Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hey, the Golden Globes were announced. Here's my take:

Who gives a shit?

As usual, they’re ridiculous. Christopher Plummer was nominated for a movie that is still being edited. (He replaced Kevin Spacey in ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD.)

The Hollywood Foreign Press completely ignored THE BIG SICK, which dealt with foreign cultures trying to exist in the United States. Oh, and it was one of the best comedies of the year. But I, TONYA was nominated for best comedy. I hear it’s an excellent movie but hardly a comedy. On the other hand, a few years ago THE MARTIAN won for best comedy.

Movie stars got most of the nominations, whether the categories were movies or TV. Nicole Kidman and Robert DeNiro of course. (Is there anything worse than a Nicole Kidman acceptance speech? Or longer?)

As is becoming a tradition, most of the movies are titles you’ve never heard of. Some haven’t been released in your town yet. Or they’re still being edited.

No nominations for VEEP? Do the characters talk too fast?

I won’t be reviewing the show itself. I stopped that years ago. It’s so stupid and so insignificant that it’s not even worth making fun of anymore. No one in Hollywood respects the Hollywood Foreign Press. But they’re happy to eat their food, drink their liquor, appear on national television, accept their awards, and use the event to promote their product for the award shows that do mean something.

Hopefully there’s an NFL Playoff game the night THE GOLDEN GLOBES air. Or at least a new episode of BOB’S BURGERS.


Peter said...

But they’re happy to eat their food, drink their liquor, appear on national television, accept their awards, and use the event to promote their product for the award shows that do mean something.

The stars would read that and say "And your point is?"

The big question this awards season, though, is whether the opening monologues of the GG and Oscars will reference Weinstein and the fallout from his scandal. Is it too soon to make jokes? Will there be a sober comment about how this is a pivotal moment of change, followed by everyone standing up and applauding, including hypocrites who took part in covering up the disgusting behaviour of other people for years and years?

And wait. No nomination for Oprah? Sure, her movie doesn't come out till March, but dammit she's still waiting on an acting award!!

Jeff said...

"Nicole Kidman and Robert DeNiro of course. (Is there anything worse than a Nicole Kidman acceptance speech? Or longer?)"
yes, her clapping. Remember her clapping during Oscars? Those bizzare curved longgggg fingers, which started memes and comparisons to aliens 😜😜😜😜😜

Vintage Ken Levine on Robert De Niro :

Judging by his most gracious speech, I think the only person who thinks less of the Golden Globes than me is Robert De Niro. I can’t imagine the Foreign Press being touched that their honoree called them waiters and proposed they be deported.


Yet these shameless low-lifes have nominated him. And he too will partake in their free food and drinks and ridicule them if they award him.

Heyyyy that's Hollywood alright 😂😂😂😂😂

No review? No Sam Rubin ass-kicking?

Max - The Dunkirk Review Guy said...

Awards season started. No Spielberg in the list.

Dunkirk nominated. Lot of ass kissing by Nolan has worked.

Awaiting review:
Diane. D

Anyone else????

Peter said...

Ken, I'd love to get your opinion on the controversy over a tweet by Netflix in which they appear to mock 53 of their customers who've watched their film A Christmas Prince 18 days in a row.


It's caused a backlash, with some saying it's creepy of Netflix to keep track of their customers' viewing habits so closely and then to apparenty insult them publicly. Others have said it's a funny tweet.

Where do you stand?!

Rita said...

The only people who respect these awards are moronic foreign journalists who brown nose 3rd rate conceited uneducated untalented actress like Jennifer Lawrence.

This Family Guy clip might as well be written by you Ken

Having said that, I missed your review last year. Please re-consider as a podcast episode.


Nick Alexander said...

Ridley Scott is already finished with the editing, has been for about two weeks now.

