Tuesday, November 14, 2017

12th year anniversary

The end of this month marks the 12 year anniversary of this blog. I still can’t believe it. Daily postings for 12 years. Over 5200 posts and over 30,000,000 page views.

For my ten-year anniversary I had a party. For 12 I’m just going to have a drink.

But I always like to know who’s out there, where they’re from, how long they’ve been reading, how they found the blog, how old they are, what subjects they liked and which (besides baseball) they didn’t? So periodically I take a day and let you guys do the heavy lifting. If you would be so kind, could you take a moment to write a comment and answer some of those questions? Your feedback helps me present a better product.  One thing I know you like is Natalie Wood photos. Note:  I moderate the comments so there may be a lag time between when you write it and it's posted.  Popularity has its trolls. 

Since this blog is, and always will be, free – a question I often receive is “How can I repay you?” I would say listen to and subscribe to my podcast (which is also free). I’m really proud of it and am trying to build a sizable audience for that too.  Got some real good shows lined up.  (Subscribe on iTunes, listen via podcast apps, this link, or just click on the big gold arrow above.)  

Thanks much. Hope to hear from you, and (if you check out my podcast) you hear from me. 



slgc said...

Happy Anniversary Ken! What are you planning for next year's Blog Mitzvah?

I'm a New Yorker living in exile in Central NJ and a huge Mets fan. I found out about your blog around five years ago from someone who had been my friend at the time, and I've been enjoying it ever since. I also really enjoyed meeting you when A or B? came to Hatboro, and hope that more of your plays make it to the New York/Philadelphia corridor.

Off the top of my pre-caffeinated head I can't think of anything specific to suggest. I enjoy reading the blog and listening to the podcast, and I wish you another dozen years of happy blogging!

John in NE Ohio said...

Probably the same answer I gave the last few years.

NE Ohio
Since early December 2011. Have read every one since then. Currently the only blog I read daily.

Googled Harry Morgan when he died for an obit.

I like most everything, even most of the baseball. I especially enjoy the behind the scenes stories and information. Ironically since as I understand it was the genesis to the blog, your travel blogs are the least interesting - but I still read them.

I thank you for doing this for free. Obviously your earlier career allows you that freedom, but it would allow you the freedom to simply sit home and yell at the kids to get off your lawn. At least this way we get to listen to it.

Howard Carter said...

I'm in Houston, been reading your blog for something like 7 years I guess. Love the Friday questions, and the comments are generally great. I'm a huge Frasier fan, so anything about that or Cheers always interests me.

Unknown said...

FWIW, I like the baseball posts. I started watching baseball because of this blog.

Ryan from Canada said...

Hey Ken,

Congrats on 12 years, a great accomplishment indeed!

I'm a male in my mid-30's from Northwestern Ontario, Canada. I have been reading your blog since around 2010, and listening to your podcast since day 1. For the life of me I can't recall how I came across it, but if I were to guess, I'd say a link would have led me to your blog via one of the many other screenwriting websites I read regularly.

Not sure if this is helpful, but I do not check out your blog over the weekend. I do however spend my Monday mornings catching up while at work.

I "currently" work in terrestrial radio so I'm a big fan of your love/horror stories about your time in that industry. I'm also a huge baseball fan (my bucket list includes visiting every stadium and currently I've been to 20 of the 30) - San Fran/Pittsburgh thus far being my favourites, while Toronto/Anaheim have been the shittiest.

Furthermore, I'm a practicing screenwriter/filmmaker so all your industry insider articles are must reads for me.

Hope this info is somewhat useful to you, and here's hoping your blog will last at least 12 more years!


Susie said...

Hi Ken,

My name's Susie from NJ. Been reading for years now. You have answered my question as a post too. Still can't understand why you deleted my comment yesterday :)

Diane D. said...

Name: Diane D.
Location: Destin, Florida
Age Group: Baby Boomer
Reading: about 6 years---your blog post
and all comments; every day
Found Blog: Searching for info on CHEERS
I read no other blog, but always plan to.
I like behind the scenes stories,
your career stories, movie reviews, rants,
Oscar and Emmy reviews including the
snark, some baseball talk, your radio
days, and most of all...CHEERS talk
of any kind.
I don't enjoy pictures of naked women with
Yarn stored in their vaginas, knitting
through menstral blood.....and such
THANK YOU for this wonderful free blog. I do listen to your Podcast, but not every week.

1955david said...

Hello. My name is David. I live in Orange County, CA. I'm 62 years old. I first heard you on KABC RADIO morning show. I thought you were funny and you mentioned that you had a blog. This was 4 or 5 years ago. I've never missed a post since. I've listened to all of your podcasts. I look forward to them. Personally, I like the baseball stuff. The announcing stories are classic. I am pleased with what you're doing, keep up the great work. Congratulations on 12 years.

Fred Vogel said...

Born in Burbank, then off to Encino, Woodland Hills, Westlake Village, and Oak Park. Now in Oregon, writing short stories. I'm the age of a famous route and don't have a clue how I found this sight some five years ago but glad I did. In case no one's ever told you, you're a pretty funny guy. As far as posts go...more baseball, less multi-camera crap :0)

Jason Roberts said...

Jason Roberts from Los Angeles. I work in the entertainment industry. I'm in my late 40's. I have been reading your blog since about 2010. I just enjoy seeing where you take me from day to day. I want to be a guest on your podcast too! ;) . I am sure we would have a lot to talk about.

Sung said...

Who’s out there: Hello Ken! Sung here. It was wonderful to meet you in person last year, when you came to Hatboro, PA for your play "A or B?" :)

Where they’re from: NJ

How long they’ve been reading: Jeez...I've lost count. My guess is a decade.

How they found the blog: Probably a search result via AltaVista, Excite, AskJeeves, or perhaps Lycos...?

How old they are: About 6 in dog years.

What subjects they liked and which (besides baseball) they didn’t: I like'em all, Ken. Even baseball! Keep'em coming and thanks for entertaining me (and the rest of your fans) for all this time. Happy twelfth!

Glenn said...

I’m 41, from Boston, MA, and found your blog around 2011. I also attended your sitcom seminar in 2015. My personal favorite blog posts are the behind the scenes stories about favorite episodes (speaking of which, got any good ones from the Woody’s wedding episode of Cheers? Season 10 finale.) Keep up the good work!

bücürükveben said...

Hi, I'm Müjde, 60, from Ankara, Türkiye. I've found your blog while searching about sitcom writing, sitcom tips. I'm a scriptwriter (unfamous one), I mean none of my scripts have been sold),I'm writing & drawing one of my sitcom (Karpuz Apartmanı which means Watermelon Apartment)on my blog. It's about funny, interesting neighbours living in an apartment. I've posted 26 episodes. Bücürük is may cat's name. Bücürük ve Ben means (Bücürük and I) That's all. I love reading your blog. Thanks and Regards. :)

bücürükveben said...

Congratulations for 12 years. :)

decal1028 said...

Hi Ken,

Still here, been reading everyday for about 5 years. 55 white male, liberal (duh), watched MASH and Cheers when they aired.

Keep the baseball.

roadgeek said...

55, In Austin. Been reading this blog for about two years. Enjoy the stories about working in Hollywood. Dislike Ken Levine's frequent digs at our president. Would prefer politics be left out of the blog altogether. I'll keep reading, however, as it is mostly quite entertaining.

