Saturday, March 21, 2020

Weekend Post

Haven't done this in awhile -- posted a snippet from my memoir, THE ME GENERATION... BY ME (GROWING UP IN THE '60s).  You can buy a copy here.  Let's stagger back to Quentin Tarantino's favorite year, 1969 and happier times when we could all go outside.   

I started going out with Rhonda. She lived in Philadelphia and was just out here staying with relatives, one of whom was my friend Jay. Might this be one of those “summer romances” where you meet, fall madly in love, she goes home in September, you’re heartbroken, you remember her always, she forgets you the minute she enters the jetway? But you get laid so she may injure you like no woman ever has but screw it, you got what you wanted.

For date #1, I suggested we see EASY RIDER, a movie that had been getting a lot of buzz. The saga of two hippies (starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper) traveling across America had struck a real chord. The ending where rednecks shoot and kill them stunned and startled young audiences. It was the one “You’ve got to see this movie” movie of the summer. But Rhonda had no interest. So we saw her choice instead -- CHITTY-CHITTY BANG BANG starring Dick Van Dyke.

I got a goodnight kiss.

Since I knew that time was of the essence I decided to just pull out the stops for date #2. I offered to take her to Disneyland. That should be good for at least some hands-inside-the-sweater action. She didn’t want to go to Disneyland. She had already been there.

But she did want to go to Japanese Village and Deer Park.

What the fuck?!

L.A. had a number of animal-themed attractions back then. Jungleland was way out in Thousand Oaks. The most bizarre was Lion Country Safari. You’d drive around slowly while jungle animals roamed freely around you. Good idea to keep your windows up so the lions wouldn’t stick their heads in your car and eat your children.

In Buena Park, not far from Disneyland, was Japanese Village and Deer Park. This featured a Japanese-themed tranquil Zen-like atmosphere with gardens and koi ponds, and a tea house, and dove pavilion. Deer were allowed to wander. You can’t believe how crushingly boring this place was.

Another goodnight kiss.

For date #3 I suggested Lion Country Safari figuring I would roll down the window on Rhonda’s side of the car. But she wasn’t interested so there was no date #3.


Troy McClure said...

"The ending where rednecks shoot and kill them stunned and startled young audiences."

Dude! Spoiler alert!

"For date #3 I suggested Lion Country Safari figuring I would roll down the window on Rhonda’s side of the car."

That's given me a much needed laugh! But I fear that those without humor but with much virtue to signal will now complain that your joke was misogynist. I wish they could take a day off.

Troy McClure said...

Forgot to ask if you'll be posting a tribute to Kenny Rogers. I've never been into country music but he had a tremendous voice and he did some songs I loved. Just Dropped In, Islands in the Stream and The Gambler are iconic classics.

It's very sad to lose him.


Amanda said...

Sounds like you were each other's one that got away.I'm not sure if the sarcasm reads here or not ha

Also I agree on not seeing Easy Rider. I watched on TV years ago and waited hours for something to happen so I could locate the plot.

I've never been to Disneyland so if a date suggested we go even just up to the gates to watch people have fun I'd probably enjoy myself more than you did

J Lee said...

I assuming singing her a few lines from the Beach Boys' "Help Me Rhonda" wouldn't have been much of a help, either. Maybe if you had located Los Angeles' No. 1 Philly cheese steak restaurant for a date trip, things would have gone better.

Unknown said...

By Ken Levine. Not Buy Ken Levine. But thanks for the free post.

Mitch said...

When Easy Rider came out, we saw it several times, and thought is was the coolest movie. I never would have dated a girl who preferred Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Today, though, I would.

Nick Archer said...

I took my girlfriend in 12th grade to see There's A Girl In My Soup with Peter Sellers and Goldie Hawn. It was way above our sexual pay grade.

Jay Thurber said...

"Japanese Village and Deer Park" is a real thing?!

There's a Hudson & Landry bit called "Ajax Liquor Store" where the drunk caller is trying to get a delivery to his house. "I live up by the Japanese amusement park," he says. "Bambi the deer plays there. Where Bambi goes, nothing grows."

I didn't realize there was a real Japanese amusement park with deer in L.A. I learn something every day.

It's not necessarily anything useful, but I learn something ...

DBenson said...

Mr. McClure: Yes, we understand your anti-PC-ness makes you morally superior. You don't have to make a show of opposing PC-ness that hasn't happened yet.

DBenson said...

My pitiful story: Back in the day, there were movies I'd save for dates rather than see alone. Several of them I didn't see until they reached cable or home video.