Wednesday, December 27, 2017

EP52: Drop the damn New Year’s Ball already!

Ken goes stream-of-consciousness this week, riffing on the end of the year, the industry, parades, bowl games, Disneyland, prime rib, Oscar season, and one of the great Elizabeth Montgomery stories EVER.   Start or end your year off right with this episode.

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Mitchell Hundred said...

You Americans need to get your stories straight, because I am getting some seriously mixed messages about 40 degree days.

Mike Barer said...

2017 for me was much better than 2016 in spite of losing a couple people that were near and dear to me.
I had a beautiful 60th birthday party and fulfilled a lifetime dream with a trip to Israel.
Of course, my heart goes out to residents of LA for the horrible fires.

Bruce P. said...

I don't quite understand. If you can get to the airport when everyone is there in 15 minutes as you say, why does it take 45 minutes when no one is there? Is there a lot of road construction? (Around the 1:30 mark in the podcast).