Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Summer announcement

I’m taking a little summer break.  For the summer months I won’t be posting anything new on Tuesdays.  

I’ve got a very busy summer planned — family trips, going to Cape May, New Jersey to see my play AMERICA’S SEXIEST COUPLE (you can order tickets here), keeping up my podcast, contributing more cartoons for the New Yorker, writing a new play, and most important — playing with my grandchildren.  

But rest assured all your favorite features remain — Friday Questions, and… hmmm, that’s my only feature.  Otherwise, the usual rants, ramblings, and photos of Natalie Wood.  

Hope you have a great summer.  Cape May is lovely this time of year — the jewel of the Jersey Shore.  Come visit this July. 


chuckcd said...

Have a great summer! See you next year! Will you sign my yearbook?

ScarletNumber said...

Your vacation is well earned and well deserved. Enjoy your Tuesdays! As a New Jersey resident, all I can say about Cape May is that it is really, really far, but with the national baseball-card show being held in Atlantic City in July, perhaps I can make a detour.

Anonymous said...

Have a great summer!