Monday, August 21, 2006

Fall Movie Preview Part Two

More Fall Movies and what to expect.

HOLLYWOODLAND – Did TV’s Superman, George Reeves kill himself or was he murdered in 1959? That’s one of the mysteries. But the bigger mystery is who in his right mind cast Ben Affleck to play Superman? Should be a riot.

A GOOD YEAR – A Russell Crowe comedy (isn’t that an oxymoron?). Re-teaming with Ridley Scott. Length issues forced them to cut all the jokes in GLADIATOR. Now they get the chance to strut out their funny boots. Crowe says doing a comedy puts him in a better mood. Hotel employees will be relieved.

THE GOOD GERMAN – George Clooney, bad guys in the 40’s.

THE GOOD SHEPHERD – Matt Damon, bad guys in the 40’s.

DEJA VU – Tagline should be “Been there, Done that.”

FLUSHED AWAY – Yet ANOTHER cartoon. This one is about a mouse flushed down the toilet. Will take you back to all your goldfish funerals as a kid.

THE RETURN – Aptly named film starring Sarah Michelle Geller. The “return” to television beckons.

I must pause for a moment. Ben Affleck as Superman????

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION – Christopher Guest and the Guffman Gang in a comedy about Hollywood. I know I’ll be laughing even as I tighten the noose around my neck.

COME EARLY MORNING – Stars Ashley Judd so it must be a kidnapping movie. I bet she does that annoying silent crying thing, like she’s choking on a grape.

CASINO ROYALE – Daniel Craig as the new James Bond. It’ll be hard enough living up to Sean Connery but in this remake of the late 60’s CASINO ROYALE he’ll have to make us forget about Woody Allen as 007. The conceit here is that this new version is really the “first” James Bond movie. We’re supposed to believe the previous twenty others never existed. I know the one with Denise Richards as a nuclear scientist didn’t.

THE DEPARTED – Martin Scorsese’s return to MEAN STREETS genre. I will RUN to see this movie. It’s Martin’s third film with Leo. DeNiro is getting jealous.



F_ _ _ -- A documentary about the “word”. Contains profanity.

BUG – A paranoid veteran holes up in a hotel room with Ashley Judd. I’m guessing she’s there against her will.

VOLVER – Penelope Cruz in her most difficult acting role. She has to get bad news AND cry.

The conclusion tomorrow. And next Monday, my Emmy review.


Julie Goes To Hollywood said...

One of my favorite I Love Lucy episodes is when Superman (George Reeves) shows up at little Ricky's birthday party. I just can't picture Ben Affleck doing that.

Wiil Teullive said...

If Affleck is Superman does that mean than Matt Damon is Jimmy Olsen?

I don't even know if Matt is available, Clooney could be borrowing him for Oceans 33.5 right now.

Kevin Smith has to hovering around too. Did Superman have a fat bearded friend?

Reel Fanatic said...

Hopefully fall will be a strong finish after a somewhat lackluster summer ... I think the two movies I'm most looking forward to are 'The Departed" and "Volver"

Richard said...

I'm looking forward to the Black Dahlia, which you haven't mentioned yet. I hope it's as good as LA Confidential, which was genius.

RC said...

i love your descriptions, especially of the good german and the good shephard.

definitly why on flicka, and the ben casting is bizarre.

--RC of

Tom Dougherty said...

I have sworn an oath to never again see anything involving Osama Ben Affleck. Zero talent + zero screen presence somehow still equals zero.

The female equivalent of Affleck is Ashley Judd.

Anonymous said...

Ben Affleck or Ashley Judd? Hard one! I know I don't want to see Ben's tits.

Anonymous said...

I wrote FLICKA and I'm sleeping with Ben Affleck... :(

Alvy Singer said...

I've seen Volver. It's better than Bad Education but feels rather like a daytime soap translated from the original spanish. Em... it's better than that sounds.