"I’ve done it. I’ve been shooting since Monday [Nov. 20] and in with the editor every night since then. We’re not dealing with celluloid anymore; it’s all digital, and I send [the footage each day] to [editor Claire Simpson] and she cuts it, and I can go in and look after shooting. Everything I’ve shot is already in [the final cut] up through yesterday morning." (Ridley Scott, interview with EW.COM, released on 11/29].

Terrence Moss said...

I think last year's Emmys hurt VEEP at the Globes this year.

Brent Alles said...

Yes, it's the Golden Globes, and yes, they don't really matter, but it's especially ridiculous that the excellent "Get Out" had to be classified as a "Comedy or a Musical." Jordan Peele's film is many things - thought provoking, unsettling, and downright horrific - but it is, in my opinion, not a comedy. (It has admittedly satirical elements that Peele himself has acknowledged, but still, it's hardly a laugh riot.) It's a shame they had to submit it in that category, as it deserves to be in the "Best Film" category, period. Unfortunately, horror often gets marginalized, and yeah, there is a lot of dreck in the horror world, but when a horror film gets it right, it gets it right. Hopefully the Academy gets it right for the Oscars this year.

Vince said...

I agree with you and many members about these stupid mutual ass-kissing season. The one nomination that really baffled me is Hans Zimmer's for Dunkirk.

Common Man thinking it was great is ok. But these movie "experts" have failed to see the trick he played and have nominated him. Mediocre music hyped up with Shepard Tone.

Here is a video where they expose these 2 con artist duo of Nolan-Zimmer.

Why Christopher Nolan is obsessed with Shepard tones.

Jake said...

Will Academy talk about Harvey Weinstein? Will they strip Dustin Hoffman of his 2 Oscars?

No they wont. This is Hollywood - the cesspool of degenerates. Academy lives off by feeding from this cesspool.

Jimmy will suck up to these scums and pass racist comments on Asians and Jews.


Can you please post a blog on this latest case where a writer has sued Reese Witherspoon for plagiarism.

Looks bizzare with her claims after 12 years.

Has anything happened like that on any of the shows you have worked on? Someone claiming the storyline as their idea....

VincentS said...

Don't hold back, Ken. How do you REALLY feel? Never could get into VEEP myself. Yes, it's funny and Julia Louise-Dryfus is great but it never takes on issues. That's like making a show about a baseball team and never showing them playing.

VP81955 said...

When it comes to awards season, comedy is still treated like the toy department.

Becky said...

I am not being cruel here, but, is anyone else praying that Daniel Day Lewis's last movie "Phantom Thread" doesn't win any .... I mean "ANY" award at all?

Ken, in one of his Friday Question said that DDL was the greatest in promoting the fact that he is the greatest. I too believe the same. The whole combo of DDL-PTA-Megan Ellison (Daddy's money) stink.

@ Max,
Spielberg-Meryl and the same old crap Tom Hanks have been nominated too. See again.

Where are the new actors? New talent? New movies? Why are we assaulted with same old actors/directors getting nominated again and again.

Will it ever change?
Will others too get a chance?

Anonymous Max - The Dunkirk Review Guy said...

Thanks Becky. I saw the list again :)

And your questions made me realize that Hans Zimmer has already won an Oscar. He had clearly said that he doesn't want anymore and refused to be nominated. But now nominated because Nolan would have asked him to. You know just like Spielberg and Weinstein love their names being called out on stage by winners. Nolan had that Cameraman Wally Pfister call him "My Master" when he won for Inception. That ego to be recognized, so the pressure on Zimmer to be part of this award bandwagon.

Zimmer was also nominated for Interstellar. Why cant big artists like him say "No". No I don't wanna be nominated, let someone else win.

As for Meryl/Spielberg/Hanks they are shameless. People are sick of them and they know it. Last time Meryl won, she said that too and then shrugged it off as "Ho, whatever".

Just ego to have more awards. Truly pathetic humans.

Mike Bloodworth said...

