Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Episode 3: Take Me To Your Pilot

Ken Levine has been through his fair share of pilot seasons, and if you're not in Hollywood you might not know about the madness that it is. So today, buckle up for some tales of wacky TV pilot experiences. Plus, hear from writer David Pollock about his experiences writing for television, and find out about a time he collaborated with legendary screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky on a sitcom pilot.  


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Albert Barkley said...

Awesome. It is really nice experience to listen tales that I have not heard before.

Jeff Alexander said...

Mr. Levine:
I've been enjoying your blog for sometime now and am glad you've started a podcast. The Allan Carr story was hilarious and fits right in with all the reports I've heard of him being a true character, Hollywood style!
Here's a question which can be answered in your podcast or as a Friday question on your blog -- your choice, of course. And you might have addressed this before -- I apologize for missing it.
You've contributed scripts to both single-camera sitcoms (M*A*S*H and AfterM*A*S*H) and to three-camera sitcoms (Cheers, Wings, Frasier), the latter ones being filmed (I assume) in front of a live audience.
How do you structure your scripts for a single-camera sitcom as opposed to a three-camera sitcom? Do you allow more time for the "live laughter" in three-camera sitcoms than for the "laugh track" in a single-camera sitcom? Does one kind have more or less pages? Or is there really any difference? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Your father appeared twice, live, at the Hollywood Palladium once in 1964 and again in 1981 (as did I). I even have a DVD of the "'81 memorial" event..

Roger Owen Green said...

Though I suggested it, I really do like the tag at the end asking for likes, et al. #3 was better than #2 and #2 was quite fine. #1 was pretty OK, but it finding its voice.

Pete said...

Great episode, Ken. Keep 'em coming!

Liam said...
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