Saturday, March 14, 2020

Weekend Post

Some random thoughts on the coronavirus...

Can you imagine how much money Vegas is losing by the NCAA Basketball Tournament cancellation?

And for that matter, do you really want to be in an enclosed casino with 5,000 other people?   Las Vegas is going to take a bath.

What will ESPN do now with no major sports?  Will they go back to the days of axe throwing competitions?

And how about the poor hosts on sportstalk radio?  What are they going to talk about? 

The one sport that will come out the best is the NFL.  It's their free agent signing period.

Would we be in this mess if any other person was our president?   I'm sorry it's taking a deadly virus and people getting sick to finally realize this guy doesn't give a shit about you and your well-being.  Get him the fuck out of office!

It's interesting that this pandemic only became real when Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson tested positive.

Good luck getting Postmates to deliver something to you.  They are so overwhelmed with everyone staying home.

I love Katie Porter.  All Americans should.

Wash your hands.  Stay safe. 


Anonymous said...

I just hope Wilson the volleyball is safe

Jeff Boice said...
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Sean said...

I wish Ken and everyone on the comments section all the best. I hope none of you have the Coronavirus or get it. Keep calm and take reasonable precautions. A cool head will serve everyone well.


Outbreak 2: Electric Boogaloo said...

I recently watched Outbreak. I last saw it on its theatrical release in 1995.

The moral of the story is... put Dustin Hoffman in charge.

That said, a pencil would do a better job than Trump too.

Jeff Boice said...

ESPN has six hours of UFC tonight. They also have that 10 part 30 for 30 series on Michael Jordan and the 97-98 Bulls they were saving for June- they could move that up.

In addition to ax throwing, they could also bring back women's billiards- we could have the return of the Black Widow.

This could finish off the broadcast/cable networks as sports was the only thing getting ratings. I imagine cord cutting will accelerate. Makes Bob Iger a genius for starting up Disney+ when he did.

If you think this is bad, imagine if the coronavirus had hit six weeks earlier and the impact was on the NFL playoffs/Super Bowl instead of college basketball.

William said...

"Would we be in this mess if any other person was our president?"

I don't like your president either, but this is a global pandemic and it would have hit you guys hard regardless of who your president is.

Greg said...

Hear! Hear! Porter for President! (Someday I hope.)

MikeKPa. said...

I'm sure ESPN is bidding to get back Australian rules football, which was its hallmark before it started doing USFL (remember them?) games in the mid 80s. I'm not worried about sportstalk radio. They'll do what they do 12 months a year - NFL football. It's common now, as soon as the Super Bowl ends, to start talking about the draft and free agency. And I wonder how many FA will be doing their team interviews by Skype.

More curious what MLB will do. Will players disperse or stay close to training camp and work out by themselves. Almost have to expand the rosters to 30 for the first month since they will have an abbreviated spring training or none at all.

Agree about Katie Porter. She's very disarming but knows how to nail whomever she is interviewing with facts and questions for which they have no good answers.

Joseph Scarbrough said...

The first case of coronavirus has been confirmed in my county and in fact, the person who was diagnosed with it was just down the road from my neighborhood at a Taco Bell.

If I die, I want Lucy Loud to deliver the eulogy.

MikeN said...

They did it to Bush after Hurricane Katrina, and they are again making up stuff to attack Trump saying he failed on coronavirus.

CDC announced on Jan 7 about coronavirus, two days before Chinese government would acknowledge it.

The only mistake made was the failure to cut through red tape and allow for private tests, instead of sticking to bureaucratic rules and insisting on only CDC tests.
Of course if they had done this, they would have accused Trump of helping out big corporations, overturning safety regulations.

Alternatively, they could have done what Russia and Israel did and closed the border to all travel, not just from China(and now Europe).

Biggest other mistake I'm seeing is there is no recommendation to eat oranges and Vitamin C. Of course maybe this is good for me, because if they did that, I would no longer be able to buy oranges.
Seriously, if you are concerned about getting it, get the Vitamin C level in your blood up.

sanford said...

