Saturday, October 13, 2018

A Scary Time for Boys

Discovered this video by Lynzy Lab. She took the (many) words right out of my mouth. Great video worth seeing.  It's a song called A SCARY TIME FOR BOYS


MikeKPa. said...

Maybe the daughters of the new SC justice will learn something from this video they can't from their father. Real and brutal lyrics. Probably should be shown at every college orientation as well.

Janet Ybarra said...

It's a cute, funny little song. But I'm confused as to what is so scary for boys.

Is it #MeToo? It's not as if the news is filled with stories of hordes of boys.

THE NEW YORK TIMES had a really interesting piece during the Kavanaugh battle. A reporter talked to high school students to get their take on it.

I'll include a link to the full story at the end. But let me call attention to a couple of sections.

Maycee Wieczorek, a 17-year-old in Rapid City, S.D., said it felt odd as a student to hear grown-ups dismissing the significance of Mr. Kavanaugh’s character in high school.

“For me and my friends his past is our now,” she said.

And she worried that if the Senate does not take Dr. Blasey’s allegations seriously, it will reaffirm the idea that “boys will be boys,” and teach a dangerous lesson to teenagers today.

“Boys will learn that what you do in high school won’t affect your future at all, so go do the damage you need to do now,” she said.

What this young lady had to say makes a lot of sense. Particularly when you consider President Dump was caught on tape boasting about grabbing female genitalia and he became president anyway.

Then there was this:

Dan Radka, 17, a high school senior who lives in Clinton, Conn., said he had learned from friends who were girls how important it is to obtain consent in sexual situations. His teachers have also stressed using caution on social media, where youthful posts can live forever.

But Mr. Radka said the controversy in Washington has made him think even more deeply about making the right choices now and in college, knowing they may well impact his future.

"I don’t want to do something dumb that I could have prevented,” he said.

What this young man said, to me, says it all. Basically, be respectful, use common sense, and don't do anything dumb... like getting so flaming drunk you decide to attack a young lady or waggle your private parts in someone's face.

If I totally missed the mark and there is some other reason for boys to be scared, let me know.

blinky said...

Can you believe that since the 80s only twice have white women not voted a majority for republican presidential candidates? Dumb ass white women.

Alex Bell said...

Janet Ybarra
The point is that there is nothing that boys have to be scared of. She is ridiculing the very idea that a boy/man could ever be falsely accused of anything. Thus when any woman anywhere accuses a man of anything, it is to be believed, his life and reputation ruined, his job lost, his family destroyed. I believe Bret Kavanaugh was probably a jerk and probably did what he was accused of, but there have been many young men accused of sexual assault who are completely innocent, and parents would be wise to warn their young sons that entire lives can be destroyed with an accusation so they had better not put themselves in a position where an accusation can be made—-much the same thing as warning young girls to be very careful where they go alone, etc. Young women are being taught to hate men, and the many decent young men are being taught to be terrified of young women. Nice world.

sanford said...

Saw this a few days ago. Kimmel had her on this week
Check out the video

Lemuel said...

I'd like to see her in "duelling ukeleles" with Kate Micucci!

Janet Ybarra said...

I don't think young women are taught to hate men. I don't see that at all.... just that guys should be respectful and not stupid.

Kavanaugh was both disrespectful and stupid.

Even Al Franken you could say was disrespectful and stupid.

You say there are "many" young men being falsely accused. Where are they? I haven't seen any news to that effect.

CarolMR said...

Yes, it can be a scary time for boys. Thank God for surveillance cameras. A 26-year-old white woman accused a 9-year-old black boy of sexually assaulting her in a convenience store. She actually called the police. The store's camera footage showed that his over-stuffed backpack grazed her as he and his mom passed by. And this didn't happen in some small, southern town. It happened yesterday in liberal, Democratic NYC! Believe all women?

D. Wilder said...

As someone who hails from a Catholic family in one of these cities where for decades it was the BOYS who were being raped with no one giving a shit, and as someone who's seen in his own family the effects of that and how the crimes were then handed down by damaged men to more BOYS, including myself, well, to this singer, and to you Ken -- and I say this as a regular reader and a fan: Fuck you.

Because girls AND boys are victims. And yeah, sometimes it can be just as scary for the boys. Just ask Boston. And Phillie. And New York. And all of Ireland. And Australia, and......

Mike Bloodworth said...

