Wednesday, May 25, 2022

EP276: The Current and Future State of Television

Ken’s guest is Preston Beckman, a major force in network programming for 35 years and currently a media consultant.  He discusses all things TV including broadcast networks, cable, streamers, sports, comedy, license fees, research, and where things might be heading. Television is constantly changing.  Stay on top of it with Preston Beckman. Part 1 of 2. 

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i could be a bob said...

Reese, Owen along with JACK, Paul Rudd, Tony Shalhoub. "How Do You Know" Looks like nobody knew for this one. James had a very strong start but the last two movies were doozies.

Ken with writing your blogs, and scheduling and research for these podcasts- do you listen / recommend any more current podcasts? My recent favorite is A Typical Disgusting Display - "a podcast for writers, by writers ... who hate writing." The weekly "Johnny jokes" is a must. A lot of the other podcasts I started on a few years ago, I got bored with. (No offense, I even took a time out from you last year but drifted back this spring. It's like Netflix and other streamers: timeouts are needed and real.)

Jeff Boice said...

Thanks. Looking forward to next week. I thought Dan Le Batard had a good comment on the Fox deal with Tom Brady: "They gave $375 million to somebody who has never said anything interesting".