites are your posts about WINGS and celebrities in general, as well as your stories about the Valley back in the day (I grew up in Reseda). My least favorites are your raves about INSTANT MOM, but that's your daughter so I get it.

Unknown said...

55 year old comedy club owner in Boston. Been checking in daily since pretty close to the beginning through John Rogers. Back then I thought I'd be a sit-com writer, and your blog was useful. Now I'm working and find it entertaining. Commented once, bought the books, and really appreciate the behind-the-scenes inner workings of comedy writing and producing.

blinky said...

Your reviews of everything and anything are awesome. Your insider point of view is the best part. Plus you are funny. You should be a comedy writer.

Tom Wolper said...

56, from Pittsburgh. I have been reading the blog daily since near the beginning. It was close enough that when I found the blog, I could go to the archives and read posts from the start. I think I found a link through Mark Evanier - I found his site when he used to post to a Letterman fans' newsgroup. What I expect to get out of it: it was about the first time I got an ISP account that I started to realize that the shows I watched on my TV were not just commodities provided by big corporations but endeavors put together by creative people. I wanted some insight into a writer's role in production and why TV looks like it does today. And as time goes by I'm starting to enjoy reading about TV more than watching it.

Thomas said...

I am an upper-middle class white straight male in his early 20s. The world is my oyster, and every advert is targeted at me.

Fred said...

I'm one of the two Freds who have been reading for more than a few years (as opposed to @Fred from Scarborough who only recently started reading - welcome to another Fred). I am 53 years old, living in Michigan, O neg. I believe I found my way here from John August's blog and I must have started reading right at the beginning because I would have sworn I have been reading for at least 10 years.

My favorite piece was just this week, the review of The Martian. That was inspired. So funny. I generally like the stuff about writing and I dream of attending the Sitcom Room. Someday after I get my girls out of college I hope to enroll.

I bought your books (except the "Wait a Minute" one, which I think is out of print and only available used), and I think that everyone who reads this blog should consider it their responsibility to buy your books because we get all this entertainment free every day.

Thank you Ken.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken. I'm anonymous.

BrettJ said...

56 (almost) in Ontario Canada. I also found your blog through Mark Evanier. I am also a professional writer (different genre) who is struggling to find his way back after nearly 2 years of crippling problems - death, debt, serious illness, loss of someone I loved. I love the showbiz blogs, some of the commentary on TV and film and the radio days (I am an ex-DJ, both radio and traveling) As I am not much of a sports fan, I can take or leave most of those. I love most of the superhero shows and THE GOOD WIFE and THE BLACKLIST are my two favorite dramas. Starting to get annoyed by THE BIG BANG THEORY. I find it's near jumping the shark and Raj annoys the hell out of me - they continue to take every opportunity to make him MORE annoying.

julian said...

i'm a musician in ontario, canada. i came across this blog over five years ago, somehow connected to my google search curiosity about earl pomerantz. i visit nearly every day and read most posts for the laughs, creative insight, and general irreverence. i haven't bought a book yet, but would definitely buy a book with baseball &/or sitcom subject matter, with a sprinkling of radio/other.

loved yr appearance on 'talk salad & scrambled eggs' podcast.

thanks, ken!

Unknown said...

I'm 51 and live in Chicago, and have been lurking since probably the beginning--it seems like forever! Love to hear your take on all things writing and creative--not just the process but how it interacts with the business side and people. It's a fascinating dynamic and your observations are invaluable.

I've bought all your books, which is easy as I love your writing, and on top of that of course the books are terrific. I wish your play was going to perform locally--Chicago has a good theater scene, hopefully it happens soon. Given your blog comments about the process, you should couple together the whole thing for a writing class. My alma mater, Johns Hopkins Univ, has done a lot of great stuff with theater and writing (via Writing Seminars dept)--it would be perfect for a high caliber MFA program to learn from your entire process and insights and end result. I'm sure you would enjoy a similar dynamic locally with USC or UCLA, but i don't know their programs as well.

Here's another suggestion, and you could really pull it off--more guest posts. Tim Ferriss is a great example of someone who does a great job of providing a platform for guest posts on his blog. If you thought someone had something worthwhile to say, we too would love to hear it. You have such a great audience, and deservedly so. You've completely earned our trust and we are interested in anything you find interesting. There are some great people out there who would create great posts but would never have your patience and durability in building an audience.

You could also do some great long-form content if you wanted to go that way--although I love your form and content the way it is now. Maybe a combination--you could invite some long-form guest posts--maybe even use your weekend re-post slots for such a feature. Or simply have some of your related series of posts recompiled as "evergreen" content on your blog, your play being a perfect example.

One last mention--your Dick Van Dyke spec script and follow up was amazing on every level. I loved the script, but I particularly loved the comments from readers--and how you pointed out that those comments were very much like network notes. I imagine a bunch of the commentators who normally nod in silent agreement at your general comments regarding network notes were surprised to realize that they had just acted the same as the suits from the network. You handled the whole thing so well--the perfect amount of creativity, honesty and observation.

The only other suggestion--keep doing whatever keeps you writing this blog, let it become whatever is needed for it to be that and trust us as readers to appreciate it. Thank you for your generosity and sharing.

Breadbaker said...

I'm a 59 year old O+ lawyer from Seattle. I actually know exactly when I started reading your blog, because it was linked to by the USS Mariner site when Dave Niehaus died because they so appreciated your tribute and I totally agreed and have been here ever since and have been so fortunate as to meet you twice, when you held a little Seattle gathering for your blog fans and when you had a book signing (where I got to bring my son).

I like all your tributes to old friends and old obsessions and crushes, and your reviews even when they are of shows or movies I have no interest in, because you always try to find ways to connect readers who may not share your interests and obsessions. I like the Friday questions and the "questions that turned into their own full post"s and of course your baseball posts. I like when you turn the blog around like this because you have many interesting and intelligent readers whose contributions I enjoy as well.

Oh, and I should say, the name is because bread baking is my hobby.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ken,

Has it been a year since you asked this question??? I remember when you asked it last year! What's changed- I'm a year older. 42, married, 2 kids, 1 cat, living in NJ and commuting to NYC everyday for work (think Sopranos opening/theme music)
Been reading your blog for 5 years I'd say- a Time Magazine recommendation I think. Big sports fan, and TV & movies as well.

Your movie & TV reviews are the best. Also your "insider" stories on celebs. I also like your rants/stream of consciousness/rambling blog posts on any subject- traffic, hamburgers, whatever.

But the best thing about this blog is what I call "the everydayness" of it. It's there everyday. So there's always something good to read, --LL

Shea Griffin said...

