Saturday, December 02, 2017

Come see my plays this weekend!

I have two (count ‘em – TWO) ten-minute one act comedies playing this weekend off Broadway. And by off Broadway I mean the San Fernando Valley. They’re part of an evening of one-acts at the Eclectic Company Theatre – at 5312 Laurel Canyon Blvd. in historic Valley Village. The other plays are terrific.

For tickets you can go here.

Tonight's show starts at 8:00 PM.  Sunday's showtime is 7:00 PM. I’ll be there for both performances.

My two plays are THE CAN’T MISS GIRL (which I also directed -- so think: Spiderman the Musical) and MAKE IT STOP: A CHRISTMAS PLAY.

It’s a fun night of live original theatre and it gets you out of the house. Hope to see you there tonight or tomorrow night. Or both. 



Dr Loser said...

I wish there was more of this sort of evening round here, Ken. I would happily sign up for an evening in the theatre with, say, five or six ten-minute one-acters. (Though I'm with Aeschylus on wanting a chorus with the single actor, ho ho.)

This might actually be a chance to leap-frog the competition in Network Comedies. Two ten minute high-velocity tales (think Tales of the Unexpected, except hilarious) and ten minutes commercial filler arranged artfully around them?

It's comedy gold, I'm tellin' ya! (Except, inevitably, we'd end up with one act and twenty minutes of commercials.)

Scooter S. said...

Ken, did you notice the passing of Ken Shapiro a few days ago? He was a hero to me and maybe to many others. Long live the Great American Dream Machine and The Groove Tube, RIP

RMK said...

Wish you had posted sooner about the plays / schedules. My bad on not seeing this til too late. I looked up the Eclectic - will you be doing more one acts with them?