Saturday, August 07, 2021

Weekend Post

 Who doesn't love a little visual humor?

They do charge if you want a rollaway bed for them, however.
This is for real,
If Pole Dancing becomes an Olympic Sport I see her getting the Gold.
From my friend, Russ Woody -- an actual sign in a bathroom in Russia.
Hey, it's hard to find crap that's really fresh.
Ana from 50 SHADES OF GREY -- her car.

An authentic newspaper ad.  Back when the whole family drank beer... even the kids.
Okay.  I just couldn't resist.
And finally, here's a photo I took myself.  On Ventura Blvd. in Studio City they have plaques on the sidewalk like they do in Hollywood.  But in Studio City they salute those great movies and TV shows that were filled there.  Including this one:


Mitch said...

I have 2 of those Colonel Sanders Christmas albums. I think they did that for 3 years in the 70s, my dad got them, not sure if they were free when you get a bucket, or if you bought them at Kentucky Fried Chicken (it was way before it was called KFC).
Funny enough, they don't smell like chicken.

Earl Boebert said...

"Zombies of the Stratosphere" was a cool old serial with Leonard Nimoy in it. If they made it today it would be about air travel.

Mike Bloodworth said...

The only one of the above I've seen before is the Palouse Beer ad. I found that while researching something else, of course.


Matt in Westwood, CA said...

FQ: You've mentioned RHODA in your blog many times and that Charlotte Brown, the executive producer is a neighbor. Here is a question regarding RHODA that I think only she can answer if you wouldn't mind asking her. There is a 4th season script that exists, written by David Lloyd and the title is YOUR OLD FRIEND PHYLLIS. The script was never produced and obviously Cloris Leachman would have guest starred. The question is why was it not filmed? This would have been 1977 and right after both MTM and PHYLLIS ended. I've always assumed it was either a scheduling conflict with Cloris Leachman or perhaps she wanted to put the Phyllis character behind her at that stage. Does Charlotte know the actual reason?

Lawman592 said...

The Palouse Brewing Company--that was in my neck of the woods (or wheat fields in this case). The brewery lasted until 1910 when the city in which it was based voted itself dry (the rest of the state followed in 1913). Here are some related links that include other ads for their product.

Jeff said...

No one likes a typo nag but I think you meant to say the movie was "filmed" there, not "filled"

Mike Doran said...

About that Studio City plaque:
This was the headquarters of Republic pictures, home studio to Saturday afternoon cliffhangers, B westerns, second-feature thrillers, and loads of early TV shows, backed up by the most well-used supply of stock footage and miniature effects shots in the business.
Here in Chicago, Channel 7, the ABC-owned station in town, had much (if not all) of Republic's inventory in-house, and filled many off-hours with this stuff.
I'm wondering - what other shows were commemorated on the other Ventura Blvd. plaques?
Commando Cody - Sky Marshal Of The Universe?
Radar Men From The Moon?
The Adventures Of Dr. Fu Manchu?
Stories Of The Century?
(Western version of Gangbusters with a pre-Dallas Jim Davis)
Frontier Doctor? (Rex Allen's TV series)
Any B-western cowboy series of your choice?
Just askin', is all ...

Ere I Saw Elba said...

Fun fact:

Before starting KFC, Colonel Sanders used to do pole dancing, and his signature routine was one he called "biscuits and gravy". Don't ask me how I know.

Curt Alliaume said...

At one store, I saw a table of remaindered genre books (romance, procedural/detective, SF, etc.), with a sign that read "Fictional Clearance." My reaction was, "So they're not really on sale?"

thirteen said...

There are three Colonel Sanders holiday albums: Christmas with CS, Christmas Day with CS, and Christmas Eve with CS. Day and Eve are marked Kentucky Fried Chicken Special Collector's Edition.

Brian Phillips said...

The Best Western sign can also be read as a show of solidarity: Imaginary Friends! Stay Free!

Betty said...

The woman who's pole-dancing and ironing at the same time? Obviously it's her Miss America talent!

AAllen said...

The Palouse is where Washington State University it. Tom Tuttle of Tacoma, Washington would approve.

AAllen said...