Wednesday, January 19, 2022

EP258: Meet Marc Summers Part 1

Talk about carving out a career. Marc Summers is a TV personality, disc jockey, radio host, warm-up guy, comedian, game show host, magician, stand up comedian, talk show host, and producer. He’s best known for hosting DOUBLE DARE for Nickelodeon and UNWRAPPED for the Food Network. Come along on this fascinating journey.

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YEKIMI said...

If I had thought of it LOOOOOOOONG time ago, I would have used Cue Burns as my radio name. Most radio people [and some non-radio] will get it. I know I probably wouldn't be allowed or couldn't use what I did use nowadays. Not gonna say what it is cause I STILL use it for some non-radio announcing stuff.

VincentP said...

My radio name would've been Ron Donnelly ("Rockin' Ron" if the station had had a rock/oldies format).

Mark said...

Bit of a non sequitur, but to keep reporting live on-air when being hit by a truck is pretty impressive.

YEKIMI said...

In reference to an earlier post about movie lengths, the new Batman movie [with Robert Pattison] is going to be THREE freakin' hours long!