1. Why its "A Scary Time..." is because women believe the lyrics of that song are true. It may reflect their fears, but does it reflect reality? I for one have never tried to force or coerce a female to do anything she didn't want to do; sexually or otherwise. At the end when she tells everyone to go vote you know she means for women Democrats.
2. I saw an interview similar to the one mentioned by Janet Y. on ABC. (Don't remember if it was on 20/20 or Nightline. I couldn't believe these were REAL highscool students. Even if they were, they must have been hand picked so that they would give the answers the nation wanted to hear.
3. If we were all to be judged by how we behaved in highschool the country would be in total chaos. Because based on the people I went to highscool with virtually everyone, male or female, would be disqualified for jobs for whatever reason. Ironically, there are various groups trying to change the way teenagers are dealt with in the legal system. Its not the "law and order" right, but the "progressive" left. They're trying to prevent kids from being sent away for life or receiving other harsh sentences because science has proven that certain parts of a teen's brain, especially the decision making centers, are not fully developed. Quite a paradox.

Y. Knott said...

Alex Bell, what insight! You've grasped the point entirely! She clearly meant to say all women should always be believed all the time on everything -- even though she didn't actually say any such thing! And also that her obvious message is that all women should hate all men! How perceptive of you to infer a conclusion which was never stated -- or even remotely implied!

You and those like you are the reason America is the shining example of equality, understanding and education that it is today! We all hope that you to continue to enlighten us with your uniquely penetrating analyses of social issues and ukulele videos!

suesea7 said...

Our Dear Leader said it's "a very scary time for young men in America" in the midst of the Kavanaugh confirmation. And that women are doing great. I doubt that false accusations will increase - maybe more reporting and investigations of sexual assault will (but I'm not that hopeful). Look how long and how many women had to come forward about Bill Cosby. It's still a man's world - but women are angry and slowly making progress. Don't be afraid, men, just be best.

Sue in Seattle

James Van Hise said...

In the last 2 weeks Donald Trump stated that ALL of the women who have accused Kavanaugh are liars part of a grand conspiracy. He also claimed that 4 women had once been paid to accuse him of assault but no trace of this story can be found anywhere even though he claimed it was covered on Fox News. Donald Trump also claimed that it is "a scary time for young men in America." It almost seems like he's trying to get women to come out and vote Democrat next month.

Janet Ybarra said...

Hi Ken, I've got an FQ for you: did Harry Morgan do his own painting or was that actually someone else?

Buttermilk Sky said...

"Men are afraid women will laugh at them. Women are afraid men will kill them." (Margaret Atwood)

I'm sorry young men are afraid their thuggish behavior might get them in trouble. Women have been afraid for a hell of a lot longer. And whatever Trump says, I believe the opposite.

Ralph C. said...

I agree it’s a scary time... for decent, honest men and women, boys and girls... the tenets of fascism— fear, anger, outrage, hate— boiling over the cauldron, splashing on and scorching the earth... nature and nurture are victims... tolerance, love, humanity are victims... the first raindrops of extinction pound in rhythm, war drums and lockstep of the armies Chaos and Confusion... sides being taken far away from the real revolution... sides being organized for the execution of the devolution of democracy... keep hope alive... vote and read beyond what’s between the lines... truth exist... don’t let it be blinded by fear and outrage... deep breath, eyes open, mind clear... the breath of good still heaves, even from a sunken chest.

Janet Ybarra said...

That sounds like another of what's been a line of racists calling the police against black people because the black person "didn't belong."

And, yes, that happens in "liberal" places, too. Just check out this story from Smith College. You can't get much more liberal than that...

Janet Ybarra said...

Make sure to get out and vote. If you think your state has purged its voter rolls or has implemented laws to limit access to the polls (such as voter ID laws) call 866-OUR-VOTE.

Janet Ybarra said...

I'm not sure why makes are freaking out so much about this #MeToo.

What if it was your daughter, sister or mother? What would it be then?

Professor Herb said...

Lynzy Lab played her song on Jimmy Kimmel October 11 (mentioned in one of the earlier comments above). On the program she acquired a chorus of women and girls, plus better captioning if you are interested in the words. Here is the link

It's a good song, and a nice performance. Thanks, Ken, for bringing it to our attention. And for those of you who are unable to appreciate the song for what it is, as they would say in Ken's tribe, Kish Mir Im Tuchus

Mike said...

Very nice. Presumably some of the lyrics are actual advice given to young ladies as they embark in the world. I wonder whether PornTips received such advice from her doting parents, or just ... porn tips?

A couple I'd never considered, because I'm a dude:
a) Don't take a room on the first floor, in case of unwanted visitors. First floor means second floor in the UK, which confused me.
b) Don't jog with headphones, because you can't hear attackers.
c) I already knew about the miniskirt one.

Alex Bell said...