Peter said...

who’s out there: Me.

where they’re from: London.

how long they’ve been reading: 5 years.

how they found the blog: Googling for info on Al Rosen and finding your blog post: "The CHEERS names not everybody knows".

how old they are: 39 plus 1 (I still haven't come to terms with it).

what subjects they liked: Snarky posts, movie reviews, commenting on topical news (Weinstein/Trump etc), guest posts from industry friends and stars, funny stories from your career, especially ones about the assholes you've encountered, even if they do have to remain nameless.

which (besides baseball) they didn’t?: Not as enthusiastic about radio related stuff, but I know a lot of readers love them, so I can't complain. Oh, and baseball.

blinky said...

In the same way a real DJ makes a radio show interesting your authentic voice make your blog compelling.Inside baseball is good but inside Hollywood is even better. Thanks for your 12 years of work. I have been reading every day for so long that I really have no idea how I found you. But glad I did.

Brian Phillips said...

Brian Phillips, Junior Levine Ranger, 3rd class! From Spring Valley, NY, currently south of Atlanta, GA. I've been reading your blog for about nine years, which a friend recommended to me. I'm 54 and I am a fan of the behind-the-scenes posts. I'm less inclined to read your "what-if" scripts, but mostly because I read the blog at work and don't have as much time to read them in their entirety. I'm also not a fan of the guy that said my posts were too long so kiss my FOOT, Harry Ledbett...

Oh. Pardon.

Thanks for allowing us to ask questions and for insight into your great body of work.

Bill Jones said...

I'm a constitutional lawyer who lives in Washington, DC. Age range 30-50. Politically conservative (though of the Ryan/McConnell variety, not the other guy). I grew up on shows like Cheers and other classic NBC comedies. I love the posts about industry and business talk. I also love the baseball posts, because I enjoy the behind-the-scenes aspects of sports production. Finally, I really enjoy reading about your writing process; I have used some of your same tips in my line of work (writing briefs). I don't love the posts looking fondly back on the 60s, because it strikes me as warmed-over boomerism. And I don't love the posts taking cheap shots at conservatives, not because I'm thin-skinned but because the jokes are usually pretty lame. I've been reading the blog faithfully for several years; I don't know how I first came across it. Thanks for doing this every day--what an accomplishment!

Tom said...

Odd way to find your blog: As a kid in 1958, I attended a live telecast of the game show "Dotto." Years later, researching the show online, I found images of "Dotto" tickets that Mark Evanier had posted. I started following Mark's blog, and somewhere along the way I think he mentioned yours.

Terence Towles Canote said...

Happy anniversary! I will have been blogging for 14 years next June, but not a post every day@

Dave Creek said...

This post has been up for hours and no one's commented yet? All right, I'll start things off. I've taken part in your informal survey before, Ken, but we're used to reruns in the TV business, aren't we?

I'm a former broadcast news producer in Louisville, KY, and I live here with my wife Dana, who's a retired teacher, and son Andy, who's a student. We also have a Jack Russell Terrier/Corgi mix, Ziggy Stardawg, and Hemmingway cat called, uh, Hemmingway.

I started my TV career at WHAS-TV, worked in Tennessee a few years, then came back and, after 22 years, retired from WDRB-TV. When I begin in the biz, everyone shot film. By the time I retired, most of my work was on the web, writing stories and going out in the field and shooting stills for slide shows.

Even before retirement, I started writing science fiction. I've had over thirty short stories published in magazines and anthologies, and several books published either by small presses or which I've self-published.

I'm most interested in the behind-the-scenes stories of the TV series you've worked on, especially details of the writing process. I'm not a sports fan, so the only sports-related entries I ever find interesting are the ones showcasing particular personalities who would be interesting no matter their profession. That said, you should come to Louisville and check out our minor-league team the Louisville Bats. I think you'd like Slugger Field, which is meant to evoke an old-time baseball stadium.

I first became aware of your blog through mentions in Jane Espenson's long-gone blog. In turn, I've become aware of Mark Evanier's blog and others through mentions in yours.

Keep up the great work, both with this blog and your podcast!

iain said...

First, Happy Anniversary & thank you! 54 years old, current resident of beautiful Lakewood, OH, been reading daily for at least 10 of the 12 years, arrived as with many others via Mark Evanier's blog.

I really appreciate your radio stories & all the other behind-the-scenes nuggets you share. Count me as one who loves your baseball posts!

cjdahl60 said...

I'm in my late 50's and tune in from Seattle WA. I'm not sure when I started following your blog, but it's been years. I also subscribe to your podcast and I enjoy both mediums. I've also bought some of your books, both in e-book form and a used copy of your baseball memoir. As a huge Mariners fan, I'm one of the few who enjoy the baseball posts, but the behind the scenes Hollywood stuff is great too. It's great to see the human side of the creative process.

Congratulations on your anniversary and keep up the great work. Thanks much!

benson said...

Happy Anniversary, Ken, and as always, a big thank you for all the entertainment you have provided in so many ways.

Journeyman radio guy in Michigan.

I go back to almost the very beginning, through your pal, Mark Evanier's blog.

The three biggest laughs you have given me in this blog and through the podcast are the overnight rip and read newscast story where the fellow said the foreign president's name was being withheld pending notification of his relatives. And in your podcast last month, your dating the woman born on June 15th. Oh, and the WLS story about your Christmas shift.

David said...

Long story short (or as short as possible)

On Facebook, from Gary Berkowitz (WROR program director and now radio consultant) I found Howard Hoffman (who was on WABC at nights, the same time I was jocking my first professional gig on a small 500W AM in Northern New Jersey) who obliged to accept my FB friend request from me (I jokingly call myself his competition, but in truth I was nowhere in his league, try hard as I did.)

Almost there, Ken...

Howard referenced your blog in one of his posts and I was hooked, especially since I such a fan of M*A*S*H, Cheers, and other shows for which you were a writer.

Steve Bailey said...

I enjoy your blog and your podcast. Even though I'm not a sports fan, it's fun to hear it from your point of view, and of course I love all of the inside show-biz stories. My only suggestion would be, when you have an interesting guest (and they've pretty much all been interesting), please let them do the "heavy lifting," as you put it. I listened to your interview with Ann Jillian, and you kept having to interject yourself in the middle of her answering your questions. You wanted the guest on, let him or her have their say.

Kirk said...

What I wrote last year...

Well, to recap, I'm a single over-50 laborer living in suburban Cleveland. My sister told me about your blog. Really anything having to do with pop culture I find interesting.

I'd also like to say that, living here as I do in far-from-show biz Cleveland, the writers names I see in TV credits can seem every bit as fictional as the shows they write for. That you've answered my questions over the years confirms that, yes, you exist! Almost like talking to God or Santa.

Chester said...

Congrats, Ken. It amazes me how you can write a blog entry every day while still writing stage plays and (I assume) other TV projects. I wrote a letter to my aunt not too long ago and had to rest for over a week. Clearly, some of us have the calling (& gift to go with it) while others do not.

I read your blog daily from Toronto. I think this must be my seventh or eighth year.

Here's to 12 more -- at least!

Mighty Dyckerson said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Bobaloo said...

I’m Bob, from Phoenix, AZ and believe I’ve been reading for 9 years. Your snarky American Idol reviews are what brought me here, but I’ve stayed for the comedy and sports. My politics are in line with yours so that’s all fine for me.

I like most of the subjects you write about, but usually gloss over reposts. Also, I’m unlikely to watch posted videos, especially if it’s just the video w/o any other context.

John H said...

Hi Ken,

I stumbled upon this site several years ago after searching for Cheers. Thank you for this blog and for more importantly, injecting so much humor into this world.



By Ken Levine said...


I apologize. Sometimes comments get deleted by mistake.

alopecia said...

These will be pretty much the same answers as the last couple of times, but …

I'm Jeff, a Southern California native who's emphatically not in the industry. I know I found your blog because some other blogger linked to it, but that was in 2008 (?) and my *mumble-mumble*-year-old memory doesn't retain details like that.

