Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Come see my play reading FREE

Hey Angelinos, I'm having a reading of my new full-length play, OUR TIME this Friday at 4:00 in Santa Monica.  It's a loosely-based autobiographical comedy about four young people breaking into the world of comedy in 1975 LA.   There are still some tickets left and they're FREE. 

Interested?  Email me at

... for details.  First come, first served.   Lotsa laughs.   Come join us. 


Mike Bloodworth said...

I'm going. But I had to double check the dates. I was afraid it might conflict with the "Royal Wedding." Fortunately, it doesn't. Break a leg.

Anonymous said...

I was fortunate to go to a table reading here in Australia for a Josh Lawson screenplay he had written (Aussie actor not doing too bad in US) and it was a lot of fun, the actors were relaxed and they discussed what did and didn't work for them (not clear on motivation or what was actually happening, etc) at the end and Josh explaining what he was going for and what he might clarify, etc. Highly recommend the experience to anyone that can make it. Josh started as a comedian so was funny as well, which I would imagine Ken would be like at a reading.

Chuck Warn said...

Any Live stream?

Blair Richwood said...

Charming, funny, nostalgic, and deep -- the actors were spot-on for the play, Ken, just wonderful performances -- and you gave them seasoned meat to chew on.

Of course it was clever, and I was mentally staging it for the inherant visual comedy I know to expect from you as they read [I should've warned the theater to turn up the lights for the actors to clearly read the pages BEFORE they started!], but it was an aural treat too: a teriffic radio play (says the grandaughter of a "Fibber McGee & Molly" writer.)

If your readers aren't attending your plays and readings, they're missing a bit of a masterclass. Good to see you -- but again, even better to see your actors bringing your characters (and your past) to life.

Sarah said...

Man, I wish I would've seen this last week. I would have loved to watch the process.