Wednesday, February 21, 2018

EP60: The Art of Improv Comedy

Ken talks to Andy Goldberg who performs and teaches improvisation comedy.  It’s an invaluable skill for actors, writers, business people, anybody. And loads of fun. Ken and Andy also share stories of other improvisers they’ve worked with--like Robin Williams--and people even zanier.

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Unknown said...

Andy Goldberg obviously likes you as much as you do him. Listening to that chemistry just makes this good conversation even better. I waited to hear if Andy is related to either of the two ADAM Goldbergs. I assume since it wasn't mentioned he isn't.

I relistened to an earlier H&L segment with Tom Straw. I wondered for many years IF the TV Tom could've been the radio Tom. In that memorable convo, he revealed all that and so much more. I knew both of you when. And you knew me before I was a Doctor of Boogie.

Bobby Rich

Andy Rose said...

Reminds me of my favorite "30 Rock" gag:"

Mike Barer said...

I doubt it, Goldberg is the "Jewish Smith"

James S said...

Thanks for another very interesting Podcast.

Cheers J