Saturday, May 05, 2018

Hawaii Five-18

Aloha!  Just got back from a few weeks on Maui.  Was gone before the volcano and earthquakes.  My heart goes out to everyone there.  Anyway, thought I would share some photos.  I'll do my traditional crazy travelogue on my podcast, which drops the middle of the week.  But in the meantime...

My adorable granddaughter, Becca.

Black sand beach

I forget.  This might be a sunset.

Good advice, wouldn't you say?

In case I want to swim to another island

Nightfall in the Blue Lagoon

More Becca, more eating

This is the kind of stuff I post on Instagram

We took a submarine ride.  Dive! Dive!

Not for the claustrophobic

135 feet below.  Notice Sponge Bob.

Much better name than Starbucks

Gotta go to a tacky luau

Not a lot of takers for the crap they sell

But someone paid $38,000 for THIS.


J Lee said...

No shaky pictures, so you must not have stayed for the earthquake.

blinky said...

Meanwhile on the big island:

Mike said...

Oh, you are so busted. So crazy busy, rushed off my feet, haven't time to write a new blog entry is actually loafing by the pool in Hawaii, soaking up rays.

And where are our photos of the erupting volcano? You had one job, one job...

And don't give me any nonsense about this being an old entry. Your granddaughter is a lot older than last time.

Jeff Maxwell said...

Uh oh. It looks like the camera and the truly adorable Becca share a mutual love. And they should.

Seven Sacred Pools? Road to Hana? My wife and I took that lonnnnng drive to the pools. Unfortunately, as the local ranger explained on our arrival, some anomaly of nature temporarily dried them up. No flowing water, but we did enjoy the Sacred Pool Holes.

Did you indulge in some local Spam Lamb?

Fun shots! Thanks, Ken.


Mike Bloodworth said...

When you said April was a "crazy" month for you I accepted it. When you rehashed old posts I figured it was because you were going through some serious stuff. But, now You reveal that in fact you were "partying like its 1999." Serious emotional upheaval is one thing. But playing hookey is another. Its almost like a bad sitcom plot.
A-story: Everyone is worried about principle #1 because they think he is in some sort of terrible trouble, but the truth is he's out having the time of his life. B-story: Principle #2 is arrested at Dunkin Doughnuts for being Mexican. No one bails him out because everyone is preoccupied with prin. #1. Hilarity ensues.
P.S. Welcome back. Did you bring me anything?

MikeKPa. said...

Curious to hear your podcast. Going to Maui later this summer, but skipping the luau.

By Ken Levine said...

For the record, while in Hawaii I was preparing for a play reading this week, casting and coordinating a ten minute play I'm directing this week, still doing my blog, and preparing for seven productions of my plays in June. So it WAS a crazy month.

tb said...

Ah, I miss the submarine ride at Disneyland.

Mike Bloodworth said...

Damn, other Mike #1. You beat me to it!

Cap'n Bob said...

And in case I haven't mentioned it before, if anyone is going to Hawaii do not, NOT, go to the Polynesian Cultural Center, assuming it's still open.

VP81955 said...

Have never been to Hawaii. I'll have to set a few scenes of my next script there to give me an excuse to visit.

Roseann said...

Becca is pretty cute.