Wednesday, January 05, 2022

EP256: Humbling Experiences in Hollywood

The minute you think you’re hot stuff in Hollywood, something comes along to knock you back down to size. Ken shares some of his more humbling awkward experiences.

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YEKIMI said...

Tonsillectomy.....what fun. My mom decided to have my tonsils and younger sisters removed at the same time. I was 4, heading for 5. Only thing I remember about it was the going home routine. The damn nurse was trying to dress me but was trying to put my sister's clothes on me. Of course, me being a boy, I was stressing out about it but couldn't really yell, just remember me trying to fight her off. My mom came in the room and asked her why she was trying to put me in girls clothes. The only other thing I remember about it was that I got to eat ice cream and jello for a week.

Mistaken for a famous person. Year ago, Elton John was appearing in the area at an outdoor concert place. I didn't go, I can't afford his tickets. At the time I had people remark that I looked like him, same eyeglass style [regular eyeglasses, not his stage crap] and same style and color of hair. The only thing I can play on piano though is Heart & Soul. Probably about 11:30 I walk into a dimly lit bar in downtown Akron and about 2 minutes later someone starts screaming "Oh my God, Elton John just came in!" I'm whipping my head around looking to see and then realized everyone was looking at me. I broke out laughing and the guy who yelled it was making a beeline for me when he got close he stopped and said "Oops, my mistake." No shit, Sherlock, do you think Elton John would ever walk into this dive of a bar? Few years after that, had black frame glasses and had gotten a short haircut and had gained some weight. Then Drew Carey's show became a hit. Got mistaken for him a few times; don't know why I'm about 6 inches shorter than him. Grew my hair out and got some different glasses so that stopped that. And for the last couple of years I've had people come up to me and said I look like Barney Rubble. Least I can do an impression of him. And I sorta have a roundabout connection to him. My grandpa was a classmate of Mel Blanc who was Barney Rubble's voice.

Unknown said...

I'm reminded of a story about Henry Mancini while he and his family were taking a ski holiday in, I think, Vale. As Mancini is leaving a local coffee shop a young guy taps him on the shoulder inquiring if he was indeed Henry Mancini. Once Mancini acknowledged this the guy hands him Mancini's credit card (which the famous composer had dropped on the floor by the cash register), the man finding the card (apparently) oblivious about who this Henry Mancini guy was.

Fed by the muse said...

Ken, I apologize for not including my name to the above story. Wasn't intentional.

Mitch said...


WB Jax said...

File this under Odd, But True: One afternoon as I was getting off the MTA bus at Hollywood and Highland (making a connection for Burbank) someone approached me thinking I was Elton John to which I replied 'no, sorry...Reggie Dwight' (couldn't resist). Interestingly, Elton John's b-day is the day before mine, 25 March (though there's no way I could win any EJ look-alike contest!)

Rory L. Aronsky said...


@Mitch: Yes dear?

Don Kemp said...

Off topic- Bill Pearl, who was a DJ on KHJ and KRLA, went to law school and eventually started a website about the activities of Long Beach politics, passed away from esophageal cancer on January 4. He was 71.