Monday, March 23, 2020

How's everybody doin'?

I was never grounded by my parents. It took the governor of California. Being over… uh, 40, I’ve been asked for my own safety to stay home. There are worse places to be. And it’s helped that over the last week we’ve had some rainy days, so it’s not like I’d be going out anyway if I didn’t have to.

What’s tough is getting exercise. On those rain days when I stay in I make sure I get my 10 steps a day, even if I have to push myself. On nice days I can walk, careful not to touch anything, or look at any surface that anyone else has touched in the last two weeks.

I listen a lot to oldies and there is no better source than  Even still, "wow" songs pop up that I haven't heard in years.  It's a deep dive into the 50's, 60's, and 70's. 

My heart goes out to all those workers in all those industries that are currently not working and not making the income they need to survive. I think of all those businesses like restaurants and bars and theatres that work off such a small margin that if this continues for any length of time they’re out of business.

Meanwhile, fucking casinos want a bail-out.  How about giving me my money back when I lose, assholes? 

And the president, who disbanded the pandemic department, claimed the virus was a hoax, said it would disappear like a miracle, was woefully late in responding to the crisis leading to the panic and increased shitstorm we have now – he claims he “takes no blame.” (I’m going to just disable comments for today because that's what we libtards do.)

I am very fortunate in many ways. And one is that as a writer I can use my work to escape into another world. People ask, “How can you write comedy during such dark times?” And my answer is: that’s exactly when you SHOULD write comedy. The governor can tell me not to venture into the world, but he can’t keep me out of my own world.

For all writers, I invite you to use this time – especially if you find yourself home with hours of free time. These few months are such a waste. At least something useful can come out of it.

During the Black Plague Shakespeare was confined to home and used the time to write KING LEAR and MACBETH.  Luckily for the world he had let his Netflix subscription run out.  

And if it’s not writing, it’s whatever project you’ve been putting off. Make those photo albums. Learn Garage Band or iMovies. Read those books that have been sitting on your nightstand for years. Set up virtual conferences. Four new terms Americans have learned this year: coronavirus (NOT China virus), COVID-19, social distancing, and ZOOM.

Be safe. Be productive.