As for topics, it's your world, we're just living in it. The baseball posts don't bother me; in fact, I'd be interested in your take on cricket, if you have one (baseball and cricket are both stick-and-ball games, but are otherwise almost, but not quite, entirely unlike each other).

I subscribed to your podcast as soon as Episode 1 dropped, and have even nudged friends and family to have a listen (so far without conspicuous success).

Congratulations on sticking it out for twelve years. Enjoy your drink.

Dhruv said...

Dhruv from India. Been reading for a couple of years. Used to post comments. Then one day my comment to a post about movies/sitcoms with no new idea or something similar... was not posted. The comment was about one of the greatest Indian movie, amongst Time magazine's 100 greatest movies - Nayagan.

Was disappointed..... then thought... well I am an Indian, how would my comments to a Westerner sound? Would it interest them? Does it make sense to talk to them about Indian movies? No wonder it was not published. Then stopped commenting till now.

Interesting Blog!!!

Susie said...

No problem Ken :) That's what I thought too.

JonCow said...

12 Years a Blogger, that's pretty impressive.
Location: Western/Central/Upstate NY (everyone has their favorite modifier; halfway between Rochester and Syracuse)
Age Group: Boomer
Reading: about 8 years, I think
Found Blog: followed a comment & link on Jamie Weinman's discontinued blog "Something Old, Something New" and liked what I read.
I like behind scene "bizness" stories, I always read your Larry Gelbart eulogy every year. (Looking through old CDs at a garage sale, I found a disc of Gulliver's Travels for Orchestra with Narration. Looked at the credits, and saw Larry Gelbart's name. He did an amazing adaptation, true to the story, and at the same time, he was true to the voice of the narrator: Sir John Gielgud. And, a very funny sly joke, slipped in, too. But, this aside has gone on too long)
Favorite post: Your homerun call for the Syracuse Chiefs
I don't enjoy (even though I like the "bizness" stuff, posts about the WGA (elections, strikes etc), but those are few and far between.

Jay said...

Hi Ken,
I'm originally from Chicago but have been living in Los Angeles on and off for nearly 12 years. I've been reading your blog on a daily basis since early 2012. I remember finding out about it when I was googling "What show should I write a spec on?" and one of your past posts popped up in the results. It was you listing which shows would be best to spec, which ones would be risky, etc. Obviously, I was an aspiring TV comedy writer, and who better to get advice from than an actual, real-life one? In case you were wondering, I did not follow your advice that year, and I wrote a spec on "Don't Trust the B--- In Apartment 23". As God as my witness, I thought that show would be a hit.

Even though my writing aspirations have fallen by the wayside (don't know if this has ever been discussed, but breaking into the entertainment industry is haaaaaaaaaaard), I still enjoy reading your blog, checking out your post-award show snarky reviews, your take on current events (political and otherwise) and just reading about your experiences in show biz. Whenever something major happens in the news, even outside of the industry, I find myself checking the usual suspects online (CNN, NY Times) and then clicking onto your blog. And even though I don't always agree with your posts (*cough* the new Twin Peaks was freaking awesome *cough*), I find your opinions valid, interesting and well-thought out. But in the end, I feel my interest has been sustained all these years because, as a creative person who may not have made it as a creative professional, I always enjoy reading and hearing creative people talk about being creative (not just writers, but also actors, chefs, painters, bakers, etc.)

Thanks for all your work!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the anniversary!

Who’s out there?

Where they’re from:

How long they’ve been reading:
April 2014

How they found the blog:
I got a job as an intern in an office working on a computer for most of the day with very little work. I was reading TheBitterScriptReader blog because I was trying to write a screenplay at the time and he has your blog in one of his links so I clicked it and started reading it from the beginning. Read it every day since even though the internship ended years ago. Whoever told you 12 years ago to update your blog everyday, you owe them big time!

how old they are:

What subjects they liked:
Backstage Hollywood gossip, your views on writing or reflecting on how things are in the business

Which (besides baseball) they didn’t?
Bashing millennials! Baseball.

Morgan Van Lent said...

36, Inverness CA

Been reading you on a near daily basis for about five years. Always informative and funny. I'm not quite sure how to say this, but I haven't found too many writers like you. Your point of view is clear-eyed and your takes are honest and wise. So much writing on the internet is either sanctimonious posturing (the olds), or performative post-grad naval gazing (the youngs). Your opinion is one of the few in the world that I value more than my own.

But you are wrong about THE DEUCE. It's a good show.

Anonymous said...

52, Torrance, CA
Reading for a couple years. I enjoy the baseball stuff and the "inside baseball" on the entertainment industry. I work in cable TV so it is interesting to see the goings on in the Supply side.

Dan Reese said...

Hi Ken - Happy Anniversary!
I’ve been reading the blog on and off for about 10 years, and every day for about 5. I’m 56 years old and from suburban Philadelphia. (I met you at a local performance of A or B a few years ago.) I love the baseball stuff— I’m a lifelong Mets fan. I like the behind-the-scenes stuff from throughout your career. And I like hearing your thoughts on current shows.

VP81955 said...

From younger blog sibling Carole & Co. (born June 13, 2007, now with 3,367 entries), a happy birthday!

Started following your site about 2008 or so, when I lived in northern Virginia -- moved to SoCal in 2014 for film history research and to learn screenwriting -- and enjoy all the inside info on how the sitcom sausage is made, though I'm personally more interested in writing romantic comedy features. (Someone has to revive that genre; it might as well be me.) Keep up the good work.

Pizzagod said...

I can't say how long I've been following you, but the time has passed quickly and very enjoyably.

I found you through Mark Evanier's blog-and I'll never be able to thank either of you enough for the entertainment you've given me.

Carry on, I hope the next 12 are every bit as wonderful.

FFS said...

Early seventies. Live in Toronto. Love the shots at conservatives - they can give it but not take it. Reading the blog since 2014 when I found it while Googling something else. Was delighted last year that after suggesting more hockey posts you actually made a hockey reference. Amazed at your current creative output. Getting an oil change and a haircut on the same day exhausts me.

Peter said...

VP81955, Hollywood still makes romantic comedies. They've never stopped. Or do you mean good romantic comedies, because that's a whole different matter! :-D

Brent Alles said...

Grand Rapids, MI. I've been reading for quite a while now... I think I first came here via Mark Evanier's recommendation/website, but I've stuck around since then. I'm 43 and love your stuff about theater and television. Probably my least favorite subject is base...ing my opinion on something else. :) Anyway, thanks for many years of reading entertainment and now an excellent, humorous, informative podcast... I haven't been around all of the 12 years but I certainly intend, Deity of Your Choice Willing, to be around for at least 12 more. :)

Mibbitmaker said...

This blog started on my sister's birthday!

55-year-old (wait, wasn't I just in my 20s a minute ago?!) here in Northampton, MA. Can't remember where I discovered this blog (I thought maybe from the ol' MASH newsgroup, but the timeline doesn't seem right since I don't think it was brand new then), but it was a considerable while ago, from a mention elsewhere. I bookmarked it immediately, but hadn't followed this blog regularly until about a couple years ago.

I'm especially a huge fan of MASH and Cheers. Inside the biz stuff is fascinating to me (my favorite part of the MTM Show was the newsroom scenes after all), and I'm interested in the rock 'n' roll radio stuff, too. Not a big sports fan, though I do root for the home team and/or the underdog.

Fellow anti-Trump here, though my politics is more center-left independent.

Concluding by evoking the imagery of Barney Rubble and the Bedrock police singing "Happy Anniversary" repeatedly in Fred & Wilma's bedroom on a "hot piana" (season 1).

