Wednesday, August 25, 2021

EP239: Beware of Agents!

Ken has had some “unpleasant" encounters with Hollywood agents. Not many, but enough to fill an entertaining episode of dish.

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BG said...

Friday Question:

While on Youtube, I stumbled across a very obscure game show called The Cheap Show. It was created by Chris Bearde, who also created The Gong Show. Anyway, one of the writers was "David M. Hackel". Would this be the same Dave Hackel behind Becker?

Liggie said...

This episode will remind me very much of a yanked-too-soon sitcom, "The Famous Teddy Z". Jon Cryer played a temporary mailroom employee who somehow becomes the agent of a Jack Nicholson-like movie superstar. However, the show was stolen by the late Alex Rocco nailed the part of Al Floss, an ultra-smarmy Hollywood agent who becomes Cryer's rival.

The episodes that aired on CBS are available on Crackle, and free to watch without need of an account: Rocco's introductory scene at 6:30 earned applause even before the scene was over -- a lot of agents who attended the taping said they knew other agents who were *exactly* like Al Floss -- and his reaction when he figured out the bizarre way he got dumped by the movie star for Cryer at 17:53 is a beaut. Rocco ended up getting an Emmy for his role in a cancelled show, something I don't think will happen much again.

DBenson said...

"Mama, thar's two city men coming down th' road."
"You better git inside, girl."
"I think one o' them's an actor."
"Tell yore brother to git inside too."
"And th' other's his agent."
"Bring the goat in, quick!"

Mike Barer said...

I thought it was a fun look at the worst of Hollywood agents.

mmmmarrrk said...

Watch french show "Call My Agent" on netflix. Very funny and they are doing a Bollywood version. I'm sure the U.S. version will ruin it.

Michael said...

I saw an interview with Gary Shandling where he said thru personal connections he managed to write 3 or 4 episodes of "Sanford and Son" and "Welcome Back Kotter" before he ever had an agent. When it was suggested he get one, he had a phone interview with one who was acting completely disinterested until learned he had written episodes that were already filmed and then did complete 180 and wanted to sign him right away.