Friday, August 04, 2006

There IS crying in baseball

Here’s why I love minor league baseball. Friday night the Newark Bears hosted a Britney Spears Baby Safety Night to spread the message of keeping babies safe while in cars. Remember, Mensa member, Britney was recently photographed driving with her baby on her lap? And then she was spotted putting her baby in a car seat facing the wrong way.

Fans attending the game received info on baby car safety (a BIG attraction to baseball fans), and one lucky fan won a free car seat. Not a free car – a free car seat.

But here’s my favorite part – those who came dressed as a baby got in free. How hard-up do you have to be to see a free baseball game that you’d to go out in public in a diaper? Tickets, by the way, cost $9.00,

Thank God there was no big call that went against the Bears. The crying and tantrums in the crowd would have gotten really ugly. The umpire might’ve been pummeled with rattles and teething rings.

Go see a minor league game…and please, strap in your children.


Hollywood blond said...

That's a goofy topical tie-in. But considering the price of family outings these days, a child's seat is nothing to laugh at! ($9 isn't too bad for tickets but they always getcha at the concession stand.)

Too bad they couldn't throw in a free car. Or a lease for a year.

Frank Strovel III said...

I was a board-op when our station aired the Knoxville (TN) Smokies games for several seasons. Oh, the stuff I heard.

I got to go to a couple of games here and there and to access the pressbox area of the now-demolished Bill Meyer Stadium you had to actually climb up on the roof of the grandstands.

The team left Knoxville a few years ago, renamed themselves the Tennessee Smokies and now play in a beautiful new park near Dollywood.

The Curmudgeon said...

It's the best kind of promo -- it costs almost nothing (and we don't know where they got the car seat, so it may have cost nothing) -- and it gets people talking.

Somewhere Bill Veeck is smiling.

benson said...

Ken and Curmudgeon...

Do I smell "Britney Spears CD Demolition Night"?

Indeed, Bill Veeck might not be smiling at that one.