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

I live in Kalama, Washington and found your blog during a radio-related web search: I think the first post/rant I read was something about how terrestrial radio sucks.

In college, I majored in theater and minored in broadcasting. I took my shot at Hollywood but left both the business and LA. Still do some writing but haven't done any scripts since the 90's.

I'm not particularly interested in baseball, but I keep thinking you should check out another blog I follow: Stuff Nobody Cares About. That blog frequently is classic Hollywood and/or baseball.

And I'm always interested in smart, talented, and attractive women. Although early on I learned to never date actresses.

The spinoff from MASH that never happened but should have: Radar and that lovely young lady from Iowa he met on his way out of Korea.

There are things I miss about LA: Pinks. And Ralph's generics were surprisingly good. Since you've haunted baseball stadiums, maybe you could do a column on the best hot dog.

I enjoy your blog and your podcast, too, although I must admit I'm way behind.

Thank you. Keith

Tore said...

I'm 37 and live in Oslo, Norway. I work as a journalist with one foot in television production and the other in online newspapers.

I have followed your brilliant blog since 2009/2010-ish. I found it while googling for information about either M*A*S*H, CHEERS or FRASIER (shows that I have watched so many times over the years that I consider it as part of my DNA).

What I like to read on this blog? Well, I like your blog posts. Simple as that. But I have to admit that my smile always gets a little wider when you post something about the sitcoms I mentioned, especially when the posts are very «narrow» and nerdy.

Do I have any requests? Just one: I would absolutely love if you would write a post about your relationship with The Beatles. I am a fanatic and when I read your Lennon post (http://kenlevine.blogspot.no/2017/05/my-meeting-with-john-lennon.html) my jaw hit the floor. I mean, holy s**t, what an experience!

Many congratulation on your upcoming anniversary! You do a phenomenal job and your blog is one of the very few websites – and the only blog – I *have* to read every day. Thank you sincerely for all the wonderful written entertainment you have given me and my fellow readers.

Anonymous said...

62, live in St. Charles, MO just outside Of St. Louis, love the baseball stories. Love The inside stories. Wish you could name names but understand why you don’t. I saw someone else posting your link and gave you a try about 10 years ago.

Happy anniversary! Here’s to many many many more years.

Pam, St. Louis

Victor Velasco said...

Born in Orange County, moved to S.F. peninsula before I was two (San Bruno & Millbrae), later to Santa Rosa, some stops around No. & So. Cal; last 40 years or so in S.F....I'm 61, was the baby of the family, a TV fanatic and true lover of baseball; fortunate to be a Giants fan; (first great memory of ball was the '62 season)...been a musician since age 8. Went kinda backwards i.e., played guitar first THEN switched to bass; played, blues/surf/ tex-mex/c&w, the whole stew...being the youngest by 10 and 13 years cued me in to media/music before a lot of peers; at least that's what I tell myself

Found you through Reel Radio...I think. probably seven? years ago. I truly appreciate your talents and the great work you've done for many years...

Don't know how this reads but there's nothing I don't like about the blog. Cause what doesn't immediately get to me as an interest either informs, educates or entertains...all four qualities and you got a grand slam.


P.S. for Friday: what are your top 10 Bilko episodes?

Anonymous said...

Hello Ken,

Happy Anniversary- Been reading since 2010 I think, Time magazine recommended you I think. I'm a 44 yr old white male, married with 2 kids, in NJ, conservative but not a Trump fan or nut job. I like reading all politics. Maybe I am a nut job.
Anyway, I like your parodies/spoofs/snarky columns best, followed by baseball, broadcasting, TV & Movie reviews, your travels and family stuff. Keep up the good work, --LL

Mike Bloodworth said...

Since we know each other personally I don't need to give too many details, but...I've lived my entire life in the San Fernando Valley. I too used to work in radio for several years, I did extra work, improv, etc. But, now I'd really love to get into writing. I consider your blog to be a master class on the ins and outs of show business. That's why my favorite part is the instructional aspect of the blog. I especially enjoy the answers to the Friday Questions about the industry. I haven't listened to your podcast only because it would require too much data. Even though I've known you for several years, I've only become a daily reader within the last few months. I accidentally discovered the blog when I Googled one of my favorite L.A. radio personalities, "Sweet Dick" Whittington. One of your old blogs came up in the search. As for baseball, sorry bro. While the World Series was very exciting its the exception rather than the rule. Oh, I'll choose baseball over say, cricket or the WNBA, but, its not my first choice. As I've said before, Vin Scully made baseball tolerable. Congrats on your success. Maybe you could reprint your FIRST blog from 12-years-ago. By the way, I give up. Who's the babe in the photo?

Brian said...

Hi Ken,
I've been reading your blog for around 10 years. I even found my comment from back in 2007 when you solicited reader responses: http://kenlevine.blogspot.com/2007/09/whos-out-there.html

I still live in North Carolina. I like "insider stories", movie reviews, baseball stories, etc. I do enjoy the podcast as well. It has turned out to be a pretty good show.


Mike Bloodworth said...

P.S. Sorry. After rereading the blog, that must be Natalie.

Matt said...


My Dad, mid to late 70s at the time, read your blog every day and loved your insights. He'd call me and ask if I'd seen this post or that post. It was something we shared together.

He passed away a few years ago, and Mom in February.

So, what has always been is never anymore, but I'll always remember sharing things with him, or him with me, from this blog.

Pat Howard said...

Pat Howard here from Bad Axe Mi. started reading your blog years ago. I read the blog every day I love your baseball stories radio stories rants and reviews. your funny and about my age 67. So keep it up old man

McAlvie said...

East coaster, born and bred. I don't remember when I first stumbled onto the site, probably I followed a link from somewhere else; but I liked the writing so I kept coming back. I enjoy the behind the scenes stories, and have come to look forward to what fellow commenters have to say.

I think I enjoy the conversational rambles the most. I like hearing what other people think and why, what they are interested in, and what they have to say on various and sundry topics when it articulate and doesn't devolve into a rant. Which may be why I like many of the comments as much as I do your blog posts. Some cool people hang out here.

Oh, and the guest posts are pretty cool, as well. Probably for much the same reasons.

Ron Rettig said...

Ken, I just want to say Thank You.

David Das said...

My name is David Das. I'm a music composer for film and TV. I discovered your blog when I arrived in LA about twelve years ago (uncanny, eh?) and have been reading it daily. Even though your creative field is different than mine, I love reading about how other creatives work on their craft creatively, inspiring further creativity in my own creative work. (Got a little carried away there, sorry.)

Things I like: hearing about the process, insider dirt, behind the scenes, what it took to pull off some of your achievements.

Things I don't: politics (although I always enjoy your levity on it), baseball.

Things I wish you'd post more about: your perspective on other modern shows/films across various genres, and Debbie Gibson.

jcs said...

I'm a fortysomething male German cancer researcher who's slightly obsessed with US TV shows. After working for several years in the vicinity of Fenway Park, I'm a proud citizen of Red Sox Nation living in exile.

I very likely started reading this blog after TIME mentioned it in 2011.

Cowboy Surfer said...

Hey Ken -

I'm 50, grew up in Agoura Hills.

1st show I saw filmed was a location shoot in Canoga Park (WKRP playing softball, yes Loni Anderson swinging a bat!!).

Got into sports television about 8 years ago. Started digging into scripted shows. Noticed you and David on some of my all time favorites, (MASH, CHEERS, WINGS, FRASIER).

One of my writer friends does a TV podcast. I'm always bragging about your blog/podcast. It annoys the fuck out of him, thanks...

Seriously, you do an awesome job and I appreciate all of your work.


Andreia said...

