Wednesday, June 01, 2022

EP277: TV Today and Tomorrow

More with 35-year network and media vet, Preston Beckman. The future of sitcoms, networks, streaming services, the Super Bowl, various platforms — all discussed right here. The ever-changing world of television is changing ever-faster these days. Stay on top of it with Ken & Preston Beckman.

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Mike Chimeri said...

I went on a long sightseeing boat ride on my dad's boat Monday afternoon, obsessively taking hundreds of photos with my Nikon DSLR camera. I listened to this episode and the one before as I finished editing those photos today. With 16 left, Preston made the analogy about "everybody run[ning] to that side of the boat"!

Mike Barer said...

The funny thing about you mentioning Amazon Prime picking up NFL games is that Jeff Bezos (the founder of Amazon) has been rumored as wanting to purchase the Seahawks from the Allen family. He is also said to the interesting in the Washington NFL franchise, but don't think that Dan Snider is planning to sell.

Anonymous said...

I started listening to baseball on the radio, and it is blatantly obvious why terrestrial radio is less popular than streaming. I make an effort to be ad-free in my media consumption, and that includes ignoring ads where they cannot be avoided. I've purchased three things (Omaha Steaks, Wind, and a book) from hearing about it on podcasts in the last fifteen years, and while they were good products, I wasn't going to be a repeat customer. So now, I use the skip function whenever possible. If it's not, I ignore the ads.