Wednesday, February 28, 2018


There is a part two to the Hollywood Reporter MASH article I discussed earlier this week.  It just came out.  More stories and details.   You can find it here


John Hammes said...

A generation or so later, now we know why no member of the royal family was ever named Ken.

Jeff Maxwell: I played an everyman character who was intimidated by people, things and places. He didn't do anything heroic. He was just trying to get through a difficult situation.

By that definition, Igor would qualify as heroic.

Cowboy Surfer said...

By 1983 I was a MASH veteran.

Living a few miles away from the ranch, I remember that fire.

My 10th grade Geometry teacher looked like BJ's stunt double. Our homework assignment that night was to watch the finale of MASH. Good call Mr. Burke, I already got it lined up.

That was an all time great show. It had a big impact, it set the bar high.

Steve Bailey said...

I'm in the middle of reading this Hollywood Reporter piece, and I just read where you and your partner loved the Larry Gelbart-scripted Blythe Danner episode. I saw it when it first aired, but it meant a lot more to me years later, when I saw it in a rerun after I'd just gotten engaged. I understand perfectly why it meant so much to you.

Unknown said...

Consider the following a potential Friday Question:

I've often read about how members of the Writers Guild register pseudonyms that they can use on scripts that get "noted" beyond recognition by network or studio suits.
The red-flag pen names enable the writers in question to maintain their payments and future royalties for work that they slaved over, only to see the work mishandled this way and that.

What I was wondering was if you and Mr. Isaacs (separately or together) had such a pseudonym, and if you ever had occasion to use it; I won't ask exactly where you used it (unless of course you'd like to tell us ...).

Cristina Graziella said...

Thank you very much Ken! I' m a huge fan of Mash and I sincerely consider that the best episodes are those written by you and Mr. Isaacs. Wonderful article! Thank you again

Jeff Maxwell said...

John Hammes said...
By that definition, Igor would qualify as heroic.

Never thought of it that way, but thanks very much! I guess we all do the best we can with the stuff we got.