Hi Ken! I'm Andreia, 21, from the UK and I've had your blog in my bookmarks bar for around 4 years now! It's been an incredible time; your wit, humour, and writing style just speaks to me. I found your blog through my love of Frasier and Cheers and found the behind the scenes look into the writers room endlessly fascinating. Early on in my reading of the blog, you posted about 'What's my Line', and I just knew I had to keep following this page. I'd loved 'What's my Line' for years and never seen anyone else write about it.

All this to say, congratulations on your 12 years and thank you for my 4! Your insight and dedication to writing this blog is palpable for the reader and I hope there will be many more years of your musings.

Patrick Anus said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
VP81955 said...


Yes, I meant good romantic comedies -- think Powell and Loy, Carole and Cary. I derive my inspiration from the classic, old-school rom-coms, most of which are unknown to today's audiences aside from the overrated "Bringing Up Baby." ("My Man Godfrey" has more heart in its figurative little finger than "Baby" has in its entire "body").

DougG. said...

Doug and I'm 43 living in Columbus, OH and I think it's been five years of reading your blog. I think I came across it when I was Googling something about FRASIER. I've learned so much trivia that I couldn't possibly remember what I was looking for that particular day.

I know you have no control over this but it's disappointing that none of the M*A*S*H DVDs and only a couple of the FRASIER episodes have commentary tracks on them. I really enjoy listening to people who are so good at what they do. And that's what I really enjoy about your blog.

My personal highlight is seeing one of my Friday questions answered on here. It was about actors' royalties and credits. Something I thought of when I noticed that depending on the season of FRASIER, Dan Butler's name is credited differently.

Pat said...

Hi Ken,

I'm Pat, 56, from Baltimore. I'm a training manager at a food company. I found your blog a few years ago when surfing the web for the answer to how Sam made the beer mug turn on the bar. I remember you from your Oriole days. I read every day and enjoy the behind the scenes stories about how shows were/are made. Congratulations on 12 years!

Frank Paradise said...

63 year young beat comedy writer from Vancouver via Christchurch, New Zealand. Been an avid reader for 11 years after googling "TV comedy writer blogs". Currently writing the craziest Kiwi musicians comedy ever set in Hollywood North, eh. Cheers Ken for all the free entertainment and comedy writing lessons!

All the best, Frank Paradise

Gary said...

I'm 61 years old, a lifelong resident of Buffalo, NY, and have been a TV addict since I first saw George Reeves hit the springboard as Superman. I'm among the old codgers who miss the wit and quality of shows like The Honeymooners, Dick Van Dyke Show, Odd Couple, M*A*S*H, Cheers, etc. I honestly can't remember when I first discovered your blog but I'd guess it's been about ten years. Ken, you've answered a few of my Friday questions and it's always a great thrill for me. Congratulations on your anniversary, and here's to many more years to come!

RyderDA said...

Coming up on 6 years of you... and I'm there for everything except the baseball. Love the inside stories, the "how teams work" info, and can occasionally relate to the improv experiences. I have nothing to do with comedy and everything to do with hiking and skiing while retired up here in Banff, Alberta, Canada (where we have a great annual TV festival at the Banff Centre... you should come. I'll buy you a Canadian beer).

So you're just proof that well written stuff is worth reading even if it has no connection or utility to me. Keep up the great work (and the Natalie Wood photos) for another 12 years; I'm listening.

Canadian Dude said...

I'm a Toronto-based TV writer in my late fifties (which is still allowed up here in Canada)... I've been following your blog for about 7-8 years.

I enjoy all of your posts, no matter what the topic. And isn't that the point of a blog?

And you do it daily!

Every morning when I boot up, you're the first thing I read (well, okay, after checking the Washington Post to make sure the rest of the planet hasn't been incinerated while I was asleep).


iamr4man said...

Hi Ken, happy 12th and congratulations. Like some others here I found you via Mark Evanier and I’m exactly his age. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley (Monroe High School). I have made my home in the SF Bay Area since 1980. My way of “repaying” you for your entertaining blog is I purchased your book “The Me Generation” which I plan to read during my next flight to visit my grandkids in New Jersey. Thanks for the blog. I read it daily.

Charles H. Bryan said...

Just the facts: 57, Michigan, can no longer remember how long I've been reading your blog but I'm guessing 7-9 years, found it by way of Mark Evanier's blog (which the only other blog I read on a near-daily basis), I have no particular topic dislikes (baseball fan), I enjoy the Natalie Wood photos but I feel you've lately neglected Elizabeth Montgomery. The best decision you've made is to moderate posts.

Love the podcast, too, but I was one of those weirdos that would download Dodger Talk from iTunes when you did the show.

Congratulations on your 12th, and, as always, thank you so much for doing this and for not giving up on it. Be well!

Y. Knott said...

Another Canuck here. We tend to be more discerning and appreciative of high-quality blog writing, I guess!

Write about whatever you want, including baseball -- it's all good!

Also, somebody mentioned the studios cheapness about DVD commentaries ... I have an idea about that. For one of your podcasts, why not try syncing it up with a DVD of an episode you wrote or directed? You can do a commentary (maybe even with a guest, if appropriate) on the episode. At home, if we synch up our DVD with a "starting tone" on your podcast, we can watch the DVD with a special exclusive commentary track. (And you won't have violated any copyrights!)

I think it would be a cool experiment! I'd listen in, and could play along with a Cheers, Frasier or M*A*S*H DVD episode. Sadly, my Big Wave Dave's DVD set seems to be missing....

Fred said...

I can't remember when I started reading your blog. Maybe 2006. I think I found you via John August, but it has been so long. I like the television writing pointers. I don't write for television, but I can fantasize about it. I have bought all of your books and for those people who want to know how to repay you, I think you should tell them to buy your books.

Anyhow, happy blog anniversary.

sanford said...

I am 70. Live in Racine Wis. I don't remember how I happened upon your blog. Possibly through a link on twitter or facebook. Like one of the respondents I don't think I was searching for anything. The only thing I don't like is when you go in to depth about the act of writing. I do like how you come up with things like stories, jokes, how a show works etc.

JR Smith said...

Happy Happy Ken!

I'm in Bodega Bay, CA and I've been reading your blog for about five years now.

Former listener of your shows on TEN-Q, former NBC Burbank Page (Hollywood Squares and Johnny Carson Tonight Show years), former radio DJ, long time advertising copywriter, radio and TV commercial writer/producer and now old and gray.

Keep up the fun!

Mary Kay said...

Congratulations, Ken! I'm a 60 year old teacher from behind the Orange Curtain in California. A baseball interview brought me here many years ago. My husband and I bonded over our love of MASH 39 years ago. Where did the time go? Keep up the great work!

Mark--> said...

I've been reading from Michigan for many years. I'm pretty sure Mark Evanier's blog pointed me over here. I like the radio stories--getting to hear the tale of your one-nighter at WLS on the podcast was a new highlight added to an old favorite.

Buttermilk Sky said...

New Yorker, 67, living in Georgia more or less. As far as I can recall, James Wolcott sent me (here, not Georgia). Enjoy your movie/TV reviews, especially the sillier awards shows. Not that interested in the nuts and bolts of TV writing. The occasional baseball piece is welcome. More pictures of the granddaughter, please.

Happy anniversary.

scott o. said...

I've enjoyed your blog for some time now. I've seen every episode of Cheers, Frazer and MASH.

Sorry, but I never watched Wings.

Ted McCarthy said...

Post this and plug his book


Anonymous said...

Karen, 56, Baltimore; I teach philosophy to undergrads (for my sins) and, in my copious free time, consume lots of media. These days, I worship at the altar of NPR, but my formative decades were steeped in network TV. Have enjoyed your work from M*A*S*H to Frasier, and I also remember your one-year stint in the Orioles' broadcast booth! Cannot recall how I found the blog -- link from Evanier? -- but I have been a reader for close to ten years, I guess. I don't share all your biases, but I get most of your references, and there isn't a subject I don't enjoy. I'm a liberal, FWIW. Congrats on the anniversary, and keep on posting!