I am 45 years old and worked in sports radio for almost 20 years. Lived on the east coast for most of my life, but my wife and I moved to California a few years ago. "Cheers" is my favorite show of all-time and also the show that has the most personal meaning. I remember watching it as a 7th grader and following it through high school, college and my first year in the "real world." It just evokes great memories. I'm pretty sure I found the blog by doing a Google search for Cheers, and I have read it regularly for several years. I love reading the old "Cheers" and "Frasier" stories, as well as your baseball stories. Thanks for sharing!

Daddy Background said...

Recently 52, longer from Canada. I work for the government and I take vacation days sometimes to act in stuff. The acting I do is mostly a hobby but I've done enough of it to have a union card. A couple of years ago I flew to Hollywood with my son and watched the premiere screening of a Hallmark Hall of Fame Christmas movie I was (barely) in. I wrote short stories when I was younger, sold precisely none of them and still like most of them. Blogged intermitently but no one else showed up. I love movies of all sorts, and a range of current TV shows that are not available from any network included on your standard cable package. I mostly only ever lurk at your site but checking in here is always the first part of every work day.

Jeff R said...

I am a former DJ, now Benefit Auctioneer in Seattle...58 years old...been following for a couple years...know you from work with Mariners and connected to this blog through Reel Radio!!
Love the variety of topics...always entertaining...have bought your books on Amazon because of this blog!

John in Ohio said...

Toledo, Ohio.

Turned (gulp) 60 two weeks ago.

Started stopping by your blog about a year ago, after Mark Evanier suggested that his readers do so.

I try to check in daily.

I hope to get a few laughs, and I am a lifelong baseball fan. Would love to hear an Ernie Harwell story, if you have one.

Jon B. said...

I am white male, age 58, living in Oregon. Attorney. I am big fan of the Mariners (and Seahawks and SuperSonics) from their inception. I enjoyed your work with the M's ever since you first joined the broadcast team (and your several fill-in stints thereafter). I have fond memories of the Seattle Pilots and their radio broadcasts.

I visit almost daily. I watch a lot of TV and movies and have enjoyed doing so all my life. I have brothers who are much older than me, so I feel like I experienced pop culture (especially music) at a very young age through them. I listened to a lot of Top 40 radio throughout the Pacific Northwest over the years. 70's music trivia is my curse.

Cat said...

45 year old female Native Californian here. Fell in love with Cheers at age 12 and wanted to be just like Glen and Les Charles. That didn't happen, but I still have a love of sitcoms and TV in general. I read your blog looking for good gossip on Cheers, since it is the greatest sitcom of all time.

Roseann said...

I'm a 60-something. Retired from the Wardrobe Supervisor for Film business out of NYC. I've done Afterschool Specials, Commercial, Movies of the Week, Feature Films, TV Series and Pilots. You can find me on .
I check your blog every day - one of the perks of being retired - and I started reading at least 5 -6 years ago, I believe.
I live in Tucson, AZ and visit LA occasionally. When are you coming to Tucson to submit your A or B to Arizona Theatre Company....?
Feedback: Keep on keeping on.

Unknown said...

Chicago, 50, found you from Newsfromme. Work on computers. Love your take on things, and behind the scenes. Give you credit for not throwing dirt.

Matthew Kugler said...

I'm 27, living in Los Angeles as a writer. When I first moved out to LA seven years ago I was an intern on a late night talk show with a friend of yours, Tom Straw, who recommended I read your blog as so many of the shows you worked on were great influences on my desire to write for television.

I worked there for several years, working as a segment producer and contributing writer before leaving for a freelance writing job and the story continues. I continue to follow your blog as I find your entries to be interesting and motivating/inspiring. Not sure if it's because my humor and knowledge of television history falls closer to yours than of peers my age, but many a (late) nights I find myself reading your daily entry and going back on ones I've missed. During those lonely, self-doubting times (why are there so many?!) It's comforting to read another having battled and overcome those moments time and time again.

I continue to be inspired by your work ethic, love (and understandable hate) for the industry, and encouragement of others. Thank you for your continued contributions, Ken!

Patrick said...

30 year old male model living in LA. I love TV and especially a good behind the scenes story.

No TV or writing aspirations, I just find it all fascinating.

I dont remember how I stumbled upon the blog but Ive been here for a few years now. Dont usually comment, just here for the stories.

Craig A. said...

1. South Jersey
2. Daily Blog reader for 3 years
3. I don't even remember now. Did you mention the blog during your Simpsons commentary tracks?
4. I read it daily. Minus the travelogues, they are entertaining, but I feel like I'm intruding upon your personal life when I read them.
5. I read for entertainment. Your life has touched upon various topics that I am endlessly fascinated in, tv/film production, radio, and baseball.
6. O+, not quite the universal donor.

Diane D. said...

How I found the blog: I googled SHELLEY LONG and your post entitled, "I LOVE SHELLEY LONG" popped up. I've read it every day since then---almost TWO YEARS.

Retired baby boomer (RN) living in NORTHWEST FLORIDA (the emerald coast; snow white sand; crystal clear water)

I LOVE any post about CHEERS or FRASIER or their STARS, especially SHELLEY LONG or TED DANSEN.


I DON'T ENJOY some of your off the cuff posts like an "artist" storing yarn in her vagina and knitting through vaginal blood, complete with picture. YIKES!

I hope you continue this blog for the rest of my life. I LAUGH, I LEARN, I DISCOVER NEW THINGS about which to be OUTRAGED and I DEVELOP EVER MORE ADMIRATION for the PEOPLE who have the COURAGE to go into this BRUTAL but BEGUILING BUSINESS.

Andrew said...

I'm a 45 year old male attorney in Columbus, Ohio.

I came upon this blog about a year ago, when I did a Google search for "Newhart finale." I was hooked, and have been reading ever since. I was (and am) a fan of Mash, Cheers, and Frasier, so I was fascinated by all the inside info on these shows, and on TV writing in general.

The posts I enjoy the most are 1) your reviews of movies and TV shows, 2) your behind-the-scenes biographical stories about the business, and 3) Friday questions. I would read your blog even if all you did was answer reader questions.

One suggestion: please tell us more of your opinions about various TV shows from the past. Do a post on (say) WKRP, Barney Miller, The Jeffersons, etc., and tell us what made them great (or not) in your view. Even do some dramas, like Law and Order (which had plenty of comical moments).

One post I loved to the point of almost framing it was the one on the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. (I.e. the fact that everything which made that show iconic was opposed by the studio.)

Also, you have some of the best commenters on the internet.

Thank you for all that you do here.

Pat Howard said...

I'm 65 living with my cat.Can't remember how I came across your blog. I look forward to reading it everyday. I love movies an tv Netflix Hulu an all that stuff. Would enjoy more baseball stories. best wishes

Cynthia Abel said...