Y Knott
If you think that telling women they cannot go out after 7 O’Clock, go to a club without a chaperone, or wear a mini-skirt “ doesn’t remotely imply” that men are dangerous douche bags, then you are not exactly a shining example of understanding or intelligence yourself. That video is hateful and sad, and not at all the way the issue should be dealt with.

Tom said...

Speaking as one, I take male complaints about the current environment almost as seriously as I do those about being white, western, or educated. It's really tough having so many advantages in life.

Anonymous said...

"What this young lady had to say makes a lot of sense. Particularly when you consider President Dump was caught on tape boasting about grabbing female genitalia and he became president anyway."

It makes even more sense when you recall that not only did President Clitoris get caught actually grabbing one, rather than talking about it, IN the Oval Office numerous times, as well as utilizing said vagina as a humidor, and his wife defended him against the freshly grabbed vagina by calling the owner of said vagina, "a psycho," and never formally apologized for her slurs after the presidentially semened dress was submitted for public scrutiny, but Democrats attempted to reinsert her, along with her p-grabbing husband for four MORE years Oval Office fun!

Must have made a lot of gals ungrabbed vagina's feel pretty angry.

Put another way, many women of voting age hated the Clintons so much, they voted in a guy who offended them even more, just to spite her. Less talk about Trump, more talk about Juanita Broderick, and why she’s been shut out of the "me too" movement, and how this action underlines political cowardice and hypocracy. At least Trump has never said, "it depends on what the meaning of the word "is" is'"

As long as you keep censoring posts like this, there’s no dialog, only contemptuous monologues from both sides, and you ensure Trump will be in office till 2032. Yes, Ivanka is being groomed for 2024.

Meantime, you have Antifa, who has hijacked your party media presence, and they’re going to act like acid to the Democrats till their party is reduced to political hecklers. Have you noticed that’s the process taking place right now? Trump has installed a SHITLOAD of federal judges, and more Supreme Court judges are in the wings. How much longer before Ginsberg is carried out on a stretcher? Wait till you see HER replacement. Trump’s next appointment will make a Kavanaugh look like a fey tranny. The next one is going to be vomit-inducing conservative, and your media is still clucking about Kanye!

If Dems don’t get their collective act together, theyll be standing outside of the political process, looking in. Hecklers. I don’t think that's politically healthy, we need both sides to make a great nation, but you guys are letting idiots who are a minority in your party, kill your party.

Walt Whiskey said...

I can’t help but believe this “new awareness” (Me Too movt and such) would not be extant had the popular vote prevailed and Hillary Clinton became POTUS (The Weinstein’s being huge contributors to Hillary’s campaign to which side would she lean Harvey or the ‘sisterhood’). There would be talk of building bridges instead of walls and, of course, no Kavanaugh controversy (as he wouldn’t have even been considered for the Supreme Court). On the other hand, with the opposing party in control of Congress, you’d have a POTUS who would get next to nothing she proposed passed (I.e., the promise to her ‘base’ to create legislation to help ...’put a lot of coal miners out of work,’ retraining people largely with limited education to become what exactly...rocket scientists? IT specialists?), who likely would have become subject of an extended ethics committee investigations (because of her permanent deleting of innumerable government documents, the questionable contributors to her and Bill’s Clinton Foundation). Of course there were also the ‘superpacs’ she had in place causing considerable consternation amongst Bernie Sanders ‘supporters of the movement’ (any of you believing for a second Sanders had a chance of winning the Democratic nom are living in the Land of Make Believe). Sanders as president, provided he had in place in Congress a cadre of colleagues turned neo-Socialists, would have been a travesty as you ‘the People’, would be footing the bills for mandatory free college, comprehensive health care for every man, woman and child in this country (nothing wrong with the laudatory ideals, quixotic as they may be, just the realities of their implementation)...and likely talking with real estate agents in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal about relocating.

Yes, Trump says a lot of idiotic, even downright thoughtless things (and his debate appearances made me, well, cringe) takes numerous questionable actions (such as having his KW ‘hang’ at a time people down South have, seemingly overnight, had their lives turned upside down by Hurricane Michael). But...when is the last time you heard ISIS or North Korea missle testing mentioned in the nightly news, or the single people on this board been given a $12,000 tax exemption? Like him or not this man gets things done which are to your and your family’s benefit (and, before long, Dems would have been bitching about some action taken/ legislation proposed by Hillary as she edged closer and closer to the center).

As for this young woman, I hope she one day marries, has a houseful of children...all male.
Wonder what tune she’ll be singing then?

Janet Ybarra said...