As much as I hate Trump the corona virus didn't come here because of him. He can certainly be blamed or mixed messages firing the response team or pandemics. He is really terrible. I think it was Wilbur Ross who said money can be made from this. What a dumb ass. A friend of mine posted this on facebook this morning. There are ways to profit from CV. Check out CODX the best in class maker of Coronavirus tests. My favorite Coronavirus solution stock. I have not seen him in years. We talk by phone sporadically. I have always known him to be a very smart, funny and talented person. He is good at investing but I don't believe he is what one would be called wealth, certainly not 100's of millons dollars wealthy or even in double figures wealthy. However that post seems pretty callous in light of what is going on.

Karan G said...

Agree with All - Love Katie Porter. "NO...Not Good Enough!" My random thoughts: Not a good economic time for Larry David to be opening a Spite Store. Love seeing the old Becker pals (Mocha Joe and Ted) on Curb. Saw a Deepak Chopra video about said topic...Deepak was blowing his nose and clearing is throat. Guess ya have to laugh. Stay Well All!

sanford said...

On a different subject relating to the Covid 19. A twitter buddy who I don't know personally posted this today. I had to look this lady up as had no idea who she is. This was a great idea. It is truly amazing how many talented people there are out there. I would think there are is a lot of people out there who are just as talented as most of the people we see on screen or tv or hear musically. I assume a lot of it is just plain luck. Some are in one big show and then you never hear from them again, or maybe they are still in the business but you never hear much about them. I am always surprised when I look actors and actresses in IMBD and find that they are still working.

Mike said...

Aren't Comedy writers immune to Coronavirus? For the matter all virus....

Linda said...

@ Outbreak 2: Electric Boogaloo,

Dustin Hoffman - the molester, in charge of this country?

You are the reason we are stuck with this piece of shit.

Mike Bloodworth said...


Wendy M. Grossman said...

The AIDS epidemic wasn't real to people until Arthur Ashe and Rock Hudson died of it, Ashe after campaigning diligently to raise awareness.

Stay safe, everyone. And offer to shop for neighbors more at risk than you are.


Mike Bloodworth said...

The first sport that I noticed being affected by covid-19 was Sumo wrestling. Yes, I'm into Sumo. The point is they are holding their March tournament, but with no audience. Only the wrestlers, referee and various officials are present. It was very strange to see the empty arena.
I can understand why events in enclosed spaces may be postponed or even cancelled however, I'm not sure why they need to postpone outdoor events, e.g. The Masters.

What's wrong with axe throwing? I remember when ABC used to air "Wide World of Sports." They used to show things like the lumberjack competitions and other niche sports. Some were quite interesting. I had hoped they would reboot it for those of us that don't get ESPN.

A week ago, Friday I met a friend for Happy Hour. The places we hit were all PACKED. At least then the C-virus fears seemed to be just hype. But, that was last week.

I was hoping to avoid politics, but the one who could benefit the most from this pandemic is Bernie Sanders. It lends some impetus for his call for forced, socialized medicine.

I'm heading out to try to purchase some essentials. I have plenty of toilet paper. I'm talking wine and club soda. BTW, Costco is also sold out of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.


Jason Roberts said...

Ken and other readers,

I thought you would like this clip from Cheers. It's from season one, epsisode 22 "Showdown: part 2".

I found it to be very apropos for the climate of the times these days! Especially when we all need a laugh!

MikeN said...

Mike Bloodworth, I'm surprised the Japanese are putting robot fans in the audience.

Mike, you ask if comedy writers are immune. It's the other way around I think because:

Want to hear a coronavirus joke?


You won't get it.

Outbreak 2: Electric Boogaloo said...

Linda, my comment was tongue in cheek, hence my following comment about a pencil. Lighten up.

Outbreak 2: Electric Boogaloo said...


It's absolutely true that this is global and Trump isn't personally to blame. However, just two weeks ago at one of his rallies, he told his crowd of supporters that Coronavirus is a hoax. A hoax. His words. And they whooped and applauded.

His supporters are incapable of thinking for themselves. If he announced tomorrow that climate change is real, his supporters would go "Yeah, climate change is real!"

Jim said...