I am in Jonesboro, Arkansas and have been an avid reader of your blog for close to ten years. I love all the posts on MASH and Cheers and one of my favorite shows, Wings. Keep up the good work and thank you!

Anonymous said...

I am a 55 y/o child of the 60's. I am a transplanted Philadelphian now living near the Jersey shore. Was part of the corporate world during the 80's and was "downsized" 20 years ago. I think I found your blog thru some Cosby stuff but I am not sure. I love reading your blog although I don't comment a lot (Call me a lurker!) I enjoy the trip down memory lane. As I find I have more years behind me than in front of me I do a lot of reminiscing.I enjoy reading all the behind-the-scenes information you provide. I do lot of reading, mostly autobiographies/biographies. Cheers! Janice B.

Stan B said...

I'm a 60-something actor/IT guy here in Richmond VA. Been reading your blog every day for at least 3 or 4 years. I first heard about it from another blog I read daily, "News from ME". I love the Friday questions and I always wish there were more of them. But I enjoy reading about any aspect of the TV business, whether it's about writing or acting or the "behind the scenes" stuff. And pictures of Natalie Wood are always welcome.

Phil said...

I'm a early-50-something in the UK. I write a bit, and teach writing a bit. Been reading you for several years on and off. I check in at least twice a week, and always check for "Friday questions".

I think you even answered one of my questions once. That means we're practically related.

I am completely turned off whenever you discuss baseball, and mostly turned off when you discuss sports-announcing. I know nothing of these things, so it all becomes BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. Sorry about that.

I love your discussion of writing and directing, and that's why I keep coming back for more. Stories about MASH, CHEERS, FRASIER etc are always fascinating, but any time you write about writing or directing, I'm all ears. Or eyes. Or something.

Keep up the good work, Ken. Your blog is the best!

- Phil Nichols

Joseph Scarbrough said...

Well since other people are going one step beyond to actually detail themselves, allow me to shamelessly do the same, since I didn't previously.

I'm an independent producer/puppeteer: I too have a blog on Blogger, I call it my Scarblog, but I don't believe it gets any attention anymore, since, well, aside from Ken, I don't believe people blog anymore because of Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, and the like. Check me out on YouTube sometime, that is, if you don't to, otherwise, you don't have to.

Matt Tauber said...

I'm 43 and live in Cincinnati. I've been following it since Mark Evanier recommended it however long ago.

I like the classic TV stories the best. Before one of the local UHF stations became a Fox affiliate in 1986, it ran MASH about 3 times a day and I watched religiously.

I like just about all of it, even the baseball stuff and I'm not a real sports fan (put Pete in the Hall!). What I appreciate most if your candor in talking about what you don't like and why.

Unknown said...

I am Volker from Germany near Aachen. I am 46 and working at the University here.

I am not sure how I found you - most likely I have been referred to you by a german blog I frequently read and as a great fan of Cheers I got stuck with your stories. I think I follow you for around 2 years now.

mrdj said...

I'm 64 living in the Valley and working in post production dubbing for the studios. I can't remember if I linked to you via Earl Pomerantz or Mark Evanier, but it has been many many years of daily following. My claim to fame is your responding to my question about what you thought of Phil Rosenthal's "Exporting Raymond". Look forward to reading you every day. A+ (Your blog and my blood type)

Tore W. said...

Hi, Ken and commentary readers.

Long time lurker, first time commenter (well, except for a one-liner in the "Kevin is so scared of commitment" post).

I'm from Norway (Oslo), 35 years old, working as a journalist, and I found this blog around 2010 while googling for nerd trivia about either Frasier, Cheers or M*A*S*H (huge fan of all three).

I visit your blog every day (even Christmas Eve; no exceptions) and my biggest turn ons are anything about the three shows previously mentioned and thoughts about screenplay writing and acting (even though I have no desire to do either; I just find it interesting).

In fact, almost everything you write about is interesting in my book. Well, except the one thing you mention in the post (hey, I'm from Norway where baseball is like a foreign language).

Don't know if this is the time or place for a Friday question, but I've been thinking about something for -- I don't know -- six months? A year? Anywho, in an earlier post you listed all the people you enjoyed working with which -- amongst others -- included the entire main cast of Frasier except John Mahoney. I hope it was a slip of memory, but I'm starting to fear that he might not be as nice and kind as he is in my imagination. So the question is: How was it to work with John Mahoney?

Keep up the wonderful work, Ken. Much appreciated.

Dave Creek said...

I'm Dave Creek, 61 years old, from Louisville, KY. I'm a retired TV news producer, though the last few years of my career I mostly wrote news content for the station's website.

I've been following the blog since I discovered it through Jane Espenson's site a bunch of years ago. This is one of the few blogs I read every day, besides science fiction writer John Scalzi's blog.

Since retirement, I've been devoting myself to writing more science fiction stories and novels, something I was doing for a number of years even while I was still working. I've published about 25 SF short stories, mostly for ANALOG SCIENCE FICTION and various original anthologies. I have two collections of stories and a novel from small presses, and a couple novellas I've self-published.

Mostly I read your blog because many of the shows you've worked on are among my favorites (MASH, CHEERS, FRASIER), and because I love reading about the process of writing. I especially enjoy reading about how to write something I wouldn't know how to attempt, like a sitcom script.

Shameless self-promotion:
Facebook: Fans of Dave Creek
Twitter: @DaveCreek

cbm said...

I live on an island in the San Francisco Bay. Retired, and loving it. I've been reading this blog for several years now, and have convinced a few other people to follow it. It usually has a solid laugh line or two, but even some of the throw-away lines are funnier than they deserve to be. I look forward to it every day. And even though my interest in sports only extends to knowing the size, color, and shape of the various balls involved, I even like the baseball posts. (hand sized, white with stitching, spherical)

DBenson said...

Wandered over here from Evanier's blog; now check in daily and often bloviate in the comments.

Writer wannabe. Wrote newspaper ads & promo material forever until laid off; now 60 and semi-retired. About 100,000 words into a humorous novel that started as an unproducible screenplay; still have a backlog of ideas for various media.

Officially abandoned "James Bond: The Musical." Would have been the perfect spectacle for Vegas.

thomas tucker said...

59 y/o, live in small town in central WA state,long-time reader ( over 7 years at least), practicing physician who loves old comedy shows, and I especially like reading the inside story on comedies from the Golden Days, and about the starts of those comedies. Also like reading about vintage LA, where I used to visit my uncle in the summer. Thanks for the many fascinating posts.

Glenn said...

Glenn Eibe, I’m as old as Doonesbury but with fewer sabbaticals. Residing in Coral Springs, FLA – a suburb near Ft. Lauderdale where the playful teenagers spend their Halloween evenings removing the letter “C” from the city signage.

Been following the blog for almost three years now, have diligently completed all the course materials and, with the final paid installment on the $35,000 tuition, expect to receive my “Levine University” diploma next spring.