Kevin FitzMaurice said...

Mr. Levine,

I'm 53, reside in my hometown, Lexington, Kentucky, and have been a local magazine writer and a contributing op-ed newspaper columnist.

I started following your blog about a year ago.

I believe I came across it while Googling McLean Stevenson and Wayne Rogers, and the circumstances surrounding their simultaneous departures from "MASH."

Have also listened to and enjoyed some of your podcasts.

"Frasier" is perhaps my all-time favorite show, and I enjoy the background stories on the programs on which you have worked.

I share your affection for Elizabeth Montgomery and your distaste for Donald Trump.

I particularly enjoyed your story about Chuck Barris banishing you before your third appearance on "The Dating Game" when he learned your father worked for ABC radio.

(A shame Barris will be remembered mostly for lowbrow television. He was a talented author and musician.)

I've enjoyed your television work, and congratulations on 12 years on the Internet.

Thispiggywenttotown said...

Hey Ken,

I'm german and live in Germany, Cologne (the television headquarter of germany). I'm 31 years old and I think I've been reading your blog religiously for at least five years. I'm a writer/director/producer for television here in Germany, so I'm always interested in all your posts about the industry. Once you even were so kind to answer a question of mine in your posts, it was about the four camera setup in sitcoms and how exactly they work. A couple years ago they tried to replicate that system in Germany with one of the most successful german comedians of all time. I went to munich for the occasion where they taped the show to finally see a four camera setup in real life and be part of the audience. It failed spectacularly. Just a disaster. The audience didn't laugh, the actors were confused and not used to it at all, and nobody seemed to be really interested in the format at all. So sadly, it went as quick as it came. Now I gotta drag my ass to LA, to see a good taping of a good show, for once!

I have to say, I always skip your posts about baseball, because first of all, as a German I don't know shit about it, and secondly, I couldn't care less about sports in general.

Congratulations and thank you so much for all your insights!

Best wishes and greetings from Germany

Fist of Doom said...

Me: Mid-40s, North Carolina
How I found the site: I think googling Cheers stuff.
Been here: I'm guessing 10 years.
Love: TV behind the scenes stuff, Friday questions, random topics and commentary on current events, old radio war stories.
Like: Old baseball stories, award show reviews, 60s stories, writing advice, reviews of TV/ movies, how you take pride in your kids.
Usually skip: Travelogues, current baseball, random lists.
Hate: Reviews of reality shows. I'm sure they're clever and snarky, but I just can't stand those shows.

mdv59 said...

Male, 58, live in "The Valley", work in the entertainment industry

Congratulations on hitting 12 years. The first post I read of yours was "If Aaron Sorkin Wrote a Show About Baseball" on October 25, 2006, I can't believe that was a little over 11 years ago.

Yours is one of the very few blogs I read daily and I've always been impressed by your commitment to posting something every day. Probably the same kind of work ethic that propelled you to become an Emmy winning writer. Thanks for the daily diversion.

Marco said...

Marco from Germany - reading for at least 8 years now

Bill in Paducah said...

From Paducah, Kentucky. (Apologies for McConnell and Paul, we're outnumbered here.) I've been reading about 3-4 years - part of my morning coffee routine. I got here from a link or mention by Evanier. Not a big baseball fan, but I do understand the fascination, and enjoy most of the stories. Never was much of a Kelsey Grammer fan until I decided to watch Cheers from begining to end, folowed by Frasier begining to end. Subscribe to and enjoy the podcast.

Pumphouse said...

Thanks for a blog I check nearly every day. I also listen to the podcast (using an Android app) on the treadmill. I appreciate the 'insider's view" of TV and baseball broadcasting. And youse a funny guy.

ally said...

Got to this post late; I've been a reader for many years, with a handful of Friday questions answered. I had asked you about a year ago if you could have a radio show, what would you do with it, and you said it would be like a podcast, with interviews and clips. A few months later you started your podcast, and I was so happy. It is exactly what I thought you would be like on the radio, and I'm glad it is successful.

Doug in Dallas said...

I'm a 48-year old architect in Dallas, and I've been reading your blog daily, since I stumbled on a post you wrote about the Cheers set ten years ago. Love the blog and loved Cheers. Keep up the good work!

Stephen Robinson said...

I'm Stephen, 43, a grew up watching CHEERS and M*A*S*H (the latter through repeats). I found this blog while searching for the story behind the FRASIER theme song.I was delighted that a favorite writer of mine (and not just of TV) was regularly interacting with and answering questions from interested folks. I've been a regularly reader of the blog for 5 years now and still look forward to starting the weekend with Friday Questions.

Covarr said...

Hmm, lessee... I'm from the small nowhere town of Moses Lake, WA. I'm not sure exactly how long I've been reading your blog, but you answered one of my Friday questions in 2013 so I know it's at least four years.

My two favorite topics of yours are:

1. Anything that can be construed as writing tips, everything from structure to jokes. The play my fiancee and I wrote, Dinner Before Dawn, got produced by the local community theater; audiences paid to see it, and we got royalties. I believe this technically makes us professional playwrights, even if only at a small scale, and it absolutely wouldn't have been nearly as good (and maybe not good enough for the theater to use it this season) if not for things I've read on this blog. And if I can succeed with tips gleaned from your blog, that makes me want all the more to go to one of your Sitcom Room events one of these years; I can only imagine how much more I'd learn there. As an aside, I also got roped into directing it, but that's another story entirely.

2. Fun backstage stories from shows you've worked on. This is stuff that simply can't be gotten anywhere else, and I love it.

BobinVT said...

Hi Ken. I've been viewing your blog for about ten years. I found it when researching Jack Benny on line and there was a link to one of your posts. Unlike most of your viewers, I have no interest in your posts about comedy writing, multi camera shows, show runners, etc. I know that's who you are and the subject of the bulk of your posts, but I have no interest or talent in that regard so usually pass on those posts. Again, unlike most viewers, I love your baseball posts. I hope you keep doing them since you have a deep reservoir of anecdotes, and are a great storyteller. Also enjoy your reviews of movies, award shows and such. Especially the snarky award show reviews. I enjoy following your stories about the plays you are writing. The theater is a very different world from TV and movies. That mini play you wrote in 45 minutes was very funny. You are very good at what you do, I hope to see one of your plays at some point. Since we are contemporaries, I can relate to many of the tributes you write about the greats who pass away in the world of entertainment, sports, etc. Having lived in New England my whole life, I usually have never heard the radio personalities you write about, but still enjoy those posts. I check the blog daily and continue to marvel at your ability to produce entertaining stuff 365 days a year.

Gwendolyn said...

Bill Mazeroski started his career with the Pirates on the farm team in my hometown... and I was there. So now you know how old I am.
Have lived in Manhattan my entire adult life. Discovered your blog while looking for Frasier info about 6 years ago and have read it everyday
since. (Room Service is my favorite Frasier episode). MASH was a must-see for my husband (who otherwise was not a TV watcher.)
Your world is entirely different from mine, but I enjoy reading how it works. I also enjoy your snarky reviews and since our political opinions coincide it's nice to know I'm not suffering alone -:)

Congratulations on your anniversary... may there be many more.

dotraylor said...

Congratulations on 12 years and here's to many more!

I'm a baby boomer who has essentially
retired from the TV/Film industry in Atlanta. I mostly worked as a gaffer but spent 12 years on a show called Good Eats on the Food Network where the crew was often cast in small roles. I also did some uncredited, but not unpaid, writing for the show for a couple of years so I appreciate your insights into the writing process. Currently enjoying the beach life in Charleston SC.