Your comment is filled with all kinds of hysterical, ad hominem nonsense. You're worried about a president, Clinton, who was last elected more than 20 years ago.

As for Democrats, support for Democrats has surged. Don't believe me?

Read this:

I expect the in 2 year's time, Democrats will have full control of the Congress and White House and will begin rooting out Dump's court nominees for removal or a court packing plan to make their votes nearly irrelevant.

Wendy M. Grossman said...

blinky: #notallwhitewomen


Y. Knott said...

Hey everybody, Alex Bell has posted again! So be sure to absorb every word of Alex's deep, nuanced understanding of current issues, and remarkable ability to find the real meaning behind a piece ... and to identify America's real victims!

Alex, you are so right! Sure, this woman didn't actually once tell other women not to go out after 7 o'clock, but she did something just as terrifying: she delineated her own experiences in such a relatable way, that she made her wariness sound like an understandable and prudent short-term response to a long-standing societal issue!

It's so obvious that women need to be protected from such ideas! Why, the feeble-minded could actually start to believe that there is some sort of systemic problem that should be addressed over the long term!

Alex Bell, we salute you for pointing this out to us all! You are truly an ideal representative of all that has made America the world's most-discussed example of academic rigor, social integrity and intellectual curiosity! Please don't stop sharing your brave proclamations decrying the alarming perversion of ukulele videos -- and the real problems facing Alex Bell's America today!

Janet said...

Oh, as for Bernie...I love that guy, and as a New England transplant, I've known of Bernie and followed his career for nearly 40 years. I actually got to meet him briefly at a rally not long ago. He is a righteous dude. I would love to vote for him for president again.

Or Joe Biden... love him too. Another righteous dude. Would love to vote him for president again. I actually wanted to vote Joe for president back in 2008 when he ran before Barack Obama surged in popularity.

CarolMR said...

"That sounds like another of what's been a line of racists calling the police against black people because the black person 'didn't belong.'"

Nice try, but Flatbush has lots of black people and there were plenty in the convenience store.

Janet Ybarra said...

As Dump, his tax cut still was skewed to corporations and the very rich. And his deregulation is only going to inflame climate change and make the air and water we breathe dirtier. Not good.

If President Dump were so so successful, I have to wonder why his approval ratings have been underwater his entire term.

Alex Bell said...

Y Knott
Why are you so hysterical? The video seems to imply that anyone who thinks it’s a scary time for boys is a moron, because it is only women who need to be scared. I commented on that. What do you care what I or anyone else thinks of that video? Why not just give your opinion of the video instead of attacking someone for daring to give an opinion you don’t agree with. Believe me, if I had known someone was going to come unhinged I would have simply read the other comments, which are.all interesting, and kept my opinion to myself.

Anonymous said...

Ralph C.
That was lovely. Thank you.

kent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
zadig infinity said...

Sorry, Alex Bell, but the delightfully sarcastic Y Knott is correct, you're hearing things. Also using sexist attacks (or perhaps you're ignorant of the source of "hysterical"), but predominantly you're just inserting your own issues into some pretty straightforward lyrics.

Just a thought, but this would be a good time for you to stop posting.

Coram_Loci said...

Don’t believe women.
Don’t believe men.
Believe evidence.

We presume innocence because allegations are cheap and plentiful while a good reputation and personal security are expensive and scarce.

The danger of believing women is that it elevates the status of the accuser or the vileness of a crime over the facts and evidence. Do rough justice to this particular individual because this general group has historically been harmed. Do rough justice here because it’s important to preserve some orthodoxy, some ideology. That's not the path to justice.

“And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned 'round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country's planted thick with laws from coast to coast– man's laws, not God's– and if you cut them down—and you're just the man to do it—do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then? Yes, I'd give the Devil benefit of law for my own safety's sake.“

Alex Bell said...

How kind of you to jump in to defend the charming Mr. Knott, but I’m afraid you confuse irony and wit with sarcasm, which is intended to mock and show contempt—-not really all that delightful.

Every one knows the origins of the word hysterical, but current use just means uncontrolled emotion, and his comments, calling on all to join him, certainly could be described as hysterical. And all this because he didn’t like my interpretation of the video. The name of that work of art is: A Scary Time for Boys. The singer then proceeds to outline all the things women must do to remain safe from men—a perfect example of irony it seems. And if not, why, for the love of God, does Mr. Knott care so much about what I said that he reacts in such an outrageous manner?

I wouldn’t have responded to your joining in the contempt if you hadn’t felt it necessary to recommend my not doing so, which of course left me no choice.

By Ken Levine said...

Okay, we're done with the Alex Bell/Y Knott debate. Any further comments will be deleted.