First heard about the blog from interview appearances on Stu Shostak’s “Stu’s Show”. I check in on the blog early each morning. The rest of my day is spent scouring through U.S. Army bases, seeing if anyone there is reading a biography of George S. Kaufman. By end of day, I check back once more to the blog and fall asleep counting the deleted comments of internet trolls.

What do I hope to get out of it? When the Social Security system collapses, I anticipate living off my residuals to the GET OFF MY LAWN with KEN LEVINE show suggested a few weeks ago.

For feedback, the blog mixture of random topics from original satirical essays to film/TV/awards reviews is just right. It would be great if, in the coming months, the blog could resolve once and for all whether predestination is true, and if so, then how can there be free will in mankind. If not, then some more Natalie Wood pics please.

Congrats on keeping this blog going day-in day-out and looking forward to the Ten-Ken-cennial Celebration. We all know the time and effort that makes this blog possible so thanks again. Here’s hoping future years bring more success and rewards, and on that fateful day you decide to let go of the blog, you can be proud to have built up and steered a successful American enterprise to its inevitable place of rest: as a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company.

Oh, almost forgot. What's my blood type? Well, that’s really up to you, Ken, whichever you prefer, A or B?

Unknown said...

Ken - great blog. Larry H. here from Hampstead, NC. I'm 58. Went to Point Loma HS, San Diego (Navy brat) from '72-75, so I'm a bit younger than you. Love all your sitcoms; TV is relatively pathetic these days. Following your blog since 2012 (discovered via Time mag article). Read it daily. Love baseball & music/radio. Your sensibilities, & sense of humor, are identical to mine. Hope you can keep writing blog; amazed at how you can stick to it. Like your reviews of movies, music, & TV and your discourses on baseball & radio DJ jobs/stories. Have your e-books; wish I could've come to LA to see A or B. Natalie Wood pics are great; so sad about her demise (fishy...).

Adam said...

Hi Ken

I'm Adam, 24, a postman from England. Very recent lurker to the blog, only a couple of months now. I heard about it from the Talk Salad podcast with Kevin Smith and Matt Mira. Always been a huge fan of Frasier and TV in general so I love your stories and behind the scenes info. I tend to check in daily or at least every other day.

Frank Paradise said...

Being a beat Kiwi comedy writer I've been here almost from the start and what a great learning experience. 61 years young and presently living in smokey old Vancouver a.k.a. Hollywood North trying to write a sixties rock version of the 'Blues Brothers'. You may say I'm a dreamer. Cheers Ken for all the great laughs and learning experiences!

Jeff C in DC said...

Jeff in DC, now double-nickels, and mainly a nonfiction video editor since the 70s. Never wanted to go to NY or LA, but I enjoy your stories of a world I might have landed in. Like the best net-browsing stories, I have no idea how I landed here. I get sleepy when baseball comes up, but Natalie Surprise always makes up for it. Many thanks, and please continue!

Baguette said...

Hey Ken,

I'm a 39-year old web developer in Paris (France). I read your blog daily when I'm procrasi... procrista... deploying my code. I found the blog 4-5 years ago (probably when looking up baseball... j/k) and haven't left since.

I come here in the hope to be entertained, and most of the time I am, except when you're talking about baseball, the rules of which I can't even begin to understand. I love reading you about writing (of course!), reviews/deconstructions of TV and movies,current and past ones, and reviews/snarking of award shows, keep doing them please.

Chris said...

Early 50's male from Montreal. Not sure how I found the site, but I love any information about the "inside baseball" nature of films & TV, particularly the latter, and yours is the my favourite in that regard.

I try to look at the site every weekday and Friday Questions is the highlight for me as is anything that describes the inner workings of shows & how all the moving parts work together (actors, stars, executives, producers, directors, writers, etc...).

Some of the radio stuff is interesting (Bob Crane), but it is typically very local and I find the lack of reference or knowledge of the voices leads me not to be that interested.

Was a huge baseball fan but lost the taste once the Expos left, so I will usually scan to see if it peaks my interest.

Penultimately, and I feel stupid for asking this, but I can't figure how to submit Friday Questions (not that I feel like I have anything intelligent to ask), but have had the odd question that I thought of submitting and am at a loss as how to do so. Let me know how to do so if you can so I can at least realize how blind/ignorant/stupid I am.

Finally, this is a great site with great writing and offers me a great deal of pleasure. Please keep it going for a long time to come.

Jason S. said...

Mr. Levine,

My name's Jason Suarez and I'm a pretty consistent lurker. I was turned onto your blog by Garry Hart. He was my "Business of Writing" professor in grad school at CSULA. Loved the man, and he recommended your blog and brought you up in class as a model writer. That was a little over two years ago. Now I'm teaching screenwriting there (as well as writing and submitting). I don't ever want to be complacent as a writer, and comedy isn't my strong suit, so I feel like reading this is the missing class of that rather pricey education. Also, I'm a huge baseball nut so I'd actually love MORE baseball articles. Thanks!

Russell S said...

Hi Ken. (Not so) longtime lurker coming out of the shadows. I work as a Production Accountant. Currently in television although I did start off in the feature world. Been at it quite a while. I got turned on to your blog via Mark Evanier's blog, which I've been following for years. I've been following yours regularly for about two years now and enjoy it greatly. I love the insights into the shows you've done but my all-time favorite post of yours, which I've quoted to people, is your story of you being a DJ. It involved Bakersfield, the Hell's Angels, and the Box Tops' "Sweet Cream Ladies Forward March." It was an awesome story and I thank you for sharing it. Your political insights are welcome and so are your baseball stories. Please keep it up, Ken, and thanks for everything.

MikeK.Pa. said...

I'm in my 50s and live 40 minutes from Hatboro, so I plan to be there to see "A or B?" I just need to know what dates you'll be there so we can meet and I can ask - again - did Carl Reiner ever give you notes on your DVDS script? I found you about a year ago. I was reading Garry Marshall's autobiography and interested in finding out more about his late partner, Jerry Belson. When I did an Internet search on him, I found your blog and have been reading it daily ever since.

I like reading about the creative process - the writers' room, notes, etc. I started out as a sportswriter - I was working at a paper when I heard about Natalie Wood's death and read AP updates the rest of the night - but switched to corporate communications (better hours, better pay) where I've done everything under the sun. I've written two screenplays - one fictional; the based on an athlete who died tragically. They were more as a writing exercise and not for possible sale. I've wanted to take a shot at writing some sitcom specs based on series I enjoy, but haven't found the time or motivation to do it.

Enjoy all the posts but especially the ones where you just throw out random thoughts. Enjoy the word play and most days I'll chuckle several times. Appreciate you doing it. I also enjoy responding to some of your posts. It's a great creative exercise some days.