Not sure how I found your blog, but it is the only one I read daily. Must have been at least 5-6 years ago I started reading it.

Oh, I love the baseball stuff BTW.

laura dundas said...

I am 82 1/4 years old. It's good to read your blog because it makes me feel hopeful, appreciative, and glad there are people like you in the world. If you say a movie or a show is good, I watch it. You have the ability to get to the heart of issues with understanding and kindness. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you how much your blog means to me.

blizzard said...

Hey Ken:
Happy 12th! I’ve been reading the blog since 2010 and I’m a proud alumni of the Sitcom Writers Room (‘11) which taught me very quickly that I wanted to be a sitcom STAR and not a sitcom writer. :) While that’s alluded me so far, I’ve been a working voice actor in NYC for many years. Go team!

- Heath Brandon

Unknown said...

Ahhhh! The annual "Where did I come" from post.

I followed a link from Wil Wheaton's blog 4 years ago. This blog has been daily required reading since.


John Hammes said...

Born some time ago - baby boomer - and have been around ever since. Attended college in the mid '80s, then took more night classes in the mid '90s. Provided DJ contributions to college radio, well at the very least did no harm to college radio. AM/FM DJs ("personality radio") were thriving, and there were no "reality" television shows at the time. We never knew how good we had it.

A previous commentator said it best, this blog pretty much serves all of us as a free seminar: the funny but true stories, the good wishes and fair warnings as to what is "out there" in the profession - any profession, for that matter. Sensible, online information, sensible online advice whenever we want it. Maybe we should realize how good we still have it.

Congratulations and Thank You Ken, for providing this online gathering place, an internet "Cheers" of sorts, where everybody knows your avatar. Been a patron here 2-3 years, hope to be here many more.

Unknown said...

Dear Lord, I've been reading for longer than I can remember. Many years!

Tim from Pennsylvania -- "Digital Media" which means "One Man Band" for a company that makes power recliners, power scooters and power wheelchairs for our greatest generation.

I love story, writing, and knowing the backstory of everyone that's come before me.

The Bumble Bee Pendant said...

Reading you for about 11 years now... very thankful for all you do...
Gen Xer... Been a "student" (aka mega-watcher) of FUNNY sitcoms since the mid 70s.
Big Baseball fan (follows the NY from Queens).
Fell in-love with Natalie Wood after first seeing Rebel when I was 12ish.
Would love to be in a writing room. Better at punching up material than originally creating it.
Avitar Name is taken from "The Sixth Sense", because it reminds me that the little things in life (and in art) can be so influential and meaningful.

Goldendreams said...

Congrats on 12 years! I found your blog when you were selected by TIME as one of the top 25 blogs of 2011 (or was it 2012?), and I've been reading ever since. I live in Denver, Colorado, work full-time in marketing... a busy mom raising two awesome kids (14 & 11 yrs) with a wonderful hubby, and enjoying my mid-40s. I love Cheers and MASH, and I don't know anything about the industry... so I've learned a ton reading your blog, and get to laugh. Keep it up! Your fans appreciate it!

Uncle Al said...

I have been a loyal reader of you blog for many years.
Thank you and happy Anniversary
Alice in Denver

Unknown said...

Hi Ken,

Congrats on anniversary. I am Cathal from Dublin in Ireland. I am in my mid-thirties and been following blog for about two years now. I came here after searching online for behind the scenes info about my favourite show Frasier. It lead me to ask a Friday question which you answered.

Many thanks for the hours of entertainment and knowledge you have shared with us.

Blondi Blathers said...

Hi Ken, it's Kate here in Saskatchewan. Settled snow and cold at the moment, sunshiny blue-sky day. I live in a bungalow in a farmyard about a half-hour from the village where I and some three or four generations before me on both sides of my family grew up. So I'm home -- literally at my kitchen table, and close to my home town and some of the extended family that still lives out here. I watch film and TV but avoid commercials and stories and scenes of horror, violence, long boring car chases and fist&foot fights, science fiction in general, and sports. Apparently I like little-old-grandma entertainment. But I was a regular watcher of sitcoms in the '70s when I was in my teens and I like to hear what it was like for you behind the scenes of the shows my little sister and I watched. -Kate, near Wadena

Arthur Mee said...

Another Canadian here, this one from Toronto.

I like any post of yours that's a story. TV, baseball, politics -- if it's got some narrative thrust to it, I generally enjoy it. More hit-or-miss are the prescriptive columns: how to fix terrestrial radio, or network TV.

Oh, and posting photos of Natalie Wood or Suzanne Pleshette is always in excellent taste.

goodman.dl said...

I'm that other David Goodman. Washington DC Suburbs - male in my early 40s, and I do remember your stint with the Orioles.

I've been reading your blog for about 10 years - I came in looking for your TV discussions, but am also a Baseball fan as well. I mostly read for behind the scenes stories, both in TV Production and Baseball Announcing. I'm a little less interested in "growing up in LA stories" but I'm not really averse to them either. It's probably my east coast bias...

I do listen to the podcast, and track your posts through the Feedly RSS reader site.

DwWashburn said...

From Henderson, Nevada. i think I've been reading around six years. I found you while looking for information about M*A*S*H. My favorite posts are the ones concerning sitcoms and their stars, baseball, and life in the 60s (I'm 64). My least favorite are about writing classes and plays that you can only see if you are in a specific city or area. I probably only read about two posts a week all the way through.

Jeff said...

Hi, Ken! I'm Jeff from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Been here a long while, though not all 12 years. Not sure where I came in. I enjoy the comedy insights and the baseball, and pretty much everything else. Keep on keepin' on, sir!

lucidkim said...

I'm Kim and right now I'm living in Bowling Green, KY. I started reading your blog in 2007 or 2008 - somewhere in there. I found your blog linked elsewhere when I was trying to learn how to write screenplays. I found many blogs about writing/screenplays, but yours is the only one I still read. I'm 51 and I enjoy almost everything you write about - it's always fun when you share behind the scenes stuff from shows you've worked on. Congrats on 12 years! :)

Unknown said...

Hi, Ken,

I’m originally from WV. I’m a 22-year-old graduate student. I think I’ve been reading your blog for 2 1/2 years now. I found it, I think, just googling MASH stuff. I like your posts about MASH, writing, and reflections on current television and film trends.

Barry Traylor said...

Gee Whiz! I'm sort of late to commenting because I can't remember how long I have been coming here. It has been quite awhile now (at least 6 years) I do know I foundd your blog from a link at Mark Evanier's blog. Pretty sure I just stumbled on his. I have to be honest with you in that I am not a baseball fan, but that is ok with me if it is with you as all the other things you write about are so darn entertaining. From your snarky reviews of awards shows, inside knowledge of writing for tv, your travel tips and etc. The list goes on and on. You go well with my morning cup of coffee and I want to thank you for sharing all your memories and thoughts with us.

Loosehead said...

Hi all. Coming late to this one - I've been in Cyprus for a wedding. Oh the showbiz life I lead!
Dave, age 61. Been reading pretty much since the beginning, after following a recommendation from Mark Evanier's blog, which I found after googling Rod Hull and Emu. I like reading the comments as much as the articles (sorry Ken). Less keen to listen to the podcasts as they require a good half-hour investment of time rather than just dipping in as for the written articles, but I love the backstage stories. Also less interested in baseball, being from the old country where cricket is the summer game.
I post as Loosehead as that was my position back in the days when I could play rugby. Apparently I had the right shaped head.
Now retired, after being dicked around by my employer for a few years after I told them I had prostate cancer. Apparently software can only be written by young, fit, healthy men who go to the pub after work every night, but I'm not bitter, oh my no. Good riddance.
Cancer now in remission, though like most sufferers, more damage was done by the treatment than the disease. Absolutely loving retirement, and I can't think why I didn't do it sooner. Love the blog, reading it is a big part of my day, and here's to another 12 years.