If you want to see what the Chinese had to do to stop this virus, watch this video that was on French TV last week. There's an option for English subtitles if you click on the little button in the bottom right.

PJ said...

How have they kept Trump from throwing rolls of toilet paper at people?! His handlers are also working overtime, I guess.

Fred Vogel said...

The country needs more people like Katie Porter. She is wonderful.

D McEwan said...

I'm finding the cancellation of all major sports to be the one silver lining in this catastrophe, though if it results in Trump's downfall, that will be a gold lining.

Gamblers losing money doesn't bother me. That's what gamblers do. But the cessation of ALL show business and anything that attracts audiences is financially devastating a large number of industries. Stars, whether or sports or show biz, will be fine, but there are millions of paycheck-to-paycheck workers who will suffer serious deprivation.

Trump has been exposed to the virus (Deny it though he does, he was), and is in the high-risk demographic, so with any luck, it will kill him.

John Mazur said...

Katie Porter? Mike Wallace.
Mike Wallace? Katie Porter.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if another president would have handled this a little better? No tweeting about sleepy Joe or Obama or the dems maybe? Honestly, what other president has ever acted so childish EVER, but especially in times of crisis? And to claim he feels no responsibility? What leader does that? He would be better to leave the important stuff to the adults because he is better at hateful tweeting and making it all about him. If he were a CEO he would have bee canned by now. Keep safe. Janice B

Matthew O'Hara said...

I think Katie Porter would make a great VP pick. But I'd hate to lose her in Congress because she's one of the few members of either party who uses her time to ask pointed questions rather that just pontificate in soundbites.

gottacook said...

Staying in more has led to watching Lou Grant, which is complete or nearly so on YouTube. Just 11 episodes in, I've watched at least two guest stars who'd already appeared on MASH and whom Gene Reynolds evidently brought over: Ann Sweeny (his future wife) and Ed Winter (credited here as "Edward B. Winter"). Plus, of course, Linda Kelsey from "The Nurses" episode (whom Reynolds wanted as a regular at the outset but didn't begin her role until episode 4).

Anonymous said...

P.S. it also doesn't make me all warm and fuzzy knowing Jared Kushner is working on he never consults anyone with general knowledge. Add to that the fact that his brother's father in law (an emergency room doctor) openly consulted on Facebook with other doctors seeking advice because he stated he had a contact in the White House...very unusual way of handling a pandemic. Janice B.

Ernie said...

Ken, who do you think are some funny non-comedy writers. For me, Stephen King comes to mind. Is there someone out there who's known for writing drama or serious fiction but who also makes you at least chuckle when you read his or her stuff? Ernie

Gary said...

Current president: "I don't take responsibilty at all." Now that's inspired leadership.

Bob Gassel said...



When MASH eps were were being performed, shot and edited, was any consideration given to leaving time for the laugh track? I always assumed there was, but recall Larry and Gene claiming that wasn't the case.

Tom Galloway said...

Re: Vegas. Wynn has closed its sports book (and poker room). MGM has closed its buffets at all properties. And most severe of all, all Cirque du Soleil shows have gone dark. It remains to be seen if Penn & Teller will henceforth stay at least six feet apart on stage.

Re: ESPN. I figure they've got three choices:
1) A tasteful selections of sports themed test patterns.
2) ESPN Classic 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6
3) ESPN Ocho, all channels, all the time.

On a serious note, a *lot* of small businesses and their employees are up the creek. As an example, the Seattle Times is reporting that at least 50 restaurants in the area have closed, either permanently or temporarily, in the past two weeks.

Brian said...

Everyone should just stay home and watch Mash, Cheers, Frazier, Becker and Wings. By the time we finish, the world will be a safer place.

scottmc said...

Add me to the list of people praising Katie Porter. In an era when too many Representatives and Senators waste their Question time or grandstand, she cuts right to the chase. Other members should yield a portion of their time to her. She eviscerated either Jamie Diamon or the head of Welles Fargo a few months back. I believe she was a student of Elizabeth Warren's at Harvard. On a different topic, just before the election would be a good time for a revival, or rebroadcast, of MASTERGATE.

Jeff Boice said...

