Wednesday, May 16, 2018

EP72: Meet Matt Mira - host of After Trek, and co-host of every podcast on the internet

Ken talks to podcast host, writer, and comedian, Matt Mira about a variety of subjects including his busy schedule writing for The Goldbergs in Los Angeles, then hosting After Trek for CBS All Access every weekend in New York. He's been on more podcasts than you could count. Matt hosts his own podcast, Sidekick, and co-hosts The Nerdist Podcast. He’s the ultimate nerd overachiever, podcasting genius, and great guest!

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Andy Rose said...

Very interesting look into his career. I love how straightforward he is about the business... no BSing with that guy (except maybe beating around the bush a little about his "paper partner.")

Leemats said...

Great podcast, Ken. It's always interesting to hear writers tell their story about how they broke into the business.

Unknown said...

Love Matt and glad to hear this interview. Thanks for sharing!

Mike Barer said...

I noticed he mentioned "Judaism For Dummies". That was written by Seattle area Rabbi Ted Falcon who co-officiated at our wedding.
I read the book and it was so good in my opinion that if you had never heard of Judaism, you could read the book and know more than many practicing Jews.