Lars said...

Good morning, Ken,

I am a 44 year old from Arkansas. I've only been reading for about 6 months. I first found it after your 2nd appearance on Kevin Smith & Matt Mira's "Talk Salad" podcast, when I came over to hear the second part on your podcast. (I think you've nearly doubled their number of podcasts, by the way.) I really enjoy the behind the scenes Hollywood stuff -- but am really interested in almost anything about someone explaining how they do their job, what the difficulties and things are that no one else knows about about being a ______ -- and you have so many different ones. And, you are simply an entertaining and incisive writer.

Unknown said...

Dear Ken Levine,
Late with the anniversary greetings but I have enjoyed your blog for a while.
I am a 53 year old librarian who started reading your blob probably about ten years ago after Jane Espenson quit writing her blog and I wanted to find something else. Even though I am not a professional writer, I am fascinated with the process. I used to not watch much television but the shows I did watch were often written by you. ;-) I also enjoy your stories about growing up in California even though I grew up in Florida but now live in the midwest. So I also went to Disney a lot as a child but World not Land. I even enjoy the baseball stories since I grew up near a spring training site even though we never went to the games, but I would see players around town.
Thank you for writing the blog. I am sorry that I do not catch the podcast. I am not being facetious but I wonder how people have time because at work, I cannot have the noise, and at home, I want to be interacting with the family. I usually walk or ride my bike to work and need to have my ears open unlike the kids with their earbuds who lack "situational awareness."
Thanks again for 12 years of inspiration, entertainment and history!
Kathryn, a librarian

Unknown said...

Dear Ken Levine,
Late with the anniversary greetings but I have enjoyed your blog for a while.
I am a 53 year old librarian who started reading your blob probably about ten years ago after Jane Espenson quit writing her blog and I wanted to find something else. Even though I am not a professional writer, I am fascinated with the process. I used to not watch much television but the shows I did watch were often written by you. ;-) I also enjoy your stories about growing up in California even though I grew up in Florida but now live in the midwest. So I also went to Disney a lot as a child but World not Land. I even enjoy the baseball stories since I grew up near a spring training site even though we never went to the games, but I would see players around town.
Thank you for writing the blog. I am sorry that I do not catch the podcast. I am not being facetious but I wonder how people have time because at work, I cannot have the noise, and at home, I want to be interacting with the family. I usually walk or ride my bike to work and need to have my ears open unlike the kids with their earbuds who lack "situational awareness."
Thanks again for 12 years of inspiration, entertainment and history!
Kathryn, a librarian

Matt from Seattle said...

Matt from Seattle, age 50. I don't remember how I found the blog or when, but know it was before Dave Neihaus died, because I remember after hearing the news I went to the blog looking for what you would have to say about him. So at least 7 years, probably more.

I loved you as the Mariner's announcer and I miss the humor you brought to the broadcasts.

I really enjoy most of your posts. I like discussions about writing technique and the creative process. I like stories about how Hollywood and radio work. I love interesting stories about funny things that you saw in pitch rooms or on sets or in the broadcast booth. And maybe I'm the exception, but I enjoy your takes on baseball.

Anonymous said...

Karen from Toronto, age 39. My background is in stand-up comedy, but want to move more into writing. I found your blog about six months ago, after I Googled some kind of "how to" or "why do they do that" TV question. I subscribed to your podcast (at regular speed) sometime after that.

I feel like reading and listening to your stories helps me get little industry lessons as I go about my day. I like hearing true stories from the trenches, and the Friday questions that ask things I'd never thought of. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary, Ken.

Thank you for writing this blog. I've been reading it for years now. Probably eight. I'm a 47 year-old guy in NYC. I check in most days of the week. I just type "K" in the address bar, and the computer automatically does the rest. Unfortunately, I don't recall how I first came across it. Could have been Jane Espenson's blog... I'm interested in in the behind-the-scenes stuff. Not gossip so much as craft. I've always been impressed with the level of writing on M*A*S*H, Cheers, and Frasier. So while I'm happy to read anything you care to write about, it's your reflections on those shows that keep me coming back. In fact, all my favorite shows seem to share some lineage with writers and directors, like you can trace a direct line from the Mary Tyler Moore Show up through Modern Family. (If we add cast, we can add the Dick Van Dyke Show, too.) So I figure there must be some secret knowledge being passed on from staff to staff. Thank you for sharing some of it with us.

Bob K said...

Hi, Ken. Sorry for the late response. Early 50’s, live about an hour west of Philadelphia, born and raised on the Jersey Shore. Found your blog after Evanier mentioned it some years ago. Your blog is now a part of my daily routine, and I really enjoy your podcasts as well. MASH, Cheers and Frasier were among my favorite shows, so that was the initial attraction. When I was a video producer in the corporate world, your insight into the writing process (especially the embracing of changes) was a big help to me, and I wish I had that kind of guidance earlier in my career. Writing was, for me, the most difficult, yet the most satisfying part of my job. I did some radio in college and grew up with WABC, so I enjoy the radio stories. Now, I’m a full-time freelance sports camera operator, so your baseball stories resonate as well. I always think about you when I work at Camden Yards. And I thought it was so cool that you answered my Friday Question!! Thank you for taking the time to share your stories and insight. I hope I get the chance to meet you in person, shake your hand and say thanks.

Astroworf said...

I've been reading you for a couple years, thanks to a heads-up from Mark Evanier's blog. I totally relate to your take on what has become of radio. When I started doing radio news, there were at least a dozen local stations within a half-hour drive, all with their own news departments. The stations are now owned by 3 different groups, with only one real news department--that belongs to the only independent station left. I spent 20 years in news then left, but kept my hand in the game as a part-time board-op for Cardinal baseball games. I like your baseball stuff, too.

Astroworf said...

I'm 61 and having spent my first 20 years in the workforce in radio news, I totally see your point on what has happened to the industry. I also like baseball stories. I found out about your blog a couple years ago while reading News from ME.

Stu R said...

Hi Ken...sorry for the late response. Catching up on your blog. 55 from North Orange county. Found out about the blog 12 years ago when Don Barrett from LARadio.com when he said you need to follow this tasty blog. I have ever since. My favorite subjects are radio and yes baseball. Love hearing your tales of the broadcast booth (Yes I bought the book and read it several times). Whatever you do...thank you. Will always read no matter the subject.

Johnny Walker said...

Still here. Still reading. Still waiting for you to share some behind the scenes stories on BioShock.

Samuel said...

I worked with a small time producer (Decourcey?)in seattle in the early 80's gofering and got a local emmay for computer animation and there was yet another "Ken Levine" involved in the film industry wannabes. Then there was some talk of that Ken getting a script made and then I moved and many generic compute jobs later noticed a reference to a blog, and through, wait really the guy made it? But I think just bad memory and coincidences and one of those names. But I've really enjoyed your stories, congrats on boosting a internet literary form that glowed so bright with millions of single post blogs but a few like yours are a weboshhere treasure!

Mike Lonergan said...

Missed your blog last week while at a convention, so late catching up and wishing you a happy anniversary. I was bitten by the radio bug when I was about 12, and that's now 56 years ago. I worked in local radio and TV off and on for decades, and am now an elected official here in Washington State (yes I remember your time with the Mariners). I've been reading your blog for 4 years, and I've also scanned the archives for radio stories, which is what I crave.