Steve Currie said...

I'm 35, from Vancouver, BC, Canada, and have been reading almost daily since the beginning of 2007. You were linked to from a Microsoft blog I also read (

I'm mostly a lurker but back in 2010 you answered a Friday question of mine. I'm not in the business (or should I say, any of your businesses) but I enjoy your perspective on things. I enjoy Frasier, Cheers and MASH so the behind-the-scenes stories are most interesting to me.

chuckcd said...

Hi Ken. My name is Chuck Lewis.
I am a 50 something male from California. Found your blog through another search
I did for a Cheers question. I have been following you for about 7 years now.

I worked around the fringes of the TV industry for a couple years, (Entertainment Tonight, Mr. Sunshine on the Paramount Lot), then worked for the California/Anaheim/Los Angeles/New York Angels (If you want a big market, why not go for the biggest?)

I am one of those people that enjoy your baseball and announcing posts. I like the Friday questions, your insight into the TV industry and any behind the scenes info you share. I loved Cheers (I met George Wendt on the Paramount lot once)and Mash
and Frasier, so I love hearing inside stuff abut them.

Thanks for putting all the work you do into this blog.
Oh yeah my blood type is A negative.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a 46 year-old man from Virginia. I've been reading for long enough that some of your reposts are familiar! I think I found your blog through Mark Evanier's POVOnline site. Thanks for all the fun reading!

Gary said...

I've lived in the western NY area all my life, and I'm closing on 60 years old. (Long, LONG suffering fan of Buffalo's cursed sports teams!) I was hooked on TV from the first time I ever saw it, watching George Reeves as Superman, The Three Stooges, Dick Van Dyke, etc. I've been a big fan of all the shows you worked on Ken, and I love the blog and all the backstage info. Can't remember how I stumbled onto it but it was probably from Mark Evanier's site. I hope you'll do it for at least another 10 years!

Anonymous said...

I'm AJ Thomas. 21 years old from NW Ohio. I am a devotee of M*A*S*H and someway through Google one night stumbled upon your blog and started reading a few years ago. I generally check in every day. My main cause for reading was M*A*S*H and seeing insider information about my favorite show (so much, I have searched through the archives for old posts). I'm O+. I typically enjoy most of your posts (sorry I'm one of 'those'- I really don't like baseball) especially regarding the side of the TV industry us viewers don't see. I also like posts where you answer one of my Friday Questions! Congratulations on surviving 10 years of blogging! -AJ

Elizabeth said...

Bill Mazeroski started his career in my hometown (and I was there -:(
Manhattanite for 50 years and found you while Googling Frasier (which I only discovered
in 2012! ?????) I love your insights into worlds different from my own... and check in every day. Hope to see you soon again on TCM.

Samantha said...

I love Frasier so I found you through googling something about the show. That was probably 2 years ago. I read several Frasier posts and then added you to my list of blogs I check at least weekly. I like your posts about behind the scenes Hollywood stuff and how shows are made. I like that you are opinionated and even though I don't care for your baseball or radio posts personally, I like that you write about whatever you want. This is your blog after all. I think you're funny and honest. I'm 30 and live in NYC in the non-profit sector. I was too young to understand Cheers and I missed MASH but your posts have made me go back and watch Cheers. I even liked your posts about your trip to Asia and I loved the recent work on the Dick Van Dyke script. That was great!

JR Smith said...

I'm mid 50s, live in Sonoma County, CA and work in marketing. I found your Web site as I was poking around the internet trying to find air checks of mid 1970s TEN-Q radio. I lived in Hollywood then, going to school, working as a Page at NBC Burbank and loved listening to Beaver Cleaver on the big TEN-Q. Enjoy your radio posts most. I worked in radio when it was fun. I wish it still was.

barriowolf said...

I am Jaime G. from El Paso, Texas. Your post are enjoyable and at times I laugh out loud. So, I am the selfish one in our relationship, you're providing all the stories that entertain me, bare your soul beyond any onion I have ever consumed and the use of scientific jargon to explain baseball politics and drama. Phew! What I am getting at? I dig your stuff.
Your material has been involved in my cultural upbringing. M.A.S.H. and Cheers being the biggies. I don't mean to over-stroke your ego, and I apologize if I didn't stroke it enough.
I wish I could be of help on criticism, but some of the post I don't gel with. Sincerely I wish I can articulate it better.
thanks for your stuff

mhowell said...

Hi, Ken. I'm a 55 year old father of three teenagers living in Port Lavaca, TX. I work as a project manager at a chemical plant that makes large steaming vats of bubbling, toxic, green slime that looks menacing while serving no useful purpose whatsoever. No, wait, that's the Hollywood version. In actuality our plant manufactures Acrylonitrile. Been checking in on your blog for at least six/seven years. I do not recall why or how I surfed in here back in the day but I stick around for all the baseball and Hollywood insights. Keep up the good work, Ken.

David from Boston said...

How I found you will tell you a bit about who I am, a former disc-jockey whose first job was at a small 500 watt station just outside NYC, and whose shift was opposite one of your friends, Howard Hoffman on WABC. I found Howard on FB after connecting with another friend of yours, Charlie Van Dyke, with whom I worked (albeit briefly) when I ended up in Boston on the engineering staff of WRKO, which had just gone talk back in 1981. Howard posted about one of your blogs and, well, I was hooked. Oh, and while radio was an unrequited love (at least the on-air part) it was at WRKO/WROR in Boston where I met my wife of 28 years (and counting) and also how I was able to get my Engineering Masters Degree (thanks to RKO General's amazing tuition reimbursement benefit.)

Michael said...

Sorry, I tried to post earlier and realized I didn't address the questions properly!

I'm 50 and grew up on MASH, then loved Frasier, and--oddly--never really got into Cheers. Knowing your name, I was pleased to see your book on your baseball broadcasting with the Orioles and really enjoyed it. At least five years ago, I did a search and there was your blog, and I've read it every day since.

I live in Las Vegas, where I'm a history professor at UNLV.

As for what I like and don't like, understandably, given my enjoyment of your comedy and book writing, I like when you focus on stories about the shows you did and your broadcasting career. But remember that it's YOUR blog. We're just along for the ride.

Don Barksdale said...

Hello Ken,

Greetings from Fort Worth. I'm 50 and was a big fan of MASH growing up and Cheers while in college. Been following the blog on a daily basis for about three years now. Sought it out after listening to one of your appearances on Stu's Show. Most likely the one where you were discussing your book The Me Generation...By Me. A hilarious read by the way. I like anything MASH or Cheers related, any "growing up" stories, and the movie/TV reviews. Keep up the great work!

Curt Alliaume said...

