Wednesday, June 15, 2022

EP279: The Art of Radio Drama

A new podcast series called “The Big Lie” starring Jon Hamm drops this week. We’ll meet the creators and learn what goes into creating an entire world based only on sound and your imagination.

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Xmastime said...

the best radio show Ive ever heard is "Ham Radio" from FRASIER 🤗 my favorite episode

Don Kemp said...

I've become addicted to Radio Classics on Sirius XM. I don't listen to all the programs and the main host is annoying as hell (it sounds like someone has their hands around his throat when he speaks) but it's opened up an entirely new world for me that I missed since I as born in the late '50's. It has certainly filled in the blanks for me when it comes to certain sayings my grandfather or even my mother would occasionally trot out, I betcha. It really does emphasize how much your own imagination can contribute to the enjoyment of radio. Quite a great alternative to today's TV.

maxdebryn said...

The Twilight Zone radio dramas (that can be found online) are excellent. Theatre of the mind.

David H. said...

Hi Ken-

I don't know if you saw this:

What were some of your favorite "notes" Standards and Practices over the years?

Roger Owen Green said...

Off-topic, but I actually like those Progressive commercials where Flo offers to go talk with struggling actor "Tom" Hamm and then does.

Jeff Weimer said...

I listened to approximately the last year or two of "CBS Radio Mystery Theater" in 1981-1982 and was quite sad when it was cancelled.

Oh look - someone has every single one of them available to stream or save as MP3.