Once again I'll have to censor myself to avoid a major political rant, so I'll just give you the highlights: I won't be watching the G.G.'s but I would consider it if Ricky Gervais was hosting. I'm curious about the "Trump Factor." i.e. Trying to figure out what got nominated because D.T. is POTUS. versus what might have been nominated if Hillary had been elected. Finally, I'd turn off the T.V. and read a book (or even see a PLAY) before I'd watch Bob's Burgers!

A. W. Carter said...

Here's a possible Friday question, but especially for WGA members. Why are the screeners sent for award season DVDs and not Blu-rays, when any self-respecting film goer or collector or VOTER would prefer high definition? Just wondering.

Joe Blow said...

I'm with you in wanting to know Ken's opinion of DUNKIRK. I've read numerous reviews---many being positive, some worshipful. Even some of the very few negative reviews will describe some scenes as brilliant, and say things like, "tying the scenes together is Hans Zimmer's score, which keeps a steady 4/4 beat while never resolving a chord." (David Edelstein). But somehow, I still want to know what Ken thinks. Perhaps he didn't see it and doesn't want to..

I agree with you about Daniel Day Lewis! I didn't even think he deserved it for My Left Foot. He was good, but those kinds of roles with very exaggerated physical requirements are easier to play than much more subtle roles like Morgan Freeman (who lost to DDL) played in Driving Miss Daisy.

Rob said...

I, TONYA is most assuredly a comedy, albeit a mean and nasty one which encourages the audience to laugh at the white-trash cretins being portrayed by the cast. It reaches the height of hypocrisy 3/4 through as Harding directly addresses the audience and blames them for making her a laughing stock and a punchline.

Liggie said...

If nobody in Hollywood or the masses think much of the Globes, why are they still considered big news?

VP81955 said...

Next year's Emmys will air on a Monday night, since NBC airs it in 2018 and won't bump the NFL.

Ken, sad to hear this news: Du-par's on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City (the restaurant featured in the Nic Cage film "Valley Girl"), a favorite with the entertainment crowd because of its proximity to CBS studios, is closing New Year's Eve. And to think that just a few years ago, the chain opened another Valley branch in Encino, which has since closed. Fortunately, the original Du-par's at 3rd & Fairfax (open since 1938), across from WGAw headquarters, will remain open. To those of you who live in the Valley and love their fabled hotcakes and bakery goods, the Studio City location is cash-only for the rest of its run.

Johnny Walker said...

A lot of seriously bizarre remarks about celebrities in these comments.

Brian said...

You're right about "The Big Sick". That was a good movie - thanks for posting a review of it, I'm not sure I would have watched it had it not been for that. As for the Martian - I liked that too, it's not the movie's fault that the Golden Globes called it a comedy.

YEKIMI said...

Zimmer was also nominated for Interstellar. Why cant big artists like him say "No". No I don't wanna be nominated, let someone else win.

Why? Because when he wins and someone wants him to score a movie he can ask for a bigger paycheck. If he wins an Oscar......someone's wallet is going to explode.

Unknown said...

I agree with Johnny.

I feel like a lot of recent commenters seem to have little to no respect for Ken's actual work and are only here to bitch about modern Hollywood (Nolan in particular). It's made these comments a little less fun.

Andrew said...

The commenters who keep insisting that Ken review DUNKIRK are beginning to sound unhinged. Why are you so obsessed? I could list 100 movies that I would love Ken to review, but it's his blog. Maybe he has other fish to fry.

In other words, get a life, will you people? It's only a movie.

Anonymous said...

For all the blistering comments about celebrities, there are so many grammatical, typographical, and punctuation errors in these comments, they are almost unintelligible. The use of a few more commas would be extraordinarily helpful.

Dan Reese said...

Off-topic, but you raised it— that’s the first time I can recall you mentioning Bob’s Burgers and I’m curious what you think of it. It’s grown into one of my favorites.

Anthony Hoffman said...

I’m plagiarizing this entire post. 😂🤣😂🤣