Wednesday, November 22, 2017

EP47: Leftover turkeys and tales from the Hollywood front

Ken tells more crazy anecdotes of pitching projects, wants to know more about you, and serves some turkeys that are both hilarious and hard to digest. 

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slgc said...

Wow - so many questions. I need to rewind to remember them all! Rather than sending an e-mail I figured I'd take advantage of the comments section and post my feedback here.

I tend to listen to the podcast on Thursday mornings, while I'm doing my other daily web surfing. I do listen in one shot. I listen each week, and have been listening from the beginning (I found out about the podcast from your blog). I can go either way on the guests, but for the most part I prefer it when you're just shooting the breeze. I don't subscribe - I haven't figured out how to do that. I really only listen to your podcast and one other, because I don't like committing to sitting and listening to something for long periods of time. I don't love the advertising, but I understand its necessity and don't dislike it enough that it dissuades me from listening.

As I answered when you asked on the blog, I'm a New Yorker living in exile in Central New Jersey. And a lady never discloses her age ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Frederic Alden said...

I have to admit that when a writer devoted to both Hollywood and baseball says he's going to talk about pitching, I have no idea where he's headed.

Joe in SF said...

Mr. KLev (pronounced Kay Lev [as in JLo]), could you kindly list out the questions you proposed to your blog listeners here? While driving and listening to your podcast in the car, it was impossible for me to jot down all of the questions. Thank you so much!

By Ken Levine said...

Basic stuff. Who are you? How long have you been listening? How did you find it originally? Do you listen all at one tim? What other podcasts do you listen to? What do you like and dislike? Thanks much. Email me at