Wednesday, November 15, 2017

EP46: Thanksgiving for the Memories

Ken gets you into the holiday spirit with tales of Thanksgiving – how to survive the travel, the hell that is writing Thanksgiving episodes, the Macy’s Parade, an even tackier one, and what Ken is thankful for.  Hint:  You’re included.

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dgwphotography said...

Great episode as always, Ken.

While everyone, myself included, points to the WKRP turkey drop as an all-time great Thanksgiving episode, the Mad About You episode where they go through 5 turkeys is the funniest I've seen.

Oh, and if you want to sound like a New Yorker, it's Lawn Guyland ;-)

Tallulah Morehead said...

Thank you, darling. I'm just grateful to still be breathing at age 120.

Andy Rose said...

The complaints about "wasting food" on Cheers reminds me of a terrible prime-time game show they tried a few years ago called "Downfall." The show took place on the roof of a building where they had installed a huge conveyor belt. The players' prizes would be placed on the moving belt, and if a question was not answered correctly in time, the prize would slip over the edge of the building and be destroyed.

I don't know if they actually got complaints about waste or were just anticipating them, but by the time the show made it to air, they went to great pains to explain that all of the items on the conveyor belt were just recreations, and no usable items were actually destroyed. Which was fine, except that it eliminated the tension that was supposed to make the game unique. And of course if you know anything about how props are made, you know that -- except for massive prizes like cars -- it undoubtedly was more expensive and environmentally damaging to create one-off fakes than it would have been to just destroy real store-bought items.