Just turned on the TV, and ESPN News is airing the World Axe Throwing League U.S. Open from last year.

MikeN said...

Outbreak, he didn't say Coronavirus was a hoax, but that the media blaming him for it is a hoax. He is not willing to sit quietly like George W Bush when the media blamed him for Katrina to win an election.

There was also commentary that it's not that serious. I agree with this.
You can't simultaneously say it is spreading like wildfire and there will be lots of deaths, when there have been very few deaths so far. Outside of Washington State, 10 deaths.
Ohio official claims 100,000 are currently affected in the state.
The logical conclusion is that the virus is not that serious if 100,000 have it already and no deaths. It could be she is wrong about the infections and the spread rate(likely), but both cannot be true at once.

I'm also reading reports that people are saying if China had outbreak in early December and travel wasn't shut down until mid to late January, that it's probably already spread throughout the US. Doctors reported a heavy flu season, and twitter is filled with people thinking they got it in Jan/Feb with a high level of breathlessness. Some said they tested negative for influenza, or the doctor said they had a virus they couldn't identify. If true, this also means the situation is not that serious(or maybe deaths attributed to flu should have been attributed to coronavirus). There are cases of people being found with coronavirus antibodies in their system.

So far, the outbreaks have been limited to a certain latitude and weather combo, maybe migrating northward. New York, MA, Wash, are in line with northern Italy, Qom and Wuhan are further south.

123v said...

Care to share your source on whether vitamin C actually helps boost your immune system against this specific virus?

Care to address Trump's rally assertion only a few weeks ago that this virus was a "hoax"?

Oranges. Foil hats, too.

123v said...

Not a smart opinion. Here you go, some actual facts on the matter from an expert:

123v said...

"There are cases of people being found with coronavirus antibodies in their system."


Mike said...

This may amuse:
"I had zero experience in a writers’ room. Then I was offered my dream job in LA."

Matt said...

It didn’t become real for me with Tom Hanks. It became real for me with Rudy Gobert and the NBA cancelling games.

I live in Washington and had the flu a month ago. Now I am wondering.

Outbreak 2: Electric Boogaloo said...


With the greatest respect, you always manage to find a way via mental gymnastics to justify or excuse what Trump has said.

It would be more honest if you just admit there's absolutely nothing Trump could say that you'd have a problem with.

I remember when his fans on twitter defended him when he said the 1775 revolutionary army took over the airports. They said the rainfall had obscured his teleprompter. This from the very same people who attacked Obama for using teleprompters.

Buttermilk Sky said...

Well, at least you'll get a break from the tour buses.

Anonymous said...

Where are all the "caring" stars we saw passionately "using their stardom to give back" by blathering at the Oscars and the Emmys and wasting valuable "In Memoriam" time? Are there assistants at Costco?

Anonymous said...

“I am strongly considering a Full Pardon!” Trump tweeted. The president also cited an unspecified report that the Justice Department had lost records related to Flynn's case. In response, Flynn's lawyer, Sidney Powell, tweeted, “Thank you, Mr. President” and said “the persecution” of his client “is an egregious injustice.”

Priorities. In the middle of a national crisis. God Bless America.

Outbreak 2: Electric Boogaloo said...


Check out this hilarious reply to that Trump tweet:

"Thank you President
@realDonaldTrump for emphasizing the importance of prayer and of seeking God with March 15th as a #NationalDayOfPrayer

You've been consistent in recognizing that, as a Nation, we need to Seek God"

His supporters are comedy gold.

Mick said...

Wow, TDS is real......hoo boy!

123v said...

How are we supposed to believe the numbers when it's so difficult to get tested? Those are only CONFIRMED cases, which has nothing to do with reality. Remember reality?

Jahn Ghalt said...

Would we be in this mess if any other person was our president?

The president has proved to be inept in many things - but his "performance" as a speaker and leader makes little difference.

My take is that we are surrounded by a huge over-reaction - a natural consequence of our safety-culture-runamuck.

(the crowd that comments here is "older" - some of us recall how ordinary risks used to be dealt with)

Our poorest and most vulnerable (the "working poor" and others) will suffer the brunt of the over-reaction.