Saturday, February 10, 2018

Come see my short play

I have a number of short plays playing in different festivals.  These are generally evenings of ten-minute plays.  Theatres seek submissions and I send off material.   And so far I've been pretty lucky, getting into any number of them.   Of course that's not to say I don't get rejected.  Usually by email.  I received one on Christmas Day.  Who spends Christmas at the office sending out insulting form rejections? 

But like I said, I've been fortunate.  I have one play called THE HOOK UP that will be in three different festivals within the next month.

Tonight it's playing at the Eclectic Theatre at 5312 Laurel Canyon in North Hollywood.  I'll be there so say hi if you come.  It's a bizarre comedy.  You can get info here

It will also be in the Short + Sweet Festival in Sydney, Australia the week of March 5th -- 11th.  You can get info here.

And in New York at the ANDTheatre Company's night of shorts from March 2-11.  I'll be in New York to see a couple of those performances.  You can get info here.   So if three festivals picked it, you figure it has a chance of being good, right? 

But wait, there's more.  One of my other plays, SURF'S UP, will be performed in Long Island on April 14th & 15th as part of the Northport Plays Readers' Theatre.  You can get info here.

The great thing about ten minute play festivals is that you get a lot of variety.  And if one of the plays sucks you know it'll be over in only ten minutes.  Even if it's one of mine. 

Anyway, hope you'll come out and support live theatre.  And if you live in LA, I hope you'll support live theatre TONIGHT.  Swing by the Eclectic Theatre Company.  And hey, there's a Shakey's across the street so you can make a whole glorious evening of it.  Thanks much. 


Dana Law said...

Hello Ken,
I'd love to see your short play, in San Diego, on my TV.
Please ask the people producing the play to consider putting up
a video on YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon as pay to play. I'd shell out a few
Shekels to see your work.
Dana Law
San Diego

scottmc said...

Looking forward to seeing Hook Up at the ANDTheater next month. Cozi TV is currently airing a FRASIER 'Martin Crane' Marathon today. They even created a special tribute moment for John Mahoney.

blinky said...

Hey Ken, your son works at Apple and they have the new Steve Jobs theater up here in the Silly Cone Valley. I bet if he asked Tim Cook they would let you use that place. There are a ton of good actors up here that only get to work on bullshit corporate videos who would kill to do an original Levine. Just a thought.

Peter said...

Break a leg, Ken.

On another topic, just saw the sad news that Reg E. Cathey has died. Oh, man. Another good one gone. Rest in peace.

cd1515 said...

Friday question: watching some MASH reruns, seems like I’ve seen the “doctor spontaneously makes out with a stunned Hot Lips, leaving her dazed and impressed” scene a few different times.
What did she think of this recurring gag?
Was there anything she WASN’T ok with over the years?

Cap'n Bob said...

That's fantastic news. I didn't know Shakey's was still in business.