Hi. I'm 52 years old, and live in suburban Chicagoland, having grown up in the suburbs of New York. I've spent most of my career as a production manager in book publishing (I'm in between jobs now, so if anybody knows anyone...). Graduated from Cornell University with a degree in American History. Married to a college professor, one twelve-year-old son.

No professional experience in film or television (unless a semester as an intern at CNN's Washington bureau counts), but as part of my interest in history, I've always been fascinated by pop culture. I've been reading your blog for three or four years, and enjoy it very much.

Thanks for asking.

Unknown said...

50 years old and found your blog because Henry Schulman, SF Giants beat writer, tweeted out that you had a blog. I have really enjoyed it and all the topics you cover.

Bradford said...

I'm from the Chicago area originally but came to Des Moines, IA in the 1970s to go to college and wound up staying. So I'll be turning 60 in a couple months. Was aware of the blog for many years but started reading it more often when I retired a couple years ago. I really enjoy the Friday questions but there's never been a time that I didn't enjoy at least part of a daily post - even the baseball ones. As a matter of fact, I used to produce the Iowa Cubs telecasts here and contacted you many years ago to confirm whether or not you had actually been the color announcer for one of their AAA competitors and did a game from the old tin shack that used to serve as a press box before they built the new stadium.

Unknown said...

Late to the party, but I am Keith Moritz. 35 years old from the Chicago area. Found the blog after your appearance on Talk Salad and Scrambled Eggs. Recently read your baseball book, which incidentally, had to be shipped from the University of Illinois library. Keep up the great work!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Ken,
Steve from Ardsley, NY. I'm 52 and I love hearing all about the behind the scenes and process stuff in comedy writing. The baseball stuff is fantastic, too! Keep up the good work.

JB said...

Been reading you since you were named one of the top blog sites. I went to high school with Doug Kenney, who told me I could write but not comedy. So I worked for a newspaper for 37 years, wrote a syndicated weekly TV column for 25 years, and churned out hundreds of other articles and failed books. I even sold a story idea to the original "Hawaii Five-O." It led to nowhere, except for a great story. I read you daily because I like your behind-the-scenes stories of show biz.

Joseph Dickerson said...

46 year old geek designer, work for Microsoft. I read you every other week when I think about it (I travel a lot for work). I think I found your site curtesy Mark Evanier (whose site I visit daily - sorry, Ken).

I visit because I also write (nonfiction) and I love reading other writers write about writing. I also am a fan of your work and on my "bucket list" is t write a movie script someday.

Finally - I also share your admiration for The Middle. One of the best shows on TV, period. It is so TRUE, and I should know - my wife and I have three children, all of which are EXACTLY like the kids on that show. :-)

euphoria0504 said...

I can't remember if I've ever responded to your annual survey, so here goes. I'm a TV and film producer, currently working on "The New Yorker Presents" for Amazon; past credits include "Blue Valentine" and "The Fog of War." Spent many years as an executive at studios and networks, both here and in the UK. I teach film and TV at Columbia, where I assign many of your blog posts as required and recommended reading. Everything you write about how TV works behind the scenes is golden. I also loved your recent "Dick Van Dyke" experiment -- as did Bill Persky, who spoke to my class last week! Honestly, keep doing exactly what you're doing!

Julie said...

Female, 37, daily reader in NYC. I started reading a few years ago when searching for blogs with writing advice. I write for a living, not in the entertainment industry, and I enjoy reading about your process and your perspective on the evolution comedy writing. During a period of unemployment, I watched every episode of Cheers and Frasier and particularly enjoy your insights about those shows. Love your Friday Questions posts too.

Peter said...

I am 50 years of age and have been following this blog, lurking in almost daily, for a few years now. I first heard about this blog through Mark Evanier's blog, Both blogs share characteristics that attract my interest; writers in the entertainment industry who write with clarity, reason, and wit on their experiences, professional and personal but can write with intelligence on other subjects as well. On this blog I'll read the entries, even the ones about baseball. (I'm partial to the NBA, myself) I may not always agree with the opinions, but that comes with the territory. Just keep those entries coming, that's all I could ask.

Jeff said...

Hi, Ken! I'm Jeff, 58, from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Friday will be my last day in the news business after more than 37 years. My company wanted me to go away, so it threw large satchels of money at me. Well, maybe not large satchels. You get the idea.

Some fathers and sons bond over playing catch. My dad -- still going at 90 -- and I bonded over watching Carson and any number of TV sitcoms and variety shows of the late '60s and '70s. My sense of humor was shaped by Carson, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Rodney Dangerfield, Mad magazine, National Lampoon magazine, the National Lampoon Radio Hour and the earliest SNL. So, yeah, fairly dry and cynical. I have long been a student of comedy and have learned much from you. Thanks!

Mark Fearing said...

Mark in Oregon (formerly of Los Angeles). Enjoy reading your posts.

Ted Kilvington said...

I'm a 47-y.o. white male from Mason, Michigan; married with six kids. I have a B.A. in public policy from Michigan State and work as a criminal history analyst for the Michigan State Police.

I heard of your blog on Mark Evanier's blog and have been coming here daily for about a year. I enjoy just about all of your posts -- except for the baseball ones -- but I even like the posts about baseball announcing.

What I get from your blog is a great read and a smile every day! Keep up the great work!

Dan M. said...

I am a 44-year-old software developer in Plymouth, MA. I enjoy the insights into TV production, both current shows and your work on classic sitcoms. My 12-year-old daughter and I are watching MASH right now. We're up to season six.

Mario S said...

I'm from Chicago, 51 years old. I've been reading you for about 4 years. I'm not sure how I found the blog, maybe Alan Sepinwall? I read it every day. I mostly enjoy the behind the scenes stories of shows and the baseball stories. Not a big fan of the travelogues. I'm O Pos. I gave some thought to being a comedy writer so I enjoy learning about the experience of being one.

Unknown said...

My name is Ryan, living in St. Petersburg, FLA, and I'll be 44 on Monday.

I've been following the blog for close to 5 years.

When I was living in Cleveland, OH, my friends and I competed in (and won) the 48-Hour Film Festival. We then competed against all of the other cities' winners (60 total), and earned Honorable Mention (fourth place) overall. I did most of the writing for both of those 8-minute films, and was hooked. I started reading Script magazine, then through different outlets found your blog.

I read it daily. I'm impressed with how often you write a new story. That dedication is part of the reason you have so many devoted followers/fans/stalkers, I'm sure.

I'm a writer, editor and newspaper designer, but I am hooked on writing TV and movie scripts. Reading your blog is like going to film school every morning.

I will attend your next Sitcom Room weekend.


Angie Krueger said...

