Wednesday, January 26, 2022

EP259: Marc Summers, Part 2

Marc Summers is a TV personality, disc jockey, radio host, warm-up guy, comedian, game show host, magician, stand up comedian, talk show host, and producer.  He’s best known for hosting DOUBLE DARE for Nickelodeon and UNWRAPPED for the Food Network.  He’s had to deal with life-threatening adversity and this is the inspiring story of how he overcame it and turned it into a show.   More podcasts at WAVE:

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Peter J. said...

Hi Ken. You may have noticed the downloads for this episode have dropped substantially; that's because there's an invalid character in your tags. I'd recommend removing (or having your maintainer remove) the A&E tag, or changing it to A&E (with the extra amp; appearing after the ampersand).

Apologies if this appears multiple times; it's disappeared twice on me when I've tried to preview.