Wednesday, October 20, 2021

EP247: The Art of Showrunning

Ken continues his chat with comedy writer, Dave Hackel. This week they delve into what a showrunner really does. It’s a unique and rigorous responsibility. And Dave is one of the best. They also discuss BECKER, a show Dave created and ran for five years. Lots of great info here.

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KB said...

"SFE," that's great. The first sitcom I worked on as a PA had Bob Ellison as a Consultant. I didn't know at first that was his role. He'd come in I think for a day or two, spit out jokes, and be gone. I said to myself, Now that's the gig I want!

cb said...

we was robbed.

Anna said...

Kia ora Ken,

I live I Sydney, and I saw this is Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald.
I don’t think it’s online, so I took a photo for you - unlooked for support is often a great boost!

Oh sorry, I can’t paste a photo so I’ll try a different avenue.