Hi, Ken, I am 21 years old and from the University of Michigan in Dearborn, studying journalism and screen studies. I was first introduced to your blog by one of my favorite journalism professors, Tim Kiska, and I was instantly intrigued. I have learned plenty so far, which is why I keep reading. My dream is to one day move to LA to become a sitcom writer.
Thanks for blogging! :)

Brian D. said...

Hey Ken -

I'm 42, live in New York (huge Mets fan), and have been reading your blog daily since about 2011, I would guess.

I enjoy all of your posts, but the ones about how you approach your craft and all your great stories(particularly the ones about MASH, one of my fave shows of all time) make the blog a real treat to read. Thanks for sharing so much with us. Cheers!

Old Bitsmasher said...

Old geek, 75 and retired. Got hooked on movies in the 50's in Berkeley, haunted Pauline Kael's Cinema Guild and Studio on Telegraph Ave and followed the art and craft ever since. Love your stuff.

Anne said...

Hi Ken, I'm 47 year old female in Sydney Australia, and work as a Business analyst, so love reading about your writing processes

I found your site when the Aust Broadcast Corp linked to your 2009 Oscar review, and I still misuse your quote "Seeing Tilda Swinton's outfit all I could think of was “I can show you to your table now.”

You are the third site I check each workday as my PC chugs through daily check routines

After reading your blog, I've given my partner every season of Fraiser over multiple Christmases, and now have to find Wings. He won't read along, but loves when I pass on Fraiser creative snipets like how DHP was cast.

iamr4man said...

Hi Ken. Like some others here, I found you via a link from Mark Evanier. Don't remember what it was, but I liked your blog enough that I bookmarked it and now read it daily. I'm about your age and grew up in the San Fernando Valley. I've liked most of the shows you've worked on and so, I guess I've enjoyed your writing for a long time. To be honest though, I never paid much attention to the credits on TV shows. Weird and embarrassing since I'm the type that pays attention to credits on just about everything else.
I do have a question. My wife is a big Dharma and Greg fan. Do you have any idea why only the first two seasons are available on DVD?

Anonymous said...

I'm from Duluth, Minnesota....Came here via someone posting a link in the TWOP thread of either "Frasier" or "MASH".
I am not about to tell you what you should and shouldn't write about for you need to be free in your creativity. I will I love the TV anecdotes.and any radio station stories....and if you have any anecdotes about musicians, that would be cool...(ever worked with John Denver?)

I will say that in reading your blog, I have been influenced to make my blog better in it's approach to writing. I doubt I will ever be as famous as you but I appreciate the inspiration...
Please, keep blogging...and I will keep reading..every day!

Anonymous said...

I'm from Duluth, Minnesota....Came here via someone posting a link in the TWOP thread of either "Frasier" or "MASH".
I am not about to tell you what you should and shouldn't write about for you need to be free in your creativity. I will admit I love the TV anecdotes.and any radio station stories....and if you have any anecdotes about musicians, that would be cool...(ever worked with John Denver?)

I will say that in reading your blog, I have been influenced to make my blog better in it's approach to writing. I doubt I will ever be as famous as you but I appreciate the inspiration...I also love reading the MASH and Frasier related entries to my mother.
Please, keep blogging...and I will keep reading..every day!

Pizzagod said...

Ken, I'm 62, and I found you about three years ago through Mark Evanier's blog.

I am an aspiring writer, I'm in the carnival business, and I like coffee (well you wanted facts....)

I enjoy your insiders view (is there supposed to be an apostrophe there?) I find myself agreeing with your take on most movies and tv shows, and it's nice to just sit back and listen to a mensch expound from time to time.

Keep up the good work

Lee said...

Let's see, I turn 49 next week. I've lived in Scottsdale Arizona for the last 13 years as a work from home dad raising our two daughters, and my wife of 27 years. I'm an IT geek for money, but, after spending almost 2 decades in Texas, can smoke a brisket with the best in the west. I've been reading your daily for so long I couldn't tell you when I started. Undoubtedly, I made my way her via a link about M.A.S.H. And stayed for the stories and the behind the scenes info. I like to read your stories as an antidote to the endless tech info I usually fill my day. And, since I just gave blood last week, I can positively say, I'm O+.

Richard said...

Richard here, from Milwaukee, WI. 47. Gemini.

Not sure how long I've been following the blog, but it's been ages. I distinctly remember when I first came across this blog going back and reading all the previous posts, and it didn't take that long. I also remember this question about your readers coming up many many times, and I've never chimed in before.

I have absolutely zero memory about how I first discovered your blog and started reading. But now it's one of the five or ten blogs I check every morning.

I captain an anonymous beige cubicle in Corporate America supporting the data warehouse of an insurance firm. Fun stuff.

What do I enjoy regarding the blog? Two main things. The first is/are all the insights into show business, and all that comes with it. The second (and more important)? The writing.

Shocking that a successful comedy writer has a blog that's well written and compelling! Talk about whatever you want - it's all fun to read. (I have the crime novel and the travelogue - will purchase the 60's memoir in the morning.)

And while I totally respect your choice of Natalie Woods as a default, may I suggest some classic Sophia Loren on occasion?

Mitchell Hundred said...

27 year-old cisgender mostly heterosexual white man. I grew up in Vancouver, and am living in southwestern Ontario for at least the next few months. I believe I found my way here via Jamie Weinman's blog. And I'm fond of seeing things dissected, looking at what makes them work (or not). Not as big a fan of the scripts you sometimes post parodying shows. Could be just me, but I prefer my snark in smaller doses.

Shawn Rech said...

Ken, I'm 50 and from Cleveland, OH. I produce and direct documentaries and small-time TV shows. I learned about you from Dan O'Shannon - who told me you had the best blog in the business. He was right. I'm also a veteran of your Writer's Room (2013) and found it extremely valuable. When I grow up I want to make funny movies.

Jon said...

I'm 50 years old, and I live in Allen, TX, about 10-15 miles north of Dallas. I may have first seen it a bit earlier, but I first started reading your blog regularly (almost daily) last December, when I was looking for a funny review of "Peter Pan Live", which I'd just seen the night before, and you didn't disappoint. :) I then heard you in Stu Shostak's first show of this year on (where I hope you'll return soon). I'm an IT lead analyst for a major bank, and my blood type is A+, since you asked.
I most like the articles that relate to older television shows, as I'm a fan of classic tv, going back to the 50s, and I watch Me-TV more than any other network now. I'm ok with the baseball stories, especially since baseball's a passion of yours.

Brian said...

I'm in the Carolina mountains, in my 50's and I have been following the blog for probably 7 years. A programmer at Microsoft linked to it from his blog. I like the Friday questions, you answered a few of mine. Ken, I think it would be funny if posted some video blog posts. I have learned a lot about how shows are made from this blog and I have a much greater appreciation and respect for writers because of it. (Except for the writers of "Two Broke Girls")

Kyle said...

21 year old male attending college at the University of Washington. Studying mechanical engineering and I am currently procrastinating studying for a test. I found my way to the blog once I started following you in twitter after your interview on the Talk Salad Pod. I enjoy the bite size insights you have about what you know. I've only been around for a short while so I don't know what to suggest. But I really enjoy learning more about the tv industry.

Adel Khan said...

Living in Calgary, AB. I am 23 years old, currently taking a two-year “Graphic Communications and Print Technology” program. Next to Mark Evanier’s blog – News From M.E. without fail I always love to see what’s in store on your blog. I have visit your blog in the past, however it was this year that I frequently visited. As a fellow writer on the “Blog-o-Sphere” your writing style is what I try to pattern, at the same time having my own touch.

A couple of years ago my sister and I religiously watched “M*A*S*H”. My interest in the series waned when the tone was preachy. Despite my lack of enthusiasm towards the show, “A Night At Rosies”, was one of my favorites as it broke the formula from having a different setting. I liked how everyone was using Rosie’s as seclusion from the problems they were facing. It is a testament to how vitalizing the work of you and your partner David Issacs remains to this day.

After a four-year hiatus of viewing “M*A*S*H”, I have become a die-hard fan than before.
What may have spurred my fascination with “M*A*S*H” is how there were numerous references to the show on “SCTV”. It was surprising, how I did not recall many of the episodes from season five.

A couple of months ago, I viewed “Out Of Sight, Out of Mind” how you dovetailed the two plots of Hawkeye’s blindness and Frank’s baseball game scam was brilliant. Hawkeye’s speech about what it was like losing his sight was conveyed perfectly without being too maudlin.

I have downloaded past shows of “Stu’s Show” where you and your partner David Isaacs appeared. It is very entertaining hearing how your earliest experiences in the writing field. With the exception of “CHEERS”, I am viewing the curtailed sitcoms of yours from “MARY” and “BIG WAVE DAVE’S”. I never tire of the facetious sense of humor that permeates through every post. Always interesting reading your posts on pop culture, past celebrities, your experiences writing, and your opinions on current television.

Bert said...

I'm a tad over 50 and have been reading the blog for most of its existence. Raised in LA and so can relate to some stories about the place. I really like the mix of topics the most, yes on TV, but also on radio, and on the one area I think you underblog (which should be a word): baseball announcing (and the cities and places it brought you to). Read the blog daily, kind of like my morning newspaper, although I read at night.

Barry Traylor said...

Well Ken, I am 73 but my wife says that sometimes I act like a child. So I guess I'm a bit confused. I live in Pennsylvania. I enjoy most everything you write about (even baseball as I am not a fan of the sport--or many others come to think of it). I do enjoy your post Emmy and Oscar award show reviews and also enjoy your film reviews even when I don't agree with them. Be a dull world if everyone agreed all the time I suppose.

Barry Traylor said...

Whoops, forgot to mention that I have been reading your blog for about five years now. Came across it as a link from the blog of Mark Evanier.

Jason Roberts said...

Mid 40's DGA Assistant Director based in Los Angeles but never home since they don't make movies there any longer.
I have been a faithful reader of your blog for a few years. Thanks for writing as you do!



Loosehead said...

Dave Gordon, 59, living in a town called Basingstoke in southern England. O-neg, a universal donor, so a good person to crash your car with. Being British I'm obviously not so interested in baseball, and have no real ambition to be a Hollywood screenwriter. Other than that I like the stories from behind the scenes of Frasier and Cheers. Didn't really get to see the Dick van Dyke or Mary Tyler Moore shows over here, but I do like the pictures of Natalie Wood.

Loosehead said...

Add an addendum like Barry Traylor, word for word.

Nick said...

38 years old, male, high school teacher living in rural NSW Australia.
Found this blog a few yesrs ago during your Rosanna feud and have been a fan ever since. Keep up the good work!

Loosehead said...

Just loving all the people posting as "Anonymous" and describing themselves, as if we can read an Anonymous post in the future and think "Ah yes, I know who that is now".

Bud Wilkinson said...

At 62, I'm in a bad demo. Living in northwest Connecticut makes me eccentric. I'm a former TV critic - a total of 12 years (two with The Columbus Dispatch in Ohio and 10 with The Arizona Republic in Phoenix, where I got to know Howard Hoffman). I then segued into being an entertainment reporter on TV in Phoenix for another eight years. One of my favorite stories involves George Wendt and the night when Kirstie Alley did her first episode of "Cheers." Was talking with him after the taping, along with critics Bill Carter and Mike Hill (if memory serves), and he was telling how he and John Ratzenberger had bought Kirstie a shotgun to welcome her to the cast. At that moment. Kirstie rushed up and gushed thanks over the gift. Have some "M*A*S*H" stories, too, but none as good as yours. I now write about motorcycles for a local newspaper and some mags and have the website It's a far cry from covering the entertainment biz, but the memories are great.

Unknown said...

I'm a 56 year old male from Reno, Nevada, who first learned of this blog several years ago from Mark Evanier's News from ME. I read it every morning and let me practically everything, but since you do post every day, something many blogs don't achieve, I wouldn't complain about those few things that don't really ring my bell.

Bill Lentz said...

I'm a 65 year old male from Paducah (you can rhyme it with bazooka) KY. I started reading your blog daily after Mark Evanier referenced it a year or so ago. I've read a couple of your books, enjoyed Growing up in the 60's the most. Probably because, even though you were Jewish growing up in glamorous L.A and I was Presbyterian (the frozen chosen) growing up in Paducah, we had similar experiences - you were much more successful with the ladies though.

Since my son moved to L.A., and hangs out with entertainment types, I enjoy reading your inside TV stuff the most. However, your writing style is one I enjoy, so I pretty much read it all. Because I've come late to the blog, I'm perfectly happy to see old reposts that are particularly entertaining.

Bill in Paducah

sophomorecritic said...

Early 30s, been following the blog for at least 7 years.
I'm from DC, also blog on TV, read you for your insights into TV (not your insights into baseball), sometimes try to ask a question.

Also, kind of disappointed with your picture now that I'm seeing it for the first time, I expected you to look more Larry Davidish

Fran said...

I'm 64, live and work in DC, and have been reading the blog for, I'd guess about six years. You were kind enough to say hello to my son and me at Nats stadium when you were doing Dodger Talk a few years ago. I read your stuff because you're a mensch. You're funny and have a sensibility that I understand (likely due to age/culture/good taste). Love your bragging on your kids and your Dad and I enjoy sitcoms and trying to understand, when they work, why they work.

BD Johnson said...

Found the blog through Rob Long's "Martini Shot" on KCRW a number of years ago. I work in Cinematography (those guys working the cameras and lights) in TV and features. Love the Baseball stories!

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