Sunday, January 08, 2006

Match Point

I know I’m spitting on the cross but I didn’t love MATCH POINT. I liked it…parts of it…and this was the first Woody Allen movie in five years that wasn’t lame, pathetic, and embarrassing so that’s a good thing – but it sure wasn’t CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS. And it was easy to compare because….


…it was the same movie!!! Only with prettier younger actors, less sympathetic characters, and London instead of New York so although it looked just like every other Woody Allen movie people were saying “Bob’s your uncle” in this one.

Why are the critics fawning? Great filmmakers reach. They try to do something new. This film is just Woody Allen resorting to old tricks (albeit some of his best old tricks). All that’s missing is Tony Roberts.

I will say that Scarlet Johansson was spectacular. Best I’ve ever seen her. But the Irish early-Elvis-looking lead could not have been more boring. Martin Landau he ain’t. Martin Milner he ain’t. Emily Mortimer was fine in her 37th thankless role.

There were some clever moments and turns along the way but I just didn’t care about any of these upper crust fops, and the end was soooo ridiculous. Those must be the stupidest detectives in the history of the world. I thought I was in a PINK PANTHER movie.

But more than anything else I resented the message – it’s okay to be despicable because often times you get away with it and are even rewarded for it. Of course, who wants to believe that more than Woody Allen? And thanks to the critics he may be right.


Anonymous said...

Agree 100%.

MaryAn Batchellor said...


Frank Strovel III said...

Haven't seen it but wasn't really planning to.

FYI: I have read that Allen plans to do his next two films in England.

Lee Goldberg said...

You made it sound better than it actually was. The movie was endless, dull, and had nothing new to offer.

Sharone Rosen said...

I couldn't agree more! Woody! Stick to what you know... self-loathing NYC Jews trying to justify their own sociopathic behavior. Giving them Brit accents and telling the same story as Crimes and Misdemeanors?... a Criminal Mistake.

Nino Mojo said...

I don't think you understood the end.
To me, it was clear that the main character, no matter how many occasions he had to confess, or redeem himself, never took them and always choosed the selfish path. He's even granted luck that prevents him of paying for what he did, and in the end it eats at him. It's like he wants to be punished. He won everything he wanted, but still he's not happy, and now he'll have to endure his own guilt for all his life.

The movie was a bit painful to watch though. But I find the story rather good, I like the portrait of this character.

Oh, and Lost In Translation didn't do anything to me, but since Match Point Scarlett gives me wet dreams.

(yes I